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  1. Last to post wins v3.0

    HMMMM... *whispers in phone* get him.
  2. RING RING Telephone!

    Bublè and EDGY Zero King tolerated the anime: Flying Fish Strawberry Shadow Emo.
  3. Guess the next poster!

    Nah. Where is Shinomi? She ded?
  4. Ban the above poster

    Banned because *shouts Ambulance*
  5. Count to Infinity

    Baguuteeee 16
  6. Last to post wins v3.0

    Hey you! You look new. Want something from my olde shop?
  7. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    And I am guilttripped into making an effort. 5
  8. Last to post wins v3.0

    Huh okay now get outa my shop!
  9. Ban the above poster

    Banned because someone call ambulance.
  10. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    No one is even trying~~ 3
  11. Count to Infinity

    No I have waffles. 14
  12. General Anime/Manga Thread

    This topic has been DED for quite a while. I shall grace it with my presence. So any men of culture here watching Hinamatsuri? Japan has shit taste so it isn't as popular as it needs to be. You could also call it the... Best Daughter Parade. Anzu is best daughter obviously. She cures cancer and crippling depression. Anzumatsuri. Hina is also pretty good, Unless you aren't a Yakuza with seemingly endless money. Hitomi should just learn how to say no. The opening song is good. Next up Food Wars S3 2nd Cour. No one here watches it so huh. The opening song is good. MHA/BNHA S3 every one here watches it I guess. United States Of Satisfaction. 3rd opening is still best opening. Tokyo Ghoul RE. Forgot some minor people and wasn't aware of most crap since the "2nd Season" wasn't canon and you have to read the manga and I don't wanna. The opening isn't a masterpiece like Unravel but still pretty good. Darling In The Franxx. Let's hope we don't get another Evangelion thrown at us. *Holds up a cross* OUTA THIS SHOW, OUTA THIS SHOW, BEGONE FROM THIS SHOW YOU DEATHFLAGS!!  *Ahem* The opening... didn't really try to listen to it until the seond cour where the opening changed but the song didn't. It's pretty fuzzing good. Totally worth a try to listen. Gun Gale Alternative. Pretty good stuff thus far. The recap at like the 5th episode was weird and annoying. Fuka is best girl. The opening song is nice, mostly at the first halfish of it. Seven Deadly Sins S2. The Ten Commandants fight was well done. Felt like the first seasln had better animation tho. Currently following the manga. I reccomend reading the manga after first season and only watching your fav fights from the manga in the anime. Time Saving. The opening song number one is pretty hyped and whatnot but I still like the first animation of the second opening. The second version has too much of Elizabeth. :/ Black Clover. The show had a shitty start with crappy animation and fuzzload of filler and hecky pacing. I went to check the manga out to see why it was so popular and hyped, Wasn't disappointed. The anime suddenly had some pretty good Sakuga animation during one of the most important fights in episode 35. The entire episode was top tier. The next episode tho... it went shit again. Not only that but they also ruined a character. There are three characters. Two had a pattern of speech that made them look like "characters with shit writing" while the other one was just a normal laid back guy, someone like Shikamaru from Naruto. This is actually pretty important later on in the manga. In the anime... *sigh* They made him freaking yawn before saying anything. He just keeps on yawning. They just ruined it. Now to the anime-only watchers those three are just bad written characters instead of being a odd bunch. In the manga there were even hints that the fact that the other two had a pattern while Liar (or as the anime say Raia) didn't. So yeah just read the manga and watch episode 35. All of the three openings are pretty great. Give them a listen. So that's that for getting the dust off here. Hope some of you participate a bit here. Let's keep the forum as lively as possible.
  13. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    Haha. Knew it. >:3 None of you shall ever reach 50 as long as I am around. 1
  14. Name a cartoon or anime character

    Hassan Of The Cursed Arm from Fate/Heaven's Feel. A Fav. "ZABANIYA!!"
  15. Count to 50 before a mod or admin posts 2.0!

    41 reasons to suicide.
  16. Count to Infinity

    Okay I believe you. 12
  17. Ban the above poster

    Banned because the captain of the leftover corps wants some.
  18. Count to Infinity

    Just a pancake. 10
  19. Ban the above poster

    Banned for not not eating Meliodas's food and not vomiting it out. Sinful.
  20. Ban the above poster

    Banned for lying.
  21. Count to Infinity

    Good. Follow my teaching and I'LL MAKE A MAN OUTA YOU! 8
  22. Last to post wins v3.0

    Huh... let me search the archives... Yeah.. It was recently used and is still wet. Do you want it? Just for the mere price of 399$. It also keeps saying "But can you do this?" when touched. It might even keep on saying that after eating or... *cough*. Don't ask why it is in a shop for retired hentai tentacle actors.
  23. Name a cartoon or anime character

    Ao To from Darling In The Franxx. "*SPAMS DARLING*" Meh just google her for a pic. *picks nose*
  24. I can only say one thing after watching Darling In The Franxx Episode 21. "Watched A1 Pictures, Experienced Trigger, Got Gainax'ed"

  25. Count to Infinity

    Let it go. 6