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  1. // Oh, hi. This is the Admin of Rouge the Bat speaking and I don't want to sound as rude as I can possibly sound but... was there a specific reason of why my "NSFW" icon got taken down? Honestly, there wasn't any nudity shown if her breasts were covered. Why does age matter so much if your breasts are still growing? I'm sorry, but this is truly unacceptable. Better yet, one of the five admins here could of notified me instead of knocking down. Seriously. Grow up.

    The problem is that this is a site for all audiences, including kids. I'm not going to babysit them, but we don't really want (even midly) suggestive avatars either. Don't put something you wouldn't want for your parents to see on an avatar, basically. As about notifying... wasn't your avatar being temporarily replaced enough? That was my method of notifying you.