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  1. The Jest added a post in a topic Suggestion, possibly the first of many...   

    I see. Well, as I said, Adding the Forum game section and both things within it would be a start. As I have experienced even here with the Russian area, RPs usually can bring in quite the activity. It's not much, but it'd be a start. Most of my allies are RPers like myself. So it can be a great boost to the influencing if it's added.

    As for the Stadium and what-not. ...I don't know anything about your previous guests so I can't speak for them, but they are now required to join in order to access your treasure trove. Most of these guests, could be a bunch of english-speakers who wish to join only for the comics, and probably don't even know about Stadium or those other big places you speak of.

    The RP may not be unique, but it sure as hell can be used to our advantage.

    Actually, it would also help if ALL the places from he Russian area were shipped to this one. By shipped, of course, I mean copied from that side and pasted to this one.
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  2. Viceversa96 added a topic in Sonic SCANF   

    Donations? No or Yes?
    These are some great comics and I want to help increase the bandwidth. Can we donate to help increase the bandwidth so we can get more comics on here? Who agrees? Anyone want to help also?
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  3. The Jest added a post in a topic SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?   

    Being a 90's kid, and someone who has lived with both parents in separate homes, I grew up in two different households with, incidentally enough, Nintendo on one side and Sega on the other. So while people were debating on which was better, I was simply enjoying them both as one. However, if I had to choose one....Well, let's put the two into consideration:

    Console: Oh the Irony, the best way to describe their console wars with each other can actually be a retelling of Eggman's victory and downfall from 175 to 200. They appeared with the Sega Master System, that the NES ALWAYS beaten down. Then arise the Genesis, that knocked it out the NES out of the park, making Sega victorious. ...Then the NES came back as the SNES and battled Genesis again, and for the most part won. Then Sega went somewhat insane and mentally deteriorated from this and made constant consoles, then immediately scraping them when the SNES constantly wins, and it just got worse and worse until it all came to a head, and Sega, for the most part, lost the console wars completely. ...The difference is that they had created the Dreamcast, which was basically, in my opinion, their most powerful weapon against Nintendo when they suffered their final defeat against the N64, AND the Playstation/Playstation 2. (Which was basically the Ixis Naugus of this story.) While Eggman was using a Spider.

    I think it's pretty clear who won this battle.

    Nintendo +1


    Games: To make this perfectly clear, I am not comparing by franchises, as that would be pretty unfair. Nintendo had Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Pokemon, etc. Sega only had Sonic, Night, and House of the Dead as real franchises. ...That said, If we throw those franchises out of the picture, we get to see the very cores of both of these companies, and which core is better? ...Well, they're both pretty tied really, It's hard for me to say which is better in this category, if not because I've always treated games with a little slack, then because I can't for the life of me remember any of them outside the obvious ones, and the graphics for both were pretty evenly matched. But if you want me to choose...I'd probably say Sega. The problem with Nintendo, it's Kyptonite so to speak, is that it filled to the brim with its franchises. Look outside the franchises remove every last one of them, and the amount of good games drops. That's not to say that it doesn't have good non-franchise games, nor that Sega is any different, but it's the amount of good games that makes the cores shine bright, and Sega's brighter, if only slightly. If they didn't lose their minds when it came to their consoles, that may have been a challenger in the console wars still. Considering the games that a spewed forth nowadays, they might have even been the superior race if they kept up like they did. ...Or they would fall into the same trap as everyone else, who knows?

    1+ Sega.


    Mascot: ...I wouldn't dare even so much as BOTHER with the popularity of these two, nor dare state who did their job better. Mario and Sonic are both Icons of the 90's, and let's face it, both are suffering the exact same way nowadays. It's just that it happened to Sonic faster than it did Mario. I'm not going to compare it by that because that's like comparing who got killed earlier or later by a slasher like Jason Vorhees or Freddy Kreuger. You can argue in the afterlife all you want guys, but the point will always remain that you're both dead, and the stronger man is the one who is still alive at the end of the day. So as far as I'm concerned they're both tied in their popularity and game activity.

    With that said, there's only one other way to compare the two:


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  4. The Jest added a post in a topic Which was your favourite Sonic Universe arc so far? (If you read it)   

    DEFINITELY Treasure Team Tango for me.

    One of my favorite movies of all time was "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!" and I enjoyed Rat Race as well. I've enjoyed the "Deranged Scavenger Hunt" concept, one where factions and character of all kind are doing whatever it takes to acquire the same treasure. While this arc can do better then what we got, it certainly could've been a hell of a lot worse. It certainly helps that the finale is completely and perfectly insane as the 4 teams come together in a battle royale. Bean also just makes it all the more satisfying with his scenes, he's one of my favorite characters in this comic series.

    For those poor souls who don't know what "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" is, Let me give you a taste of it.

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  5. BlueSpeeder added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Not to sound mean, but I have no idea where I can even get a link for the comics section.

    Wait, nevermind. :P
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  6. The Jest added a topic in Community   

    Suggestion, possibly the first of many...
    Normally this may have to fall into the Community section, but since I can't post any topics in that section, I'll have to place it here.

    Now, I don't want to be the Amadeus Prower of the forums; immediately planning a revolution and a change of Status Quo after just being here for a few days, but I figured this was the best place to start in my attempts to liven up the place. I understand you guys have a system, and it's working, albeit to a small degree. I understand that the side opposite to this one (The one of Russian Language) is the original side, and that this side is basically the inferior side.

    Even still, is there anyway to merge them together, rather than separating them in half like they are? Some kind of way to put the activity from that side, and placing it to the activity on this one?

    What's also understandable, and I get, is that this place was originally designed for the guests to read the comics. Most of the guests' only reason to be here was the comics. (I say most out of an assumption, I won't speak for them, and I'm sure there are guests who come here for other reasons entirely.) But now that they HAVE to be members to get to the comics. It would be highly recommended to upgrade this area to at least being the Russian side's equal. It helps the members who come here to read the comics and need something to do when there's a Comic Gap. I'm certain it would help you, the Staff, as the more members and activity this place, gets the more money this place gets. (Though I'm assuming this is one of those sites where you have to pay for its appearance.) I'd safely consider it the best of both worlds. ...Or 4 if you count the Russian side as well.

    At the very least, I would like somebody to bring in the forums games section here for us. More specifically, the Party Games and RP section. That way there is something for myself and others to cut loose into and enjoy.
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  7. The Jest added a post in a topic Sonic/Megaman - When World Collide trailer   

    So far my opinion is that the Crossover is "Okay". It's pretty good in its first two, but nothing too grand. Then again it's still early.

    My greatest concern is the possibility that one side will be seen superior over the other in this. The best kind of Crossovers are those from which the two sides can equally share the limelight and work off each other, rather than one side "Winning" over the other.

    So far, it seems balanced enough. I can only hope it can keep that line in the middle from beginning to the end of this.

    Oh, unless you mean the Trailer. ...Well, it certainly does its job to make me look forward to the next segments of the crossover.
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  8. Shadow added a topic in Comics   

    Sonic/Megaman - When World Collide trailer

    Basically for the people who haven't seen it yet. What are your opinions on this trailer?

    Pretty way past cool trailer if you ask me, especially at the end. Sonic and Megaman going super with live and learn playing? YES PLEASE

    They did a really good job on the animation too. Of course we won't get this as it is an comic, but still pretty neat.

    I'm really looking forward to the comics, especially seeing Bass and Metal Sonic team up, two of the better anti-heroes the gaming library has seen.
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  9. Sudwig added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Greetings from Spain!
    Expect a lot of new registered users,if i can see Sonic comics,it is worth
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  10. Hermy added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    So... Hello people, I only registered today but since I'm here I might as well make an introduction.
    I'm usually known as Hermy or Kei, age 19, Portuguese, don't really ship any pairings... yeah throw your hate at me- OUCH! Not so hard please...

    My hobbies mostly revolve around drawing (I draw manga only, although recently I've tried some Sonic style for fun and I'm enjoying it), singing, writing a Light Novel and haunting some MMORPGs. I'm not much of an offline player for... uhm, reasons.

    I'm best known for the fact I never had my Sarcasm Gland removed on time like all good kids around, and for my unconditional love for bacon pizza and Japanese language/ music.

    I've known the Sonic Universe for quite some years but I never really cared much until a friend reawakened my interest, and darn am I thankful to her for that. Hopefully I'll catch up with the rest of the fandom soon. My favourite characters (so far!) are Tails, Elias, Scourge and Shadow.

    Oh, and I'm totally up for some RP if we do get a board for that! Actually lookin' forward to putting some serious OC ideas together and improving my Sonic art style.
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  11. ឴ added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

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  12. Shadow added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Sorry to dissapoint you but no, I'm in no way associated with Shadic-X, or Chakra-X if you mean the creator of the Nazo Unleashed Trilogy :P
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  13. Fwiss added a post in a topic Sonic Generations   

    Hmm, Generations was short, but all the old Sonic games were pretty short, too. Nevertheless, the shortness was definitely the most anticlaimactic point of the game. The standards of game design have changed so that lengthy games are really to be expected. Shorter games were acceptable back in the 'day because cartridges could only contain so much data and development was extremely slow because of the low-level tools required for the game. But now, knowing that there are no such limitations on the systems or developers, it's tough to justify having such a short game. Yes, the art assets take much longer to perfect, and yes, there are budget and people constraints. We all recognize that no developer has unlimited resources. However, it still reflects badly on the development team to make such a short game.
    Do you think that maybe the developers should focus less on art quality and more on art quantity? I mean, Sonic 1, 2, and 3 had a looping background for most of their levels, but they did more than OK. You can hardly argue that the art in those games were bad. Clever repitition of a few graphical assets contributed to the experience of Sonic 2, for example. In Sonic Heroes, for example, you had that one scene where a stone rolls after you. Did that stone ever show up again? Nope. In the old games, if there was a gimmick that was used only once, it was regarded as an irregularity. Maybe the unwillingness to reuse certain art assets is what shortened the game so drastically.
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  14. The Jest added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Hmm...Shadow X, ...Doing Videos for a while as a hobby. ...You wouldn't happen to be related to "Shadic-X" of Newgrounds/Former STF Fame would you?

    Anyways, ...I suppose it's my turn. Certainly saves me the trouble of making a topic for it.

    I am The Jest, Professional Nice Guy, Jester of Imagination, and 6-year veteran Role-player/Writer at your service. I am currently an up-and-coming author trying to make my first Novel, while Role-Playing for the Exercise of my brain. (Though I have an awful habit of biting off more then I can chew, so I'm currently on haitus for a little while.) I was shown this place by a good friend of mine, and since he's a huge fan of this series, odds are we'll be seeing him here soon.

    I've been a bit of a Sonic fan for some time now. However, while I can't deny his latest problems in the Video Game world, I always considered that he was still going strong in the comic world. Since I owned Sonic Mega Collection, I owned a collection of Comic covers from the first issue to the 110th and the issues specials and what not. Seeing them, I've always to read them all because the covers were so awesome. ...Granted, things went differently in the story than in my mind, some more disappointing then others, but I still loved them and all the characters they introduced into the mix, all the while showing the characters of the actual games in a different light. I also haven't read the fleetway stuff, and also don't intend to for a while. I've also read all of the Archie section, save for the Graphic Novels, and the magazines, and so far I like them all, especially Megaman (Not only being a big fan of the blue bomber, the characters from that seem to be get much more respect then in the games, I.E. Dr. Wily. But I digress.)

    I don't usually join sites unless I feel I can be a part of their community. While I'll try to be in this case, the lacking of an RP board and activity will make it quite difficult.

    I think that's about it for me for now. Now if you excuse me, I'll see if I can't find a way to make this place more lively.
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  15. ultimatearmorX added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    this is a great site,love reading the comics here on a regular basis. ^_^
    It will be a little bit of work logging in every time I want to read the comics but its very worth it.
    Keep up the good work! :)
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  16. The Jest added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    In all honesty, in Hindsight, it's almost amazing this hasn't happened sooner. You scan comics...for free, for all to see. You had ALL the reasons in the world to keep it from guests, and just say "You want this? Join up and get it." But you always kept it open to them. You have my understanding, my respect, and my support.

    Now all we need is to get this place more lively on this end.
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  17. Hermy added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Registration is pretty fast and easy anyway. Thanks for keeping this website up, btw! Getting to read all of this for free is totally worth it!
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  18. ឴ added a post in a topic The Binding of Isaac   

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  19. Veveingtonious added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    it means that there will be no more comics? O___O
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  20. Shadow added a post in a topic Sonic Generations   

    It may have its flaws, but sega did very well on a 20th anniversary game. Sonic is really coming back into the gaming industry like the only days, and he certainly deserves it.

    Sonic generations might actually be my 3rd of 4th favourite sonic game. The stages were greatly created for both 2d and 3d, with good controls which I really wanted to see.

    The story was a bit on the bad side though, and I just can't forget about the duration. Though I've played it many times again after I completed, it's still a shame.
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  21. Shadow added a post in a topic You guys should let guests read the comics too. I was one of these guests!!   

    There is a problem with the traffic on this site you know. That's why they only let members read them. Be patient and grateful that Sonic SCANF actually decides to do this, otherwise the site could be crashing and nobody could read the comics.
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  22. Shadow added a topic in Community   

    Introduction Thread
    This thread is about introducing yourself, as you would have known already by now. Please keep it general and don't go off topic too far, thanks in advance.

    So basically, my name is Shadow, or Cheery, or Bokxie, Or whatever because I got a hundred of names. Well, not really but I still got alot. I'm 20 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm very related to the gaming industry, with Sonic and Tales being my favourite franchises of all time. Also, as you might have noticed, I'm an Administrator here.

    I'm studying at College currently as Accountant/Administrator. I'm in my final year, though I doubt that my school life will end here and that I'll eventually progress. I work at a Supermarket as a supermultitasker. Well, that's what I call myself, because I can work behind the cash desk, magazin/stockroom, vegetables, dairy produce section and the usual job not to forget.

    I do have video making as a hobby, though I've yet have to start making them seriously. I've been making them for a while, but they aren't the quality I want them to be. I go under the name of the Embodiment of Speed on youtube and such media.

    Because I live in the Netherlands, it's pretty much impossible to get the Archie comics unless I get them from an internet site or the Archie Comics App. I don't want to sound like a pirate, but I'm very happy this site exists, giving me the chance to read those awesome comics.

    The comics gave me a whole new view on the sonic franchise, with awesome characters such as Mina and Julie-su. I'm almost done with the main issues, then I've only got megaman and sonic universe left. However, I didn't read the fleetway sonic yet, and I'm not planning to do for a while. So please, don't spoil it for me. Thanks ^^

    Also, for the people interested, I got a huge library of languages. I can speak a total of 9 Languages, being Dutch, English, German, French, Belgium (It is different from dutch, just not that much :P), Japanese (though I still got alot of studying to do on Kanji, or for the people who are unfamiliar with the japanese language, the signs :P), Swedish, Yugoslavia (My ex is from over there :P) and a little bit of spanish/italian. Not guaranteed that I can speak all languages fluently though.

    That's all I've got to say, if you got any questions, go ahead and ask ^^
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  23. Shadow added a post in a topic SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?   

    Nintendo might have the better consoles and games, but they lose a big point for me. Multiplatform.

    And that's what Sega is doing right, apart from having great games too.
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  24. Shadow added a topic in Sonic SCANF   

    BOARD RULES - Please read
    Welcome to Sonic SCANF. To keep this place enjoyable for everyone, we have these basic rules set in place. Breaking the rules will result in a punishment from the staff (moderators/administrators), consisting of either you having your posting rights revoked, leaving you in read-only mode, or your account being suspended. (the time of suspension depends on how heavy the offense was) The rules are, as follows:
    Use proper English grammar; it doesn't have to be perfect, but at least show some effort in your typing. If English isn't your native language, that's fine, there is a lot of non-native speakers here, so some mistakes are understandable. Don't post one-liners like "lol", "me too" or "I agree" and nothing else. If your reply doesn't contribute anything to the discussion, it might be a better idea to not post it at all. Don't bump old topics if you have nothing meaningful to say. No excessive cursing. Also no porn or shock content. Don't backseat moderate, we have a "Report" button for that. No multiple accounts; only one account per person, please. No flaming or trolling. Please respect other users, including the staff. Don't ask when the new comics will be released on the site. We expect it to release it as fast as possible after the original release, so please be patient. The staff may change the rules at anytime as they see needed. You can also suggest changes/additions to the rules in the thread. That's all. Follow the rules, be smart, and you'll fit in our great community no problem.
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