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  1. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Sarah tried to pull Stacey up

    "Don't lie about. We need to open the doors" she said
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  2. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Stacey keep groaning.  He tried to push himself up, but his arms gave way.

    "Enough of this nonsense!  SMASH THEM!" Eggman yelled to the robot, who stomped forward to oblige. 
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  3. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Dungeons and Dragons 30-day challenge   

    Day 22 – Favourite Monster Overall?

    KOBOLDS!  Kobolds Kobolds Kobolds!  I just love these cute little draconic beasties.

    Those of you who remember my answer to favourite NPC probably saw this coming.  But yes, Neverwinter Nights is the reason I started loving these little guys so much.  Mainly for both their cunning and comedic effects.

    Now individually, a little Kobold is no match for even the most green adventurer.  And skilled adventures laugh at them.  Thing is, if you play Kobold right, they shouldn’t.  Mazes, traps, dirty tactics, jars of rot grubs falling on players.  All these things are Kobold standard tactics.  So if your players don’t take a Kobold threat seriously, you can teach even a skilled party to be very wary of the little buggers!

    That’s cunning, and then you have comedic.  Because of their traps, their cowardly personality, and just the way they talk and yip, Kobold are rife for anything from actual slapstick to very dark humour.  You can play them seriously of course, but I feel they work best as an almost comic relief race.  Even in a serious campaign, just a little silliness can help left the bleak mood for a little while.

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  4. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Dungeons and Dragons 30-day challenge   

    Day 21 – Favourite Dragon colour or type?

    I mentioned by in the undead question about Liches.  Specifically, what I had in mind was the Dracolich.  C’mon, a crazy powerful skeletal dragon with extra magic!

    Butttttt…. In the same way it missed out on the slot there, as I thought more, again, the poor Dracolich was pipped at the post by another.

    The Psudodragon.  As the name implies, it’s not a true dragon.  Though from all appearances it is one, aside from one detail.  It is the size of (and has the personality of) a housecat.  C’mon, a tiny, cute dragon you can keep as a pet!  Adorable!  It’s just a shame only certain Warlocks can get them as familiars in 5th Ed Dnd unless your GM is kind.

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  5. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Do you need medical attention?" Asked Zangoose 
    "But you're already standing up!" Said Seviper with a smirk.
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  6. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Stacey?" Sarah asked going over

    "Are you okay?" Mark asked
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  7. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Dungeons and Dragons 30-day challenge   

    Day 20 – Favourite Monster: Humanoid/Fey/Other?

    Hmmm… Well I plan to save my actual favourite monster in this category for the ‘Favourite Monster Overall’ question, and I talked about Hags before, so…


    I like wolves, I like transformations, so combine the two is fun for me.  Having said that, I don’t like how werewolves are always evil.  I can understand for the unknowing werewolf who involuntary transforms, but once they have control of it, or are born to it, why need they be evil?  Poor wolves have such an unfortunate rep being cast as evil all the time.  And if you have a setting where wolves are evil but foxes are good (looking at you Narnia) that is utter bull*bleep*!

    Anyway, back to werewolves.  Like many of my favourites, there are lots of ways you can use them.  There is the classic curse of lycanthropy, the feral tribe of shapeshifters, the hidden group wo enjoy their blessings, a group of noble warriors using it to protect the weak.  Or even mixing up the different versions.

    And don’t forget to howl at the moon!

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  8. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Stacey just groaned.

    "Backup!" grinned Eggman as a massive robot burst through the door.
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  9. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "I guess Eggman isn't one to half bake a cell." Said Zangoose 
    "Oh yeah we'll...what the heck is that?" Said Seviper hearing the thumping.
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  10. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Vector the Crocodile, Casino Night Zone
    As the arms flung out towards Tekno, the police Chief stumbled over himself in shock. Vector however leaped forward, using his powerful jaw to bite down on the arms while also grabbing two others with his hands.
    "I'll hold it off! You guys get that pod open!" Vector yells as he spits out metal and continues to fight the machine. Chief Hoppington slowly gets back up, before nodding his head and running up to the pod.
    "Vectors right young one! I'll help you get this open so we can move on to the others!" The Chief yells to Tekno as he frantically starts beating at the pod with his baton as well, slowly denting the door side.
    Angel Island, multiple members
    The island had now fully rested itself above the ocean waters, drifting ever so slowly towards mainland. The green mist of chaos energy was slowly fading away as the water begins to resettle once more, revealing the island and everything around it. The land was quiet, as many of the animals were now hiding after the events, and a vast majority of the chao had been taken away.  The sun shines brightly overhead as many begin to awaken.
    "No no no, please get up. I beg of you, please be okay." a voice speaks. Knuckles slowly begins to open his eyes in a daze. Everything around him felt like it was being thrown away and his vision was slightly blurry for a while before finally coming to his senses.
    "Oh my-, what happen?" he finally speaks, getting helped to be sat upright. He rubs his eyes once more before looking over to see the person with him. To his surprise, it was a young girl, who looked very much like him. Her fur was a bright orange color, and she had a very strange attire.
    "No way, are you an Echidna?" Knuckles asks confusingly. The girl nods and then hugs him with a big smile.
    "I'm so glad you're ok. It didn't seem like you were ever going to wake up."
    The entire situation was still leaving Knuckles in shock. He returns the girls hug before slowly pushing away to get a better look at her again.
    "I don't understand, I thought I was the only one of my kind left. Who are you?" he asks
    "Oh, umm..... my names Tikal," she speaks. "I was living in the ruins on the north side of this island when the strange attack happened."
    "The ruins up north? I've always seen the top of them, however I had never been myself." Knuckles thinks out loud for a moment.
    "Yes, I too knew about this shrine, however I had learned to never approach it due to the power the Master Emerald held. When the attack happen though, I felt like I had no choice but to come here for safety, before the islands inevitable plummet.
    The trees sway in a rhythmic motion through the ocean breeze as they shade Storm. After losing consciousness mid fall, the jet streams above the clouds, as well as the pressure from Angel Island falling had dragged him over above the islands decent, before ultimately getting caught in it's energized safety net. He awakens and slowly pulls himself up to lay back on a tree root. Taking a breather as he felt dizzy from the whole ordeal.
    "W-Wave.....I hope you're ok," he whispers gently to himself before falling back asleep.
    On the west side of the island, Gammas body laid motionless for a moment before finally rebooting back up. He manages to pick himself up from the ground, recalibrating his sensors and surveying the area.
    "I am no longer at the Master Emerald shrine. Analysis suggests the blast has thrown me away to the other side of the island. I must contact Dr Robotnik befo-" he thinks before stopping for a moment. Gamma looks to his wrist, and then around the area.
    "My logs are being projected....inside of me..." he contemplates for a moment, looking at his body. Suddenly his connection to the Egg fleet got restored and all of the emergency calls were coming in. He swiftly opens up his communicator and sends out a signal.
    "This is Gamma, requesting immediate pick up from the Mysterious Island. The objective.....has resulted in failure." he quickly responds, closing his communicator and then sitting down.
    "This feeling...this sense of.....self. What is it?" he ponders some more, looking at his hands and body while waiting for a response from the Egg Fleet.
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  11. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Tails, Island

    The young fox was covered with grime, oil, grease and dust stains.  But he didn’t care.  Tails was sure he’d found the problem, and had almost fixed it, thanks to all the old manuals he’d found.  Tails was carefully connecting up the wires to the starter when…


    Tails gave a cry of surprise at the sudden shout.  Bumping his head on the engine cover, he accidently let the wires he was working on touch.  There was a spark, a cough, splutter, then the aircraft engine roared back into life as Tails fell out of the compartment.

    For a moment, Tails smiled as he admired his handwork at getting the engine running.  Then he turned his head to look towards where the voice had come from.  With the sun in his eyes, Tails couldn’t quite make out who it was.  It looked like a blue hedgehog.  Briefly, a look of worry crossed Tails face.  It looked almost like the old hedgehog who threw the little fox out of his workshop.  But as Tails’ eyes adapted, he breathed a sigh of relief as he saw it was a different hedgehog.  Even if he did kinda look like the old grumpy one.

    “C-can I… help you?” asked Tails nervously. 


    Skye, Feral Forest

    A long jog later, Skye finally reached the Park Ranger hut.  She quickly ushered the Armadillo inside, heading to the radio room.

    “H-hello.. Mobotropolis?  Are you receiving me?  Over!”  A sigh of relief escaped Skye as her signal was received.

    “There was…” Skye paused a moment to consider.  “This is Feral Forest Range Shack 12.  Hostile forces attacked us in the forest.  Two rangers are down…. Prob… probably dead…” Skye had to fight to keep on speaking.  “The force was highly advanced.  I think it may be an invasion, over.”  She wasn’t sure how she knew, but somehow, Skye had no doubt.

    Sounds outside distracted her.  There was a rumble close by, a buzzing in the air.  “Can… you repeat.  I think they’re here…”  The radio went dead.


    Sleet and Dingo, Mobotropolis Palace Interior

    Sleet bowed low as he was brought on front of King Acorn, quickly giving Dingo a dig in the ribs to do the same.

    “Your Majesty, thank you for seeing us.  I have come with a grave warning,” Sleet spoke, trying to sound respectful, though his tone maybe didn’t convey that fully.  He stood back up, his keen eyes taking in the room.  The King sat on his throne and, though old, still looked like he could take up arms if needed.  His bodyguard stood ready, and tense.  They were expecting trouble, but Sleet felt not from him.  Maybe they already knew, or expected?  The only oddity was the King’s daughter.  Not that she was there, even if that was a little odd when bounty hunters were taken to the King, but that she was dressed like any normal civilian, not a Princess.  Sleet wondered if there was some teenage rebellion going on.

    “Normally I wouldn’t dain to lower myself to speak with the likes of you,” King Acorn replied tersely, to which Sleet just smiled.  “But a Battle Bird Armada craft with two Mercenaries aboard… What have you to say.”

    “If your Majesty permits, I will show, rather than say,” Sleet replied, pulling out a collection of black-and-white photographs, showing the battle, or rather the aftermath, as the Manticore flew off.  One of the bodyguards took them, looked through carefully, before handing them to the King.”

    “Sire, what these pictures show match the reports we have received from Casino Night Zone.  And we have lost contact with the authorities in Feral Forest,” the Bodyguard explained.

    “The commander of the large craft made a broadcast. He said his name was ‘Robotnik’, and that his was preparing an Invasion,” Sleet interrupted.

    “Uh… Sleet..” began Dingo, before Sleet jabbed him in the ribs again.

    “If it is an Invasion he want, he will not find the Kingdom of Acorn an easy target,” proclaimed the King.  “Contact the army, get them on standby.  And I want a direct radio link to Casino Night Zone.”

    “At once Sire,” the bodyguard bowed, and hurried out.

    “What about us your Majesty?” inquired Sleet.

    “You’re mercenaries are you not?  We may soon need some extra soldiers on the payroll,” replied the King.

    “If there is payment, of course we will help,” grinned Sleet.


    Wave, Mobotropolis shopping district

    Wave looked in the mirror, admiring her new outfit.  She got some odd looks from the shopkeeper, who insisted the flared trousers were supposed to be for men, but Wave didn’t care.  It matched her Extreme Gear, making her look more like some laid back surfer than a former Battle Bird Armada soldier. 

    For the first time in her life, Wave truly felt relaxed.


    Robotnik, Wing Fortress

    The doors to the repair bay slid open as Robotnik strode in, followed closely by Zero.  The Wing Fortress was making its way swiftly towards New Mobotropolis, Wave two was now underway, even if incidents in Casino Night Zone had forced his hand somewhat.  But that was minor.  There was just one large fly in the ointment.

    “Well Gamma…. I sent you to retrieve a source of Chaos power.  NOT DESTROY IT!” Robotnik bellowed towards the currently deactivated Gamma as smaller robots worked to repair him.  “You better have a good explanation.”  With his download circuits badly damaged, the only thing Robotnik had been able to extract so far from Gamma was a blurry visual. It looked like there was many one of those humanoid animals with Gamma… he couldn’t be sure.

    His eyes turned towards the Prison pod.  After the energy surge, the hatches had fused shut, and small worker robots were slowly cutting it open.

    “The scan from the pod has been uploaded,” Zero reported.  “The lifeforms do not match anything in the records.”

    “Let me see,” replied Robotnik, checking the screen.  It showed several small, blue creatures with yellow hands and feet.  They looked to Robotnik like crude stuffed toys.  “What in the world are those?” he exclaimed.

    “We don’t know.  The lifeform…” Zero began to repeat and Robotnik rolled his eyes behind his glasses.  “The pod was not able to outfit them with badnik frames.”

    “Not surprising, given how odd they look,” Robotnik replied, walking over to the pod.  The hatch fell open with a clang as it was cut through.  “Let’s see these creatures close GAH!”  Robotnik jumped back as sevarl small blue robots flew around him.  Zero drew her weapon, but Robotnik call for her to halt, now studding the small robots.  They resembled the creatures from the screen, but metal, almost comical propellers on the top of their head.

    “You said the pod didn’t outfit them with Badnik frames?” Robotnik asked Zero, taking hold of one of the robots and examining it.

     “Correct Sir.  Scanners indicate these are fully robotic in nature.  No flesh and blood parts,” Zero reported.

    “Are you sure?  Were they robotic before?” Robotnik asked

    “Negative.  Scans show organic creatures, albeit of a strange makeup,” Zero replied.

    “Oh HO!  A complete change from flesh and blood to metal and wires.  This will need to be examined,” grinned Robotnik.  He turned to Gamma.  “Maybe I won’t scrap you yet.”


    Casino Night Zone

    As Tekno hammered on the pod, more arms emerged from inside it to try and grab her.  Across the city, similar scenes were taking place, some Mobians getting to close to the pds and being dragged inside.  Only to repair moments later inside metal shells.

    Other pods instead deposited squads of robots.  Some already converted Mobians, some filled with various Badniks, and some squads of Swat Bots.  All intent on capturing as many Mobians as they could.

    And yet, there were gaps.  While the city was surrounded, there were not enough robots to keep the whole perimeter observed.  Some were already lucky enough to escape.  Others were rushing to try and follow.

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  12. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Sarah looked surprised

    "Are you okay?" she asked
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  13. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Stacey tried to cut through the bars, but the suddenly exploded with energy, sending the young lynx flying, slamming into the opposite wall.

    "Such blindness, I pity you," said Eggman with mock sympathy as a series of loud thumps started echoing down the corridor outside the control room.
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  14. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Thire your request has been added to the list
    Here is Chris Thorndyke in Eggman costume. I'm not too happy with this one, but that's alright.

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  15. Thire added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    If it’s alright, I’ll stack this one up with my previous request. 
    How about Shard in his “Chillin’ “ pose?

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  16. Silvori added a post in a topic Silvori's requests   

    Legionised Hershey the cat.I figured if she had anythin altered to would be her hands, her spine and her tail. I don't know why, but that makes sense to me... also my first time drawing Hershey the cat.Next up is Chris Thorndyke in Eggman costume. feel free to continue suggesting different ideas I'm making a list of all the requests.
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  17. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Well it does look like her but...I know she won't toss me aside!" Said Seviper 
    "Yeah! Let's set them free!" Said Ally.
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  18. Cy Dra added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    I got Kingdom Hearts 3 a couple days ago. Now if you all would excuse me, I have to disappear for a while! I'll be back after KH3.
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  19. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Good... let's get them out" Sarah said hurrying over
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  20. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Untwill mowe cwome!  We bwettew gwet thwem owut fwast!" said Stacey, slicing the legs off the last robot.

    "Oh, am I?" laughed Eggman.  The screens beside him suddenly showed a fox identical to Ziona in all but dress, and sometimes hairstyle, clearling in romantic relationship with a blue Hedgehog, a green Hedgehog, and an Echidna. 
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  21. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Dungeons and Dragons 30-day challenge   

    Day 19 – Favourite Monster: Elemental/Plant?

    I was gonna say Genie at first, for the whole ‘corrupt a player’s wish’ thing, but that’s really not in the spirt of the question.  Then it was the simple Water Elemental, because water/ice is my favourite element.  But then, in Ravnica, we have the Galvanice Weird.  An artificially created ice elemental, powered but lightning energy inside it.  It looks cool, it’s perfect mad magic, it’s not that high a CR so you can throw them at low level parties, and for added fun they explode when you kill them!

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  22. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "I guess so." Said Fenn burning a hole through a robot.
    "That won't happen...your just trying to deceive me." Said Seviper 
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  23. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Dungeons and Dragons 30-day challenge   

    Day 18 – Favourite Monster: Outsider (Celestial, Fiend, etc)?

    I had difficulty with this one.  Demons, Devils and Angels are just…. Not that interesting to me.  I don’t dislike them, and I know they have potential.  But most of the time, I won’t use them unless there is a very good reason to do so.  And of course, if they would tie in with the players, such as a Tiefling or a Fiend Pact Warlock I won’t hold back.  But in general, not my cup of tea.

    But flicking through the Monster Manual I saw that Night Hags are classed as Fiends.  So this gives me an excuse to talk about Hags, even of the rest of them are actually Fey.

    So, Hags.  Hags add an almost fairy-tale element to DnD, being the creepy old witch woman in the forest.  Most are pure evil, wanting to inflict misery on others, but also enjoy bargaining, making them more than just a monster to fight.  Their powers reflect this.  They’re not designed for a stand-up fight, but for tricking and deceiving adventures who might seek to stop them.  They make great villains who might not necessarily be directly opposed to the part.

    Night Hags in particular (to bring this back to the Fiends question) can mess with others dreams, weakening them, causing them to commit evil deeps, and possibly even killing them from lack of sleep.  All to capture the person’s soul for their own use. This makes them both creepy, and very hard to track down.

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  24. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Sarah tore apart a robot too by focusing the joints

    "Is that it?" she asked
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  25. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "I knwow!" called back Stacey, slicing a robot in half.


    "Really?  You're fine being cast aside like all her previous conquests?" laughed Eggman, subtly activating a control panel. 
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