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  1. ChaosKaiser added a post in a topic Christmas Greetings   

    Merry Christmas, guys and gals! Let me give you a present: my return to the forum!
    Yeah, this present sucks. You haven't been good kids this year...
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  2. Dylan added a post in a topic Christmas Greetings   

    Merry Christmas all. Hope you all had good days!
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  3. Thire added a post in a topic Christmas Greetings   

    Merry Christmas to everyone! 

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  4. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    Finally drew my Monster Prom oc:

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  5. Skye Prower added a topic in Community   

    Christmas Greetings
    Merry Christmas everyone!

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  6. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "I'm going for the Eggman!" Said Seviper.
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  7. Thire added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    From what Nintendo has said on that subject, Shigeru Miyamoto might as well be the director as they said they’ve been working only with his consent and direction. I for one believe that it has high chances of being good. 
    ...here we are talking more about the possibility good Mario movie in the Sonic movie topic. 
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  8. Dylan added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I think even though it's Illumination, Nintendo seem to be much more protective on their stuff so I have a feeling they'll be holding a tight leash on Illumination for it

    I think I know what picture you mean. But even then... it wasn't Sonic. I really feel like they don't have any respect towards the original source material. All they care about is making money off the name. Their movie is more important than actually doing something fans want to see
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  9. Shinomi-chan added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I REALLY hope they've changed his look, at least the legs/arms! I mean c'mon, that just looks terrifying! (though a friend of mine showed a picture, with a different looking Sonic, that I think was also a sort of prototype?) But I do hope he looks more like that one. At least he looked somewhat cute lil' Hedgie. Unlike in THAT abomination of a teaser. *shivers* That's just wrong. Heck I think even the Mario movie isn't going to be as much of a disappointment as Sonic movie. (and that's saying much, since I didn't have much hopes for it after Illumination announced that they're making that project.) At the very least (in my opinion) They should've just hired the team that made the Sonic Mania art! 
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  10. Thire added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Elias, just outside Casino Night Zone
    Driving back from his run-in with robots and Valentino, Elias was getting closer to the city when the sky suddenly started darkening. 
    “What the heck?!” 
    He noticed that pods similar to the one he was originally after were dropping from the sky into the city. “Oh that’s not good at all. I need to hurry!” He floors the pedal and drives as fast as possible... 
    Josh and Larry, Mercia 
    After getting back from an eventful trip to the Emerald Lake and stopping by Uncle Chuck’s place, the boys got home to rest before their trip in the morning. 
    Having finished cleaning himself up, Larry walked into the living room only to find Josh watching yet another martial arts movie most likely for inspiration and training. “Really? Okay Josh, what is it this time?” Asked a questioning Larry. “IP Bird: Master of Wing Chun.” 
    “I don’t recall you watching that one before.” 
    “That’s because me and Dad were gonna watch it together when they got back.”
    ”I see... Do you think maybe... We’ll run into them on our trip?” 
    “I honestly don’t know Larry. I mean we’re going the opposite way of Mobotropolis.” 
    “I was just wondering Josh...” 
    “I know Larry, but it is good to remain optimistic...” 
    “Um did that crane just break that bulldog’s arm by pushing in his elbow!?
    “Oh ho ho yes he did! Awesome!” 
    Shard, Downunda 
    After what seemed like forever, Shard finally climed out of the Great Pit. 
    Organic Area scan: Initiate 
    It’s sensors start scanning the environment around it for life signs. 
    Large concentration of life 260 degrees Northeast: Most likely a village: Avoid 
    Current Mission: Unknown? 
    With it’s memory damaged, Shard doesn’t exactly know what to do... 
    Chaos emission tracker: ? Uh... activate? 
    A few moments later a gem icon appears on it’s HUD 330 degrees North. Without much else to do, Shard decides that might be it’s best lead as to what happened to it.
    Current mission: Track down “Chaos” 
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  11. Chromatic Terras added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Casino Night Zone
    Vector frantically makes his way through the crowd before hearing a scream coming from the center. Vector then started pushing further as the clouds in the sky slowly grew dark as the wing fortress made its way into view. 
    Chief Hoppington rushes over toe the pod, and tries to pull at it's doors. He ends up losing his grip and falling backwards, before looking up to see the winged fortress descending down, dropping even more pods and robots that were attacking the city.
    " Ay, Chief!" Vector calls out, finally making his way to the center crater.
    Angel Island
    The Island continues to plummet through the sky, its shear weight dragging it down faster and faster to the earth below. Just before hitting however, a strong force envelopes the island entirely, slowing it down just before crashing into the ocean below. The island is left with a thick mist from all the thrown around air and water. Flashes on green light pulsate around a few parts of the island, before ultimately dimming out. Knuckles was left unconscious atop the Mater Emerald shrine. Gamma's body nearly to the complete other side of the island. His information logs had finally received enough connection to send the distress call out to the Egglfeet, however much of his data had become corrupted and unreadable after being delayed for so long. 
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  12. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Mobius Reborn: Rise of Robotnik   

    Tails, Island

    As Tails explored more of the airbase, his feeling of abandonment began to subside.  It looked like the base had been abandoned in a hurry a while ago.  The workshop was still fully stocked, as was the storeroom.  At least, the tinned foods were still there.  It was all dirty, and needed a clean, but it was a start.  And cleaned up, it would be the kind of place Tails had always wanted. 

    And yet, practicality was a secondary concern to the young fox as he looked over all the biplanes.  Many would need significant repair.  One with a flower painted on it looked like it might be rusted solid.  But there was one that seemed in good condition, its biggest flaw being the faded red paint job.  Tails leapt into the cockpit and fiddled with the controls trying to start it. 

    Nothing happened.

    Frowning thoughtfully, Tails jumped out again, opening the engine hood to take a look inside.  He climbed up and in, until only his namesakes were visible wagging from the outside.


    Skye, Feral Forest

    Skye winced as she saw the damage caused to Fisher’s chest as the bumper struck it.  She turned away, trying to hide her tears catch her breath.  Glancing around, it seemed all the robots had been dealt with.  Skye looked back towards the Armadillo.

    “Come on, we have to get going,” she called, starting to run along the forest track, wiping her tears.


    Sleet and Dingo, Mobotropolis

    “It’s time to make an entrance,” grinned Sleet as he landed the Manticore in the courtyard of Castle Acorn.  Within moments, it was surrounded by Royal Guards.  The hatch hissed open, and Sleet strode out confidently, despite the weapons trained on him.  Slowly, he lay his pistols on the ground, showing he wasn’t there for a fight. 

    “I’ve come to warn the King of an invasion,” he declared.

    “That’s right!  They blew up one of the Birds’ big airships!” added Dingo as he came behind.  For a moment, Sleet was going to chastise Dingo, but then he saw the shock on the faces of the guards.  Maybe that had been the right thing to say.


    Wave, a slight distance from Mobotropolis

    A dull clanging sound rung out from the armour as Wave threw it into the hole she’d dug.  It was far too unique to the BBA for her to be able to safely take with her.  Her firearm on the other hand, that was pretty common.  Maybe she could trade it for some currency.  Her Extreme Gear…. Wave shook her head.  If anything, it was more noticeable than the armour.  On the other… if someone didn’t know what it was, maybe they’d just mistake it for a fancy surf or skateboard.  Maybe she should dress appropriately to help that image.  Besides, if the Armada DID catch up with her, the Extreme Gear was her best chance to escape. 

    Casting her last piece of armour into the hole, Wave paused as she picked up her radio, about to throw it into the hole as well.  Once again, it was something the Armada could use to find her, IF they knew she’d escaped and the frequency she used.  On the other, that kid did have the other set.  And if he did get into trouble… 

    Sighing, Wave clipped the radio to her belt, and started filling in the hole.


    Robotnik, Wing Fortress

    “I thought that pod was shut down,” grumbled Robotnik as he read the readout from the Casino Night Zone.  The pod in the centre of the city had entered capture mode, but its conversion functions were offline.  “We can’t have the city alerted and mobilised.  We have to strike now.” 

    Robotnik swiftly issued ordered, then the Wing Fortress lurched suddenly.  Shocked, Robotnik was almost thrown from his feet.  “What was that?” he bellowed.

    “An unprecedented surge of energy from the Floating Island,” Zero reported.  “The island appears to be descending now.”

    “WHAT?” Robotnik almost slammed open a radio connection to Gamma.  “Gamma!  REPORT!”


    Casino Night Zone

    A ripple of panic was spreading in the crowd as the owl was dragged inside the pod.  A few minutes later, the sky started to darken.  Above the city, a Wing Fortress appeared through the clouds, descending towards it.  Numerous hatches open, dropping pods in and around the city.  Some were more prison pods.  Others contained squads of Badniks and Swat Bots.

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  13. Dylan added a post in a topic Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern   

    Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town

    Lynda made it through the crowd and inside just as the roar took place. She looked around with a beam

    "This place is amazing! Isn't it Danny?"she looked around but Danny had not gone in yet. "Danny?"

    Then Danny entered inside

    "Did you hear that?" he asked excitedly. "I think that was a Charizard! I can't wait to catch one of those!" 

    Lynda laughed

    "I'm sure you will. Come on" she said heading over to the small group with Danny
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  14. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "I'm going to the cells!" Sarah said
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  15. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "We either need to find the cells, which will likely be on a lower level, or Eggman himself, whole be higher up," said Ziona.
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  16. Dylan added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    I started playing a game called Dead by Daylight a couple of days ago. So far only played as a survivor but aside from a few things that occasionally happen, I've been enjoying
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  17. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "But where should we look?" Asked Ally.
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  18. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "No" Sarah answered still going. "But they must be around somewhere"
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  19. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Dwo you knwow whewe ywou gwoin'?" Stacey asked Sarah as the group chased her.
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  20. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Seviper followed with Fenn riding on his tail.
    Ally and Max followed behind.
    Zangoose followed as well.
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  21. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Mark followed too

    Sarah kept going, looking around for the best path
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  22. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Looks like it!" said Ziona, hurrying after Sarah.  Stacey moved to follow.
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  23. Seviper the Fang Snake added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "I guess that way?" Replied Seviper pointing towards Sarah. 
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  24. Dylan added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    Sarah was already heading in one direction
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  25. Skye Prower added a post in a topic Role-Play Mania v2.0   

    "Which way do we go?" asked Ziona.
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