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  1. Geoffrey St John added a post in a topic The unknown warriors   

    Here is chapter one.
    Chapter one: The group awakens
    Cain, Finn, Snake and Sparky all just sat in silence for around 10 minutes but it felt like hours to the boys. The silence was eventually broken by four people all starting to wake up at once. The first boy who woke up just got onto his feet and looked around. After a second he closed his eyes and covered his mouth and nose with his hands. It was clear just by looking at him, that he was breathing heavily. Before anyone could approach him another boy woke up. “Where the hell am I? What is going on!?” Yelled a boy as he got onto his feet. Cain pointed over at the mirror and said “You need to look at that first”
    The boy listened to Cain and approached the mirror. He a 16 year old boy, he had light brown hair that was tied into a short ponytail that reached the back of his neck. He had hazel eyes and wore a yellow t shirt with black jeans that were held up by a brown belt. He had black socks and brown and green trainers. The boy stood in silence for a minute until he yelled “What the hell have you done to me!? This is nothing like me and I would never wear S£&% like this!” This boy's reaction caused the other boy who had stood up to open his eyes.
    The boy approached the one with the ponytail said “Can I look now?” The ponytail boy was gonna say something but when he saw the face the other boy was pulling, he closed his mouth and stood aside. As he stepped in front of the mirror, the boy prepared himself. What he saw was a 16 year old boy with black hair with a blond fringe. He had green eyes and wore a dark green raincoat with a white t shirt underneath. He wore a pair of black jog pants with black socks and a set of wellington boots. When he looked at his reflection the boy noticed that his left jacket pocket was bulkier than his right. He checked the pocket and found a set of thick plastic gloves. He put the gloves back said “I'm different too”
    Cain spoke up “We are all in the same boat, but we will get some answers once everyone is awake. All we can do is wait right now” hearing this annoyed the boy with a ponytail but Blond fringe boy simply walked back to the bed he woke up on and sat down. The boy on the bed next to the ponytail boys got onto his feet. “We don't know where we are but what I do know is you should look in the mirror over there” said the Ponytail boy as he sat on his bed and pointed out the mirror, The boy was silenced by those words but he walked over to the mirror to see what he had to see.
    He saw a 16 year old boy with white hair and a green and blue eye. He was wearing a grey hoodie with a purple t shirt and a red scarf around his neck. He had black jeans held up with a black belt. He had white socks with plain brown shoes. “We need everyone to wake up for answers? How many more to wake up now?” asked the boy with the scarf. Cain replied with a simple “Three” The boy with the scarf walked back to the bed he was on and sat down to wait. It was at that moment the forth boy woke up and instead of jumping onto his feet like most, he just sat up and held his hands together and started rocking back and forth.
    Finn was the one to speak up this time, “Hey, I think you need to see something. Over there in the mirror” The boy stopped rocking and took a deep breath. He walked over to the mirror and looked at his reflection. He saw a 16 year old boy with blond hair and green eyes. He wore an orange t shirt that was drowned in a brown long coat that only just above the floor. He wore a pair of blue jobs pants with white socks and plain black shoes. After seeing what was in the mirror the boy once again held his hands together and began rocking. Finn took this as a sign to walk over to him and say “We are all in the same situation, all we can do is wait for the last two to wake up. Just go back to the bed and wait” The boy nodded and both walked back to their beds and waited.
    Another boy began to to wake but instead of standing like the others, he fell off the bed and hit the floor. Before anyone could react though the boy got onto his feet and looked around. Things were dark for him at first but his eyes soon adjusted and he saw all the boys looking at him. Snake pointed out the mirror and the others soon followed suit and the boy walked over to the mirror. He saw a 16 year old boy with black hair, he had silver streaks across his hair. His eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses. He was wearing a grey jumper with a maroon t shirt underneath. He had a pair of black jeans with no belt. He had grey socks with trainers that were navy blue and red. The boy took the sunglasses and looked at the mirror. He suddenly dropped the sunglasses and screamed while covering his eyes.
    Everyone ran over to the boy and accidentally kicked the sunglasses across the room. “Are you alright?” asked The boy with the scarf. The boy who screamed said “too … bright” Cain the spoke and said “Just give your eyes chance to adjust and then you will be fine. The boy opened his eyes to try but screamed again. “It is too bright! It hurts!” The boy in the long coat looked around the floor to find the sunglasses. Cain said “You didn't give them chance to adjust!” but the boy who screamed nodded no. Cain had no patience and pulled the boys hands away from his eyes to try and force him to open his eyes. As his hands were pulled away the boy screamed again and closed his eyes. “Open your god damn eyes and you will be fine!” shouted Cain.
    Finn had had enough and punched Cain. “You idiot! Can't you see that his eyes are sensitive to light! You are torturing him! Someone find his sunglasses” shouted Finn which cause the boy in the long coat to say “I have them here” and hand them over to Finn. Finn placed the sunglasses in the boy's hand and said “sorry about Cain, put those back on and you should be fine” The boy listened and put them back on. Within seconds he was fine and looked at the boys around him. “I .. uh.. I have never had that problem before. But I have never looked like this either” said the boy with sunglasses. Finn smiled and said “It is fine, none of us are the same as we are used to. We also do not know what is going on. We are just sitting on the beds waiting for the last guy to wake up so we can get answers” The boy is sunglasses nodded and began to walk over to the bed he fell off. And soon all the boys were sat on their beds waiting.
    The final one suddenly woke up and surprised everyone with a jump off the bed. He yelled “Where the hell am I? Explain yourselves!” Sparky was the first to talk this time. I get the questions but we don't have answers yet. But you should look in the mirror before you start asking questions” The boy was about to question Sparky when he saw the other boys all point at the mirror. “You expect me to just listen to yo..” said the boy until Cain interrupted by shouting “Just look in the god damn mirror!” Finn quickly responded “Cain! Look, I understand you are freaked out. We all are, but you really should look in the mirror. You need to see what is there” The boy listened to Finn and let out a sign and walked over to the mirror to look in it.
    He saw a 16 year old boy with only a small blond curl of hair coming out of a navy blue beanie, His eyes were blue and he was wearing a light grey fleece over a white t shirt. He was wearing dark grey jeans with thick black socks and brown boots. The boy shouted “What the F$£%!> That isn't me! What the hell has happened to me!?” The boys questions were ended by the man standing up and saying. “I will tell you all what I know now. Please return to the bed and sit down. I will gather all the things I require and return here in a few minutes. Uses this time to talk. Until I return” The man left the room and the boy in the fleece returned to his bed.
    Cain was clearly struggling as he said “Uh.. h.. hey Sh.. Shades! I uh I'm sorry about what I did!” The boy in sunglasses said nothing he just gave a thumbs up to acknowledge the apology. Finn then spoke up, “ Hey, call me Finn, I have no idea why we are here but that guy did say we have all names blocked from our memories by some curse so we need new names. I know that is to take but we don't know anything yet so we needed some kind of name so I chose the name Finn because the first thing that came to my head was a shark fin. You guys should give yourselves names for us to use when we talk” The room was very quiet until Cain spoke up ” I thought of a Volcano so I chose the name Cain”
    Sparky spoke up third, “I go by sparky because I thought of a spark plug” and Snake soon followed the example. “I couldn't stop thinking about my belt so I just decided to go by Snake” The room went silent for a moment until the boy with a ponytail spoke, “Call me Adam, I thought of a dam so Adam it is” Everyone nodded and soon the boy in the fleece spoke. “I couldn't get this thick jacket out of my head so I will go by Jack” Everyone nodded in response to that name also. The room was silent for a minute until the voice of the boy with the blond fringe spoke up, “Ben, call me Ben” The group waited for him to say what he thought of but it quickly became clear he didn't like to talk much.
    The boy with white hair spoke up next, “I thought of a tornado! How can I make a name out of that?” The boys all thought in silence until Adam asked “What other names can that go by?” The boy in sunglasses spoke up and said “Typhoon” Once he heard that the boy with white hair said “Typhoon? Oh call me Tai!” Everyone smiled and nodded to accept that name too. Next up the boy in sunglasses snapped his fingers to catch attention and said “Shades” while pointing at his sunglasses. Everyone nodded and looked at the last boy to come up with a name. The boy in the long coat thought and soon said “Ray, I thought about the Sun which gives of rays so Ray makes sense to me” Everyone nodded as the last name was shared. The room went silent until the sound of footsteps broke the silence with the man returning to the room.
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  2. Geoffrey St John added a topic in Writer's Block   

    The unknown warriors
    Greetings dear readers. I decided to write this on a whim. It is something I have been contemplating for some time and finally decided to begin. In this story I will be including "musical moments" which are moments where the characters burst into song. Those moments will be in spoiler tags so you can ignore them if you choose to. However I would advise against that due to the fact those moments will expand upon character emotions that may not be clear in the story alone. Each chapter will have a minimum of one song but there is a possibility that some may have more than one. For now I hope you enjoy the prologue.
    Prologue: A Mysterious abduction.
    The day began like every other day. The same old boring routine yet again but this day had something in store for 10 people. Each of them started their usual morning chores. They each headed to work or school and in some cases planning for being creative. But as the clocks struck Midday, the sky suddenly went dark. The sun was blocked from sight by a strange black orb. Many eyes stared up into the sky until another light caught their attention. Lights of white, red, blue, cyan, purple, black, yellow, brown, green and grey, scattered across many different lands. Fear then filled ten separate hearts as they became aware of the light covering them. The orb in the sky called the ten towards it. They smashed through whatever was in their path, be it the wall or the roof until they reached the orb. Many panicked faces stared as their friend or loved one faded from their sight.
    The ten became so filled with fear that they lost consciousness. The light surrounding them changed them. Some grew taller, others shrunk. The only thing was was certain for each of them was that they would not recognize themselves when they woke up. Within the world the 10 left behind fear ruled until the orb began to shrink until it was no more. Leaving nothing but confusion and worry for the many witnesses of the magical abductions. Parents worried for the missing children, Siblings freaking out about what had befallen the ones they count on, friends prayed that the friend that was snatched returned safely. An unexpected event on what appeared to be an ordinary day.
    The ten lights appeared in an unknown sky and each of them slowly fell towards the ground. The light that once covered them faded away once it had gently placed them on the ground. A man in a robe found them a short time later.. He then carried each of them and placed them on a bed within the ruined temple he called home. Once the tenth had been placed, the man entered a meditative state while he waited for his guests to wake up. One of the ten awoke and his shocked jump from the bed caused the man to exit his meditation. “Ah you have awoken, now let us wait or the others to follow suit so I can explain. But first you should brace yourself. You no longer bare the face you once did. Look there to see for yourself” said the man causing the boy to walk towards the mirror that was pointed out.
    The boy looked in the mirror and the person he saw was not himself at all. Be saw a boy who looked around 16 years old, His hair was not the shade he had always had and was instead a dark shade of ginger, He was wearing a simple green t shirt and blue jeans. He had a black belt keeping his jeans up. He has plain black socks and a pair of plain black trainers. The boy freaked out but was quickly calmed by the man saying “I understand you are afraid but trust that I will help you get some answers” The boy then nodded to the man and walked back over to the ben he was lying on and sat down to wait for the others to wake up.
    Another soul began to stir but this one didn't jump off the bed, instead he just sat up and asked “What is going on? And where am I?” The ginger boy was surprised by how calm this guy was but he got up and walked over to the one who had woken up. He pointed out the mirror and the new boy walked over to it. What the mirror showed was a 16 year old with a somewhat light shade of black hair, his eyes were blue. He wore a grey t shirt under a brown sweater, he wore green pants with a brown belt. His socks were white but covered by black boots. The boy staring in the mirror then said, “I am guessing your appearance changed too? Freaking out accomplishes nothing so we just wait for the others to wake up too?” The ginger boy nodded and both then proceeded to sit on the beds and wait.
    Another soul soon woke up but this one reacted in the more expected way. “Wha!? Where the F$%£ am I!? Where have you taken me?” they yelled. The calm boy spoke up, “We are in the same boat as you, freaking out like that won't help but if you need to let it out then at least look at that first” The one who had just woke up walked over and looked in the mirror. They saw a 16 year old boy with blond hair, he was wearing a black sleeveless jacket with a plain grey t shirt underneath. He had light faded blue jeans on. He wore white socks with blue and white trainers. And on his hands he wore a set of blue fingerless gloves. The boy then expectantly cursed multiple times, the others just waited until he started to slow now. The calm boy them spoke once more. “Are you ok now? If so please sit down on the bed you woke up on. We need everyone to wake up so we can learn what is going on. The blond boy was gonna say something until he saw the ginger boy's face and knew he felt the same way. The blond boy then went and sat on his bed.
    The forth boy soon woke up and jumped onto his feet. Before he could say anything he saw the three other boys pointing at the mirror which he quickly walked towards. He saw a 16 year old boy with dark brown hair, he was wearing a yellow t shirt and black jeans, his belt looked like a snake. He has black socks and black Velcro trainers. The boy just stared until he suddenly fell onto his knees. The ginger boy quickly rushed to his side while other two stood up. The boy on his knees suddenly spoke. “We are no where near home are we” The Ginger boy didn't answer but did look at the floor which gave the other boy all the answers he needed. They both stood up and the ginger boy walked back to his bed which caused the other boy to walk back to the bed he was on and sit down too.
    The room remained quiet for a while which caused the man to examine the unconscious ones. “They show no signs of waking just yet. Perhaps you four should talk, here in this world your memories are not whole. No matter how much you try you will be unable to recall any names from home. Be it your own or of family. So a new name is sadly required” said the Man as he walked back to the middle of the room and returned to his meditation. The four boys each tried to think of the family they left behind and became saddened when they were unable to remember any names just like the man had said.
    The four boys just sat in silence for a moment until the calm boy spoke once more. “I don't think sitting here in silence will help us so we should at least try to figure out what to call each other. I know we can't recall our real names but just think about yourself and say what the first thing that comes to mind is. We will try and use that to create names for ourselves. For me.” The calm boy sat in silence for a moment then spoke a single word. “Finn” The other boys looked at him. “It isn't my real name but the first thing that came to my head was a shark fin so I will go by Finn from now on” The other three then each closed their eyes and began thinking of themselves.
    The ginger boy was the next one to speak. “Cain, call me Cain. The first thing that came to my head was a Volcano” the other boys all nodded to acknowledge his chosen name. The other two boys were silent for a few more minutes until the blond boy spoke. “Sparky, Call me Sparky. I know it isn't a proper name like yours but the thing that came to mind was a spark plug so it fits I guess” The others all nodded to accept his name. Then they patently waited for the final boy to speak. The room was silent for another few minutes until he finally spoke “Snake, Call me Snake. I couldn't get this belt out of my head so may as well just go by Snake” The other three nodded and with that all four boys had names to go by, all that was left to do was wait.
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    Let's hope there'll be some of their songs in the next movie.
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  4. Thire added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I agree! 
    Although there’s only one thing that bothered me about the movie...
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  5. Jumala added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I just realized that I completely forgot to say something about the movie here, so here goes -
    I absolutely enjoyed this movie. From top to bottom. There's nothing about it that I didn't like. First of all, a Sonic movie has been my dream since back when I first discovered the franchise. Even when the first trailer with the not-so-popular design came around, I didn't complain. That was the extent of my longing for a Sonic movie. But when I finally went to the theater and saw it, I was truly surprised. If anything, I expected a 'so bad it's actually good' kind of movie, at best. But what I received in the end was a genuinely good movie. Hell, to demonstrate how good it really was - I was watching it with a couple of my friends, none of whom knew anything about Sonic except that it's all about a blue hedgehog who can run, and all of them loved it. They laughed at each and every single joke, despite this movie being basically to the Sonic universe and Sonic as a character. And this is exactly why I think the movie ultimately succeeded. Because it can be viewed and enjoyed by everybody, not just Sonic fans. It's not overfilled with game references like so many other videogame movies are. I mean, sure, they exist, but it's just the right amount to have fans catch it and think - 'Huh, neat! I know this!', but also the right amount to not have other people continuously question it, which kinda ruins the experience. It's 'in your face' kind of references, you could say. I don't even think that this film can really be called a 'videogame movie'. It's really just a good comedy that just so happens to be based on and centered around a videogame character. Which, in the end, is what made the movie as successful as it was.
     I truly think that this movie and it's success is the start of a new era for the Sonic franchise. It will bring, and has, in fact, already brought quite a lot of new fans into the fandom, whose experiences of the characters are still new, fresh, and uncorrupted. I sincerely hope that now, SEGA and Sonic can finally redeem themselves in the public eye. And godspeed to them.
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    She kissed Steven. She freaking kissed Steven. I don't care if it was a Bugs Bunny style big ol' smooch, she still kissed him. That was enough screentime for me. As a lowkey Stevnel shipper, I was completely satisfied with everything after that.
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    And here I am, still playing Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia... 
    That and Pokémon GO. 
    ...my dad, sister, and I need friends... XD 

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    Oh. Want a cookie?
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  9. Veveingtonious added a post in a topic General Mobile games thread   

    That's hell you are walking into...
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  10. Kyubi the Fox added a post in a topic Non-Sonic Art Thread   

    Dynamite Headdy

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    After I have lost count of how long away, I've jumped back into Fire Emblem Heroes again.  The game seems to know this and has been weirdly generous with the summons since I returned....
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    That's because I̶͓̿͌͘ ̷̪̣̣̾̕͝ͅ'̶̹̳̮͔̙̐́͌̇̏ ̸̧̩̤̼͇̀M̸̧̹̥̤̒͗͋̏̌͜ ̴̛̤͍̀̈́̀̂ ̷͈̪̺͚̍̊ͅ ̸̺̟̬̗̰̉̃̚ ̶̮̭̻̪̦͐B̶̩̊̐̀ ̸̬͚̺̊͑̇̚͘E̸̬̾͋͝ ̶̗̖͎̋̂̑H̷͍́͝ ̸̢̥͖͙̓͛̌̀͗ͅI̶̯͕͌ ̵̧͚̙̳͐͋͝Ň̶͖̏͘ ̶̟̣̦̪͎̊D̶̖̮͕̜̔͝ ̴͍̀͐̕̕ ̶̙̞͉̓ ̵̯̇̔̇͌ ̵͙̫͛͊Ỵ̴̨̧̠̻̓̓ ̸̞̺͈̂͘̚Ó̸͚͕̇̄ ̷̗͍̠̞̾̔͠Ṳ̸͗̍̾̚͝
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    That's this forum as a whole though isn't it? Many have left for good.
    And yet you always seem to come soon after I post to post. Never posted after Seviper did on Feb until I did on March 22. Interesting.
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    Not as late as I am! 
    ...anyways, a big belated Happy Birthday to Geoffrey and CT! 
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    Many cultures around the world tackle on the idea of life after death...
    And so here we are, talking in a dead thread. Ironic, isn't it? The thread where the last one posting wins is the one where no one posts anymore...
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    Yeah, I see your win.
    After all this time of this thread staying dead.
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    Hmmmm. Welp don't got much to say about the ending tbh. After so long. 
    Was just hoping it would have been less predictable. 
    And Spinel did not have the quality screentime I wanted but eh that's ok I guess.
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    Whoa I'm super late! Anyways happy late birthday Geoffrey and CT! Hope you guys had a good one.
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    Thanks team, it was a fun one!
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    Happy birthday CT! Enjoy the day with all your might.
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    Happy birthday CT! Hope you have had a good one and continue to do so
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    Happy birthday to CT!
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    Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a good day.
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    Happy birthday! Hope you've had a good one!
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    Happy Birthday Geoffrey!
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