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Geoffrey St John

Geoffrey's lyrical creations

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I know I currently have my parody thread but this one is for my original creations that do not have any music. And please do not question my lyrics or their meaning. However any critism is welcome.

I'm too afraid to try


The clock is ticking endessly

I can't help but watch as time disappears

The numbers have turned blurry

As I look through my tears

I know I have a talent

I have a gift I should be able to share

But sadly something is missing

Something I need isn't there


When I look in the mirror

I can not help but lie

Deep inside I know

I am too afraid to try

The fear inside me is too great

The  talent I hold fails to shine

If you really knew me

Then you would know I am not fine


Every time I grab that pen

My face shines a smile

I simple just let myself go

I create in my own unique style

I get so many signs of support

I have fans who have my back

But even knowing that

There is still something I lack


I don't like the pressure

I feel like I could die

Can't you see that

I'm too afraid to try

I may fail that is true

But I could also succeed

Can't you see that

There is somethig I need


My family are with me

Both real and online

They try to help me grow

They try to help me shine

But that doesn't help

It only sends the fear deeper inside

Don't push me it only hurts

Will you just let me hide


Don't force the pen into my hand

Don't try to make me create

All you are doing is

Giving me the feeling I hate

The fear I have is strong

I can't help but cry

I can't deny that

I'm too afraid to try

I feel like I could die

Just because

I am too afraid to try


The Courage to fight back

A story begins by the hands

Of the creators of a new lifeform

For me that is no different

It all began with the norm

They aimed to advise

In all that they knew

And I wasn't alone

Together we would make it through


My home was where I learned

It is where I played

It is the one place
I always stayed

Punishment for those who misbehave

That is something my life didn't lack

But it gave the power I needed

And the courage to fight back


I tried many things

On the land and in the tide

As I continued on I saw

Those beside me beam with pride

I started to float along

Not lonely in my days

I learned many things

In many differet ways


But even in my shelter

Diifferences still brought pain

As I returned to play

My life was not without a dark stain

My time was not public

And this caused bullies to attack

But they didn't know I had

The courage to fight back


A new study came

And my fight started to advance

If they came at me now

The bullies wouldn't stand a chance

From the bright to the dark

I continued to achieve

I will reach the end
That is somethig I believe


My life has been hidden away

But I am not resentful for that

I have been smiling away

In the chair I am sat

Every choice that was made

Was on the right track

You have given me

The courage to fight back

No matter the odds life may stack

I have 

The courage to fight back

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Fair warning to all who attempt to read the lyric below. it is quite dark so enter at your own risk. Behold my creation.

A Villain is all that can exist

The night is peaceful

Or that is how it seems
You're blind to what surrounds you
And what haunts your dreams

The air turns ice cold

Or it boils you alive

Just because you are a hero

Doesn't mean you will survive


Hidden in the shade

In the corner of your eye

Hides the demonic soul

Of the man who will make you die!

I am a monster
A villian is all that can exist

So you must remember this

While I slice your throat and wrists


I'll drip the red into my drink

Bake the meat into my pie

And enjoy them both

As I watch your loved ones cry

Your hair makes a fine brush

To clean the stain you leave behind

You can clearly see that

I've lost my mind


Painful cries are music

Grinding bones is my fun

I live a gleeful life

Darker than a world without the sun

I am ruthless

A villian is all that can exist

Watch on in pure horror

As I remove your child's brain with my fist


All the dictators of the past

If you had them you were lucky

Those stupid idiots

Were angels compared to me

I let out my caged emotions

I gave in to my hidden hate

And as a result of that

Your heart is on my dinner plate


My teeth have sharpened

My nails cut deep

I can state this simple fact

Humans are tastier than sheep

With my new cannible soul

A villain is all that can exist

I'm the demonic assassin

The happy man you used to know

I am sure he will be misssed

But sadly now

A villain is all that can exist 

And your all on my hit list

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My Heart


It doesn't matter where I'm goin'

it doesn't matter where i've been

Time means nothing to the lost in the night

The feelings of not knowing wrong or right

Act heroic to bring misery
Or be demonic to make people happy


There is no sense in that logic but it seems accepted none the less

How in the world did things become such a mess?

Darkness in the name of the good and pure

Light given to create help but instead it chose to ignore

I'm confused about everything I should know

It is possible my heart refuses to grow?


I should know what actions to take
I should be happy with the choices I make

I should know where to start

But instead everytime I try I just fall apart

Responsible souls speak as if they know who I am

If I listened they will help me out of this jam


They say things like I already know what to do

But if I did I wouldn't need you!

Things are meant to be simple but they are not

As things are now I don't have a shot

Betrayal to save someone from themself

Taking away something from someone with good health

How can this be the right choice to make?

It is possible my heart will break?


Giving a cake designed to kill

Giving liquid to help people say things against their will

Poisoning the body of the willing soul

I don't understand the goal

Why damage the only thing you command?

Why refuse when people offer you a hand?

What secrets are hidden inside?

Does this have to do with a thing called pride?


I feel nothing yet I do exist

My story is something I have missed

I have a place I should belong

But it just seems wrong

This life is so bitter and cold

Has my everything begun to fold?

I'm full of sorrow yet can not cry

Is it possible my heart is a lie?

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