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Seviper the Fang Snake

Characters: Techno the Rooster and Boulder the Rhinoceros

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Name: Techno the Rooster

Appearence: Thin male Rooster wearing a black suit with orange lighted lines and orange sun glasses. Also wears black boots with orange lighted lines.

Abilities/Powers: Techno's suit allow him to surround himself with a orange force field.

Weapons: A blaster that fires orange sticky or explosive eggs.

Alignment: Neutral.

Personality: Ready to make a quick buck for any job. His love of dancing is a part of his unique fightning style making him a difficult opponent to tag. He hates chicken based puns and stereotypes cause he sees it as a insult to his species.

Pre-Reboot history: The small and peaceful town he lived in was blown up by Robotnik when he was practicing his dancing. Becoming an orphan and later a top notch thief and burglar. He would later meet and befriend his partner in crime Boulder in a job for Robotnik to kidnap Princess Sally. Of course Sonic got in the way causing a bit of rivalry between the duo and hedgehog.

Post-Reboot History: Techno lived on the streets becoming a pickpocket to survive. He met Boulder when the two tried to break in the same vault. His first encounter with the blue blur is when and his newly dubbed best pal tried to nab the master emerald and a spark of rivalry was forged.


Name: Boulder the Rhinoceros

Appearence: A large and muscular rhinoceros wearing two armored spike shoulder pads with a black belt and ivory belt buckle.Also wearing black pants and black combat boots. And fingerlessblack gloves.

Abilites/Powers: Large size grants enormous strength and allows him to go toe to toe with the strongest of mobians. His horns are strong to impale steel.

Weapons: A large sledge Hammer.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality:Always ready for a brawl. Loyal to his comrade and easy to hit who he thinks needs it

Pre-Reboot History: A son or a foreign war lord Boulder free up to dislike his people's enemy the Acorns. He wou of later meet his new partner and best friend and take on Sonic and whoever got in y he way.

Post-Reboot: Boulder grew up to hate the Kingdom of Acorn. His later years made him a collector of valuables and artifacts. He would form a great friendship with Techno and take down foes.


(Boulder is a tweaked and updated character of my rhino character in free play.)

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