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Dogtanian and The Three Musketeers: The Other Musketeer

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Okay so I decided to explain some things before starting. So basically Dogtanian is 80's cartoon from the makers of "Around The World with Willy Fog". It takes place on the 17th century, (Well in the years 1844 to be exact, like the story Three Musketeers) Except in this version (of course) Everyone is anthropomorphic animal. (Mostly dogs, but there are also birds, pigs, cats etc.) The show follows the story of young Dogtanian, but this fanfic (as the name might give away) follows a different character, my Oc Viviette. I will introduce all the known characters from the show as the story goes on, (Since it's from my Character's point of view, some things will be way different from the show if you have watched it.) I should probably already mention that in this show, for some reason Porthos and Athos' personalities were switched, and so Athos is the big one who loves drinking and Porthos is the leader of the Three Musketeers. (and Milady is a cat. Probably due to her personality) The fanfic doesn't really have that much violence, I try not to involve anything too dramatic, or gory (as it was not the shows intention either). So basically this is about Viviette's journey before and after going to Paris, and of course trying to join the musketeers, but of course at that time it was impossible for a woman to join in anything as dangerous as that. (Which WILL be told in the fanfic maaany times, due to the unbelieving people.) 

So here are the main characters from the show:

Dogtanian (and his trusty horse Sandy)





(From Left to Right) Aramis, Athos, Porthos





King Louis and Cardinal Richelieu










Captain Widimer





Count Rochefort





(From Left to Right) Juliette and Queen Anne 





The Blue Falcon (Leader of The Cutthroat Pirates)





Monsieur de Treville (Captain of The Musketeers)





Pip (Dogtanian's helpful friend)





Planchet (Dogtanian's friend and servant)





The Duke of Buckingham 





So there's pretty much then main characters that will be involved in the fanfic sooner or later. There will be other characters too (non canon), and few new villains.

Thank you and get ready for the upcoming prologue. ^_^ 

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Prologue: The Choice of The Child

It is year 1831, in Marseille, France. Although the beautiful city seemed peaceful and prosperous, It had recently been invaded by a gang of thieves and smugglers. The people of the city were afraid, and confused. They had called for help a few days ago from the musketeers, but so far, they hadn't received an answer.

Even during times like this, the children of Marseille, still had hope in their protectors, and in their ruler. Despite their parents' warnings, four young pups were playing on the fields just outside the city, mimicking the brave and loyal musketeers.

Jullien, Gifford, Harbin and Viviette, were training swordplay. Although Viviette was a girl, she had always been acting more like the boys. The people in the city had all seen it. She would even go as far as dress up as a boy, if that's what it took to get her out of the boring lessons of her teacher. She had become friends with the three boys after proving her strength to them. She beat Gifford and Harbin in a fair fight with wooden swords, though Jullien was the only one so far, that was actually equal to her. 

Jullien was like a true musketeer. Even though he was only 7-years old, already he was living like a loyal, trustworthy cavalier. Always ready to help, never backing down from a challenge. The little Golden retriever had a matching golden heart.

Gifford, a dark brown floppy eared Labrador, was the daredevil of the group. He'd try any risky stunt no matter how dangerous it was. It had got him to MANY difficult situations before but Jullien had (most of the times) gotten him out of it. He didn't mean anything bad by his doings, he just wanted to prove his worth to others.

Harbin seemed to be the only one who ever had any doubts towards Viviette. He was the one who originally challenged her to a duel, only to be beaten by her. He was a small black Scottish terrier, he had a mean temper, but mostly he was known to be kind. He was the silent type of the group, he usually was the one to go with any crazy plans Viviette would come up with, and the one to try and settle things peacefully. (Of course if that didn't help it was time for a fight.)

Viviette, the only girl of the group. A young light brown German shepherd. She was a bit rowdy, but meant well. She was the one to come up with any plans, whether they were to help or to escape from a situation, she would most likely think of it. She was also the only one with a horse (well a calf actually) and would not hesitate to ride with him around the city. (Which more or less got her in trouble for "not lady like behavior." as well as sometimes damaging property.) She tried her very best to do as her parents told her, but always had a craving for adventure.

; "Hey Jullien, What do you think you want to do when you grow up? Are you going to try train for a musketeer?" Gifford asked, watching him dodge Viviette's attacks, answering with his own right after.

; "Me? A Musketeer? I had thought about it, but.. Would I really be suitable for that? I mean I always thought of joining the guards, keeping this city safe!" He answered with determination. "What about you Gifford? Still wanting to be a Captain of your own ship?" He asked.

; "Of course I do! It would be amazing to see what's waiting out there, on the other side! I would get to see the world and go where ever I want!" Gifford answered with a goofy smile on his face. "and you Harbin? What do you want to do?" The Labrador asked from the Terrier, who was quietly reading his new book, under the tree.

; "Hmm... I always did like seeing how the Blacksmith's make weapons for the soldiers, and guards to use. It would be a job important enough for me. That's what I think." He answered, not lifting his head, or eyes away from the book.

; "So be like Viviette's dad then? No way... Do you even KNOW how to forge weapons?" Gifford asked unconvinced. ; "And what of it? I can LEARN to forge them." Harbin said, slamming the book shut, staring that Gifford rather annoyed. ; "Tsk. Perhaps you would like to prove yourself?" Gifford asked, picking up his wooden sword. 

; "Cut it out Gifford. You know nothing good ever happens when you provoke Harbin." Viviette said, blocking Jullien's attack. ; "Hmph.. Whatever. I didn't feel like fighting anyway... So what do YOU want to do then Viviette? When you grow up? Continue your family's work as a vendor?" Gifford asked her.

; "Me?... I..." Viviette stopped, they all suddenly heard a familiar scream coming from the city.

; "Thieves! Somebody please help us!" a woman yelled.

The four pups quickly picked their wooden swords and ran back towards the city. As soon as they got there, Viviette immediately recognized the woman, and her husband. ; "Mother! Father!" She yelled running to them. ; "This is bad..We have to get help!" Jullien said, running to get the guards with Gifford (hesitantly) and Harbin.

; "No use yelling now, No one will come to help! Just give us the weapons and your money and we'll leave. No one has to get hurt." One of the thieves said, pointing a knife towards Viviette's father, Marcel. "I heard you are magnificent blacksmith Monsieur Noche. It would be a shame to let such a talent go to waste, don't you agree?" The Thief continued. He came closer, playing with the knife a little, putting the blade against Marcel's throat. ; I will NEVER give my weapons to a thief like you." He said clenching his fist. ; "You seem to have no idea what kind situation you are in, do you monsieur?" The thief gestured his gang to move closer, and one of them grabbed Viviette in a choke hold. ; "Now here's the deal Noche. Give us the weapons, or your kid gets it." He said still in a calm manner, as his comrade tightened his grip. Marcel took a step forward, ; "Alright! You win! Please. Just let her go." He looked at the ground defeated. As the thief loosened his grip a bit, Viviette saw a chance and used it. She bit him right in the arm as hard as she could.

The thief let out a yelp, and Viviette fell on the ground. She quickly got up and picked her sword, hitting the leader of the group with it on his foot, who in turn naturally dropped the knife, caused by the sharp pain. She picked up the knife that the thief had dropped, and threw it to the river. ; "You little-!" the thief quickly grabbed Viviette by the neck holding her up. "Now you've done it. You made me mad little lady." Viviette tried squirming away, but his grip was too tight. "Now I'm going to-" the thief said, but stopped suddenly. He felt something sharp touch his back. ; "You're not going to do anything to these good citizens, or anyone else ever again." a voice said behind him. The thief turned around, and his face turned pale from fear. ; "T-The musketeers!" His grip loosened, and Viviette landed on the ground, quickly running to his father and mother's embrace. The Musketeers quickly caught all of the thieves who tried running away, and returned the stolen property. ; "We are truly sorry it took as this long. We had some trouble on the way here with some Pirates... We came as soon as we got the message." The musketeer said. "But the important thing is that everyone is safe and sound, maybe now the people of this city can sleep in peace." He said looking down at Viviette. "I saw your fighting there, I have to admit you are one brave kid." He continued patting her head a bit. 

Viviette watched in awe as the brave musketeers rode away from the city. Jullien and others came a bit after that. ; "Viviette are you alright?!" Gifford asked worried of his friend. ; "What happened??" Jullien continued. ; "I've decided what I want to be." Viviette said quietly. The three pups stared at her in confusion. She turned her head towards them, and with a big smile said: ; "I want to become a musketeer!" 

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Chapter 1: Onwards To Adventure

As Viviette grew up, she kept to her word, of wanting to become a musketeer. Much to her Teacher's Mrs.Vedeers dismay. The middle-aged, newly widowed black furred pug, scoffed at the young teenager, pretending to be a man. In her opinion it was the most unbecoming for a young lady to wave a sword around. Mrs.Vedeer was in charge of teaching the poor girl some 'manners', sewing and etiquette. Although Viviette would sneak out of the back window of her house as soon as she saw the boys training. This day was no different, other than she was riding a horse. Her horse of course. Blanco ran through the streets Viviette and Gifford on his back. ;"Sorry Mrs.Vedeer!" She yelled after her. "I'll be back as soon as I'm done with my sword training!" She was fuming. ;"Humph! That- that- CHILD doesn't know what's best for her! Why do I even bother..." she wondered to herself, feeling lightheaded. ;"Whoo-hoohoo! Faster Vivi! Faster!" Gifford yelled in excitement, holding onto his hat as they nearly flew past the town onto the nearby fields to train with Harbin and Jullien. The two arrived in the middle of the other two swinging their swords around. Harbin surprisingly made a good opponent despite training being a blacksmith. Jullien of course had the upper hand, as soon as Harbin's sword flew from his hand it was over. The terrier decided to play along with the scene: ;"Oh noooo, you got me! GAH! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel..." He played as he carefully laid down on the ground, plopped his tongue out and closed his eyes. Gifford hopped off of the horse and ran to him. ;"Hey, it's not a challenge if you're not bringing your best on the battlefield Har." He lightly kicked his boot with his. The terrier opened his eye to look at his slightly disappointed companion ready to debate with him, but he was stopped by Viviette. ;"Guys we came here to TRAIN. And as I see it, it's my turn with Jullien." She said with a determined face. The two started their training fight, at first it seemed as if she had the upper hand, but Jullien quickly spun around to clang his sword against hers, causing her to lose balance, making it easy for him to send her sword flying back. ;"Whoaah! Jullien actually did it! We finally have a champion!" Gifford celebrated, as Harbin elbowed him in the gut, telling him to read the mood. Viviette picked up her sword, gritting her teeth. It was embarrassing to lose to someone you had been equals with, but she refused to cry in front of them. She turned around with a smiling face. ;"Good training session Jul." She said shaking his hand. Although she said nothing, he knew how she felt. Both of them did take being a musketeer seriously, and they knew one would sooner or later best the other, Viviette just didn't think it would be this soon.

It was evening when she returned on Blanco, head hung low from the loss. Mrs.Vedeer was ready to scold her, but as she saw her sad little face attempting to hide tears, she couldn't find it in her heart to do so. Instead she decided to let her go straight home. Any other day she would've let her have a piece of her mind (which was nearly every day) she returned Blanco to his stable feeling him, as she sat down next to the steed. ;"Guess we finally know who's the better fit for musketeer. Not that I'm not happy for him but- I just kinda hoped we'd both be equals till the end you know?" She asked the horse, who neigh'ed in response. "Yeah I know I shouldn't feel bad for it." She sighed. "YOU always DO know what to say Blanco."

As she returned inside she was met with her parents waiting. They both looked serious. ;"Whatever Mrs.Vedeer said I did, I DIDN'T. I SWEAR!" She immediately held up her hands. ;"Sit." Her father said. She did so without hesitation. The mood was clearly different. But different how? Bad? Good? Oh it must have been bad, her mother kept avoiding eye contact. "We know you've been missing your classes, because of sword training." He started. She gulped. She was definitely in trouble. "You've mentioned wanting to become a Musketeer since you were little, I thought at first it'd be a phase, but clearly I was wrong." Her father explained. Her ears turned downwards as she hung her head low. ;"You're right father. Please don't be too mad at me, it's just... being a "proper lady" isn't me! I know what Mrs.Vedeer does is important work, and she is respected in high society. But, I can never be that! So.. please.." she argued. Her father made eye contact. ;"You've certainly made your point which is why.." He started, standing up. He looked very intimidating looking down on her sitting daughter. "I've made you, your own sword." He told her, bringing her a new, shiny rapier. She was dumbfounded. ;"W-w-wait you're giving me a sword that YOU MADE?!" She looked at him, then at her smiling mother. Her smile went up to her ears as she went to hug him. "THANK YOU THANK YOU Thank You! I love it!" She exclaimed. ;"I have a gift for you too." Her mother said, holding out a red coat with Golden colored trims and buttons. She was ecstatic about it. Immediately trying it on. It covered most of her, with her hat you could barely see her face, but she always liked the mysterious aura. Her father Approached her. ;"Your mother and I, think you should go to Paris, to the best Musketeer trainer there is, Monsieur De Treville. If anyone can train you to become a full fledged Musketeer, it's him. You're old enough to travel on your own. You may leave tomorrow if you so wish. The decision is yours." He told her. She looked at him starry eyed. ;"I, absolutely will! I promise I will make you proud, father! Mother!" Oh, how she couldn't wait for tomorrow. Her own sword, new coat, going to PARIS to become a Musketeer. The guys would be soooo jealous!

The next morning Viviette Rose early, making sure she had everything she needed before heading out where her friends were waiting for her. Gifford was in tears. ;"You're just going to leave us like this? To go to Paris? Like some big shot??" Harbin smacked him in the back of the head. ;"Like you and Jullien Aren't going to head on out soon enough." He said. Viviette curiously looked at them ;"You are? Are you going to come to Paris too Jul?" She asked rather timidly. She thought of this as a new opportunity to shine among the other cadets. ;"Not yet. I'm going to train with my uncle in another city first before I'm done." He told her. ;"and Gifford?" The Beagle jumped up and down ;"I'm joining a crew to become a sailor!" He told her grinning from ear to ear. ;"Harbin? What about you?" The Terrier only motioned at her father. ;"I'm studying under him for now. Maybe head on out to a big city when I'm done to the big leagues." He told her smiling. The four of them put their hands together in a group. ;"You all promise we'll meet again some day? Maybe in Paris if we have good fortune?" Viviette asked them. ;"It's a promise!" The three said in unison. And so, with Blanco as her trusty steed, she left Marseille, towards Paris and new Adventures.

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