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Top 5 Megaman Games (The Whole Series)

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Since the genders of Megaman Games differ I put it here.

Your top five games between the whole series of Megaman games, The Original Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero, Megaman Legends, Megaman Battle Network and Megaman Starforce.

1. Megaman X 6 : I loved all of the bosses and the boss theme but the fight with zero nightmare was the best. I holded back on all of boss fights just to make them last longer.

2. Megaman Starforce 3 Black Ace : The best Starforce game. My main reason for liking it is the noise system and The Black Ace.

3. Megaman Zero 3 : Zero himself is enough for me to have it in top three but I really liked Omega and Zero's story.

4. Megaman Legends 2 : I love dungeon based games and this is one of them. There are lots of things to do besides the main story and lots of secret things to find.

5. Megaman Powered Up : This is the only Original Megaman game I played and felt that it should be in the list.

I didn't put the Battle Network games here because they are merely Starforce games that are on GBA. I might play other Original Megaman games and update this list later.

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I only play the classic series, but heres my top 5

1. Mega Man Powered Up: I love the voice acting and the gameplay. A lot better than 8's voice acting, by far. It has a lot of re play value, and I love playing as my favourite robot masters!

2. Mega Man 9: Very first Mega Man game I ever played. The soundtracks really good, Hornet Man's themes my favourite robot master theme in the whole series.

3. Mega Man 4: I used not really like it, but since I finally defeated all 8 robot masters, I definitely recommend it! It also has my favourite boss music

4. Mega Man 2: It some really good themes, I've only finished it once, but I do keep going back and playing it

5. Mega Man 6: It's a hard game, especially Plant Man! I don't play it a lot anymore though.

Okay, so Mega Man 3's not on the list, but I still think it's okay. My list might change though since Mega Man V comes out on Virtual Console on Thursdsday, plus Mega Man 7 is coming out on it soon.

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I still moved this to platformers because that's basically what Mega Man is. By that logic I also couldn't put Final Fantasy in the role playing section.

I have only played 1 game of the Battle Network series and 2 of the Zero series.. So my list is far from accurate.

1. Mega Man X4: I never could've though this game was going to be this good. But it is. I love it. It was the first game where Zero was fully playable (I'm not counting X3, because it's not really a smart thing to do) and.. I have basically mastered Zero's gameplay. It also has some of the best Mavericks. Too bad that after this game, it pretty much went down (the games were not bad, just of lesser quality.)

2. Mega Man 6: Good ol' six. Out of the classic series, it's my favorite. They had 5 games under their belt so it's a given it's one of the better designed games. The challenge was just fine and it didn't feel that, whenever you lose, it's the game's fault. You just suck. And I love most of the Robot masters, especially Centy and Knight man.

3. Mega Man X3: Yeah, I prefer X3 over the other SNES games. I don't know, there were just so many power ups to collect, and it still had Zero playable, even if it wasn't smart to do.

4. Mega Man Zero 2: I'm currently playing this game, so I can't judge on it completely, neither can I about the games that came after. But I love it, and Zero is basically my favorite character to play as, even if he doesn't follow the Mega Man formula.

5. Mega Man 2/X: Tough choice so have them both. Both of them have an equally high reputation for being fantastic games.

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Mega Man & Bass - Because....you can play Bass? He has a lot of cool stuff and his attacks are way more cooler than the lame lemon-balls from Mega Man. Aaaaand the Mega Man CDs, which you have to collect.

Mega Man X7 - I know there are a lot of MM X7 haters because of the lazy 3D system but I loved it and to play with the new character Axl....the only thing I hate was that X is turning into a crying bi*ch.

Mega Man 6 - Because of the idea of the Robot Master designes based on their nation. Exept for Knight Man. He is German/France dude, not England.

Mega Man Powered Up - Chlibi version. I loved it and to give the Robot Masters their personality. Time Man and Elec Man 4ever.

Mega Man V - Stardroids. Stardroids are cool and to give planets the personality of Robot Masters (and the producer have done a great job!). With the storyline of Mega Man Gigamix Vol. 2 and 3 they are totally badass, the gameplay on the Gameboy was great and the Sonicspinball Tango was better than Rush.

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