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Sonic Heroes: The Festival of Bedlam IC

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(ooc: After having to rewrite everything cause my keyboard decided to close out the forum randomly, three pages of Microsoft word later X_x)

Sky Rail Zone- Team Sonic

Sonic and Knuckles make their way to the top of a cannon tower as they look down to a vent leading inside.

“By all means, you first.” Knuckles says, extending his hand out.

“Aww Knux, you shouldn’t have.” Sonic jokes back as he jumps into the air and starting a spin dash. Knuckles then leaps up behind him and slams him down hard onto the vent, shattering it almost instantly as Sonic zooms down into the tower. Tails slides up next to Knuckles as they two then jump into the vent after Sonic.

As the badniks continued patrol in the tower, they hear a loud clank as they all look up to see Sonic blast in at high speed. Before they could all react, he quickly made work of all of them by the time Knuckles and Tails descended down.

“Looks like I win this time!” Sonic gloats to Knuckles.

“Oh please, I practically gave it to you. Best two out of three!” he argues back. Before the two could go any further, they look over to see a goal ring toward the center of the room.

“Wow, it really is just like old times.” Tails says as he walks over to the ring and grabs the Star in the middle. The ring immediately shrinks and disappears in a cloud of sparkles as large letters appear up in the air.


“Huh? I could’ve done a lot better than that!” Sonic says frowning.

“We can’t be worrying about that now Sonic, we gotta find a way to activate the cannon. Also Amy is—“

“Can’t we just break open these chambers and launch ourselves out like last time?” Knuckles say, interrupting Tails by slamming his fist into the ground.

“Knuckles wait!!”

Holaska Night Zone – Team DGM

The villagers walk out of their homes as Eris jumps down from the cliff into the center of the village. The Elder waves for the women and children to make their way back inside as he steps up to face Eris.

“So the tremors we felt earlier were no false warning. Dark Gaia has begun his return once again…however monster I will let you know now. You will not harm my people any longer!”

He grabs hold of his spear and charges out at Eris, who quickly grabs onto the spear and pulls the Elder in at eye level.

“Reaaalllly? And who has the power to stop me?” he replies as steam emits from his breath. The Elders jaw drops in astonishment to the sight of a nightmare speaking back to him. Eris lifts the spear into the air, along with the Elder, and throws them both into a nearby igloo, destroying it on impact.

“Elder!” one of the villagers yell out as they all then begin to charge at Eris. The nightmare stands with a grin as Colossus then drops down behind him. The power of his weight cracks the ground as he lands, knocking the villagers off their feet from the instability of it all.

As Sergio continues to watch from above, he notices the sky begin to lighten at an alarming place. Looking towards the horizon, he sees sign of the sun slowly approaching.

“This isn’t good. Guys we need to go now!” he yells out, pointing. The two look over and immediately realize the danger they were in. Before the villagers could get back up, Gaias minions were already making their way out of the village and to the west. The Elder slowly pull himself from the wreckage as he holds onto the side of his ribs.

“Thank the Ancestors for the Solar day. We must warn the mainland of their return.” He groans o himself as he then lays back down for some rest.

DGM continues their escape across the ice as the sun was now rising very quickly over the horizon. Colossus gives a roar in pain as the light begins to hit the top of his back, slowing him down. Sergio quickly spots a cave leading underground and points to it for their destination. The trio makes haste into the protection of darkness as the sun fully makes its way into the sky.

“It’s the middle of the night, what was that all about!?” Eris yells in frustration.

“I’ve heard of these northern regions getting days where the sun or moon would be up all day long. It must be one of those times.” Sergio says thinking.

“Great, so now we’re stuck underground for an entire day!?” Eris rages on. He punches a nearby wall, causing the ice to break a bit, giving view to a golden ring trapped inside. Him and Sergio look at it with confusion as Colossus takes his club and smashes the rest of the ice without warning. The two take a step back from the wreckage, as they then see a floating rotating ring amongst the icy dust. Sergio goes to touch it, and it immediately disappears, shooting out lights into the air.


The three can only look in more confusion as an ice wall then starts to sink into the ground, opening a passage through an underground tunnel.

“What was that all about?” Eris asks.

“I suppose we’ll find out the answer as we move on.” Sergio replies, flying into the newly opened passage. Colossus follows after him as Eris shrugs and catches up.

Angel Island Zone- Team Monkey Ball

The robot begins to scan the three as its eyes start to glow red.


“Not on my watch.” GonGon says as he runs up to the robot, throwing a punch. However, it’s easily countered as the robot grabs onto his fist and then punches him in his side, tossing him into a tree.

"GonGon! Be more careful!” MeeMee yells out in worry, but AiAi doesn’t take her advice as his own, as he dashes out in anger towards the robot for hurting GonGon. The robot turns to attack him; however AiAi uses his quick feet to dodge around the robots attacks. He then sweeps his feet low, trying to kick the robot off balance, but gets stopped almost immediately as he contacts the metal leg. He lets out a yelp in pain as the robot grabs him from his leg and lifts him upside down into the air. As Aiai looks on in anticipation of getting hit, GonGon appears from behind the robot, hitting it hard in the side of its head. The power from the blow causes it to drop AiAi as it falls over. GonGon then leaps powerfully into the air and brings his fists over his head. With a loud roar, he slams down onto the robots chest, digging it deep into the ground and shattering its core. AiAi and MeeMee look into the small hole that GonGon made, waiting for him to climb out.

“See, that wasn’t too hard.” He says, waving his hands in pain as they swelled up. AiAi claps in excitement while MeeMee could only stare with a small smile. Suddenly the robot explodes and a large floating ring rises up into the air. GonGon and Aiai look to it confused as MeeMee decides to try touching it. The ring then disappears as letters fly out into the sky.


AiAi looks up for a bit before turning to GonGon. “So does this mean we get more bananas?”

GonGon only shrugs as MeeMee slaps her face in disappointment.

Speed Highway – Frontier Knights

The GUN robot and Lance fall into countless amounts of glass ceilings that decelerate their decent as they then land hard on the ground. Lance rolls over in pain as the robot slowly gets up with sparkins flying out of every joint.


As Lance looks up, he notices a bunch of drones beginning to fill the room. Without warning, they all began to fire at him. He quickly rolled out of harm’s way and scrambled to the door, breaking it down as he made his way out of the building and taking a ramp back onto the highway.

Lico makes quick work on the robots, cutting them perfectly in half with each swing of her blade. Vargas looks on in shock as he then hears the crash of Lance collapsing into the building. He quickly runs to the edge of the rooftop to then locate Lance running out and back onto the highway. Lico walks over to Vargas once she cut down the last robot.

“See? I told you he’d be fine.” She says with a smirk. Vargas rolls his eyes and grabs hold of her arm. Before she could react, he jumped off the rooftop, activating his flame wings to glide down towards Lance once more.

“Lance! You’re not injured are you!?” he yells out as he descends behind him. Lance turns to look back and lets out a sigh of relief to see the two again.

“Nothing a few cures won’t fix up once we get out of the mess.” He replies as he lays his pike out to cut through the wind resistance again. With the drones still on their tail, Lance took no time to accelerate to top speed, with Vargas and Lico drafting behind him. As they made their way further down the highway, Lico noticed a large rotating ring coming up in the distance.

“What do you suppose that thing is?” she asks the two.

“No idea, but hopefully it takes us elsewhere.” Lance says as he jumps up into the ring, with Vargas and Lico following behind.

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Intro - Meanwhile, in the Sol Zone...

"Grr, who does this moronic Jester think he is!?" Eggman Nega said, disgruntled after his first meeting with the Jest. "He thinks he can just walk into MY fortress, and mess with MY machines!? ...Well, if it's a game he wants to play, then so be it!" Nega heads towards the main deck of the Egg-O-War, a large Death Egg-like station he recently aquired. Switching on the main terminal, he contacts Team Nega, who are currently on another mission. "Blitz, status report," says Eggman Nega over the communicator. "This is Blitz, we copy. Our mission is almost complete," replies Blitz, "but we've run into some trouble on the ship." Team Nega has currently been tailing the bulbous Captain Whisker and his crew, who have recently betrayed Eggman Nega and taken a Sol Emerald. "I see. I'm afraid you're going to have to abort the current mission," says Nega. "Return to base, at once."

Team Nega, consisting of Blitz the Shadow Android, Pyro the Werehog, and E-122 Psi the Gizoid, soon return to the Egg-O-War, but aren't exactly happy with aborting their mission. "Ugh, 'Master' Nega better have a good reason for dragging us back here!" says Pyro. "I'm sure he has a perfectly valid and logical reason," Psi replies, calm as ever. Before the team start bickering at each other, the elevator in front of them lowers, and Eggman Nega arrives to greet the team. Blitz steps forward, then bows before his leader. "Master Nega," Blitz says, "I'm afraid to report that the mission was, by your own choice--" but Nega intervenes, "--That is now irrelevant, Blitz." Nega activates a hologram, showing a projection of Mobius, "Now, you're all familiar with this world, correct?" The team nods in agreement, and Nega continues, "Indeed, this 'Mobius', or whatever they call it these days, is the prime target for my new weapon. However..." The projection then changes, showing an image of the Jest.

"This good-for-nothing clown wishes to spoil my fun by taking the planet for himself!" Nega exclaims. The team look surprised at Nega. "Er, Master? He just looks like some clown to me," Pyro comments, "What's so special about him?" Nega slowly turns to Pyro. "Well, Pyro, what if I told you that he is effectively the embodiment of pure chaos itself!?" he says to Pyro. The team are both shocked and confused, so Nega explains further, "Don't let his appearance fool you. This 'Jest', as he likes to call himself, is far more dangerous than even myself." Psi intervenes, "So, have you been in contact with the Jest?" Nega pauses for a moment, remembering his last meeting with the Jest.

He replies, "Well, considering my last encounter with him ended with my nose being turned into a carrot..." before Nega can continue, he notices Blitz and Pyro sniggering at the thought. When the two realise, however, they immediately stop. Psi then asks, "Master Nega, if I may intervene once more, what does this all have to do with us?" Nega returns his focus to the explanation, "Ah yes. Well, I need you three to enter Mobius and deal with the Jest personally." The team are skeptical, especially after Nega stating that the Jest is even more dangerous than himself. However, Nega reassures them, "You're not the only ones who are after him, so you'll have backup, in a sense." Blitz intervenes, "So we'll have to choose sides?" but Nega just looks at Blitz. "Oh, I never said anything about choosing sides. Hehehe..." Nega replies, sinisterly.

With all of this in mind, Team Nega's new primary mission was clear: Infiltrate Mobius, and defeat the Jest by any means necessary, defeating anyone who stands in their way. Psi then asks, "Will you be monitoring our progress from here?" "Perhaps," replies Nega, "but I'd much rather focus on my other plans..." As he says this, he stares at a mysterious door with a faint 'W' on it, "Anyway, I trust that you'll succeed in your mission." However, when Nega tries to open the door on the opposite side (with Eggman's emblem on it) leading to Mobius, it doesn't budge. "Well... it looks like you'll be able to continue your previous mission after all..." says Nega, transporting the team somewhere else.

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Team Metal- The Ark

"Energy transfer complete!" said Metal Sonic removing the Energy Extractor

"Our mission is complete Sir, do we move out?" asked Metal Knuckles

"Yes" said Metal Sonic as his Chest Laser fire and puts a hole in the Ark

The Robot Copy Cats fly out the hole

Stage Complete Rank: C

"That could've been better, your reaction time was slow do better next time!" said Metal Sonic

"Yes Sir" said both Metal Tails and Metal Knuckles

Team No-Zone- Soleana

"Here come the Buzz Bombers!" said Zector

"Don't hold back! Take them out, we have a mission!" ordered Zonic

Zector defended the civilians while Zonic and Zespio trashed the Buzz Bomber Squad

"Nice work men!" said Zonic

Stage Complete Rank: B

"That was good but we can do better!" said Zonic

"We'll do better Sir!" said Zespio

"After this I could use a snack!" said Zector

Team Hooligan- Hang Castle

"Let's bust those Mobile trash cans!" said Nack

Bark busted the Heavy support while Bean Blew up the Drones

Nack pulled out his revolver and shot a G.U.N Solider

"G.U.N will bring you down!" said the wounded solider

"I don't think so" said Nack as he silenced the G.U.N. Solider

Stage Complete Rank: D

"What were you morons doing?!" shouted Nack

Bark sighed

"Am I the only one noticing the Giant Letter above our cranium paniums!"

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Team Dark- Marble Zone

The team blasted past the rest of the robots in order to reach the summit of the mountain of skulls. They reached its base and headed up, Rouge flying them up to cover the distance faster, and Shadow nearly dragging his team mates the final stretch up the slopes as fast as possible, trying to block out the sounds of the crunching bones underfoot. Seeing several flying Badniks aboyt to reach the pillar, Omega took them down with a burst of shots from his cannons. Reaching the pillar they were transported straight up into the clouds, tinted orange by the sun.

Rouge went ahead to find the diamond, having more experience in treasure hunting. Given the flat terrain the only obstacle was the sheer wideness of the clouds, though she located it quickly enough.

"Think anyone will mind if I keep this?" she teasingly asked Shadow as he arrived with Omega.

Shadow rolled his eyes. "Just focus on the mission."

He flinched slightly as large letters formed from the clouds.

Stage Complete: Rank B

Shadow groaned and waited for their next challenge.

Team Rose- Skyrail Zone

Amy led the group in the dorection Team Sonic were going, grinding along the rails and taking out amy remaiming badniks as they came. She wasn't totally surprised at how little resistance there was for them as she knew Sonic and co were more than capable fighters. Reaching a junction, they jumped off onto the platform where Big swatted the Egg Pawns off. Amy came to an abrupt halt when she saw a goal ring and grabbed it.

Stage Complete: Rank C

"Aww we can do better than that."

With that they jumped back onto the rails in search of Team Sonic.

Team Doppelganger- Emerald Coast

The trio crossed a series of piers after completing the loops, still encountering no resistance. Mecha-Sally stopped at a goal ring in the middle of the page, knowing that they would come under attack from Eggman's robots in the next area. As soon as she grabbed it Sally and Alicia jumped at her in an attempt to pin her down and find out why she was taking them. Their attack didn't catch her unaware but it still knocked her on the ground, kicking up some sand.


Stage Complete:Rank C....D....E.....F

By the time the ranks stopped dropping and the sand had settled, Mecha Sally was standing upright, holding the pair by their necks. She looked down before smacking their heads together, making the pair wince simultaneously.

"Do not attempt that ever again." She dropped them onto the ground where they gasped for air.

"You said you'd tell us what we're doing when we reached the coast," said Sally.

"I'm here to stop the destruction of the planet. My master appears to have made an error in judgement, and this unit shall correct that."

"Why should I help you to help him?"

"Because you don't want to see this world die. The same for her and Moebius. Now get up."

Sally and Alicia got to tjeir feet, knowing this temporary alliance was necessary.

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Team Crystalis - Casino Night Zone

Arriving at the entryway to Mogul's Casino, Zion, Serena and Zerenis promptly notice the Goal Ring in front of them.

"...Anyone know what that thing is?" Zion asked the group, with Serena shaking her head, and Zerenis shrugging his shoulders.

"Could be a trap left by Mogul, maybe? It has been oddly quiet here." Serena said, folding her arms in contemplation, as Zerenis just sighed.

"...Easy way to find out. If Mogul wanted us off the premises, odds are a welcome party would've shown up a long time ago." Zerenis said, walking over the goal ring and giving it a firm tap with his knuckles as one side rotated in front of him, the ring promptly disappearing.


"...Anyone else finding that a little too suspicious?" Zion said, with Serena and Zerenis nodding.


"...I got a bad feeling about this." Zerenis said, as he swore he saw an all-too familiar clown face inside the upper half of the S. As if confirming his suspicions, seven additional letters appeared after the S.


"...Oh cra-" Zerenis said, as the whole word fell down, smashing Zerenis into the Ground underneath the U. This promptly caused Zion and Serena to haul it off him and see if he's alright, and pulled him out the ground. Coughing twice with an irritated look on his face, he spoke the following;

"...That clown just bumped himself up to the number 1 spot of people whose faces I really want to cave in with my fists."

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Team Fractus

Mel shivered as the ice imprisoning her was finally melted by the jets from the two boy’s boots. Given the boys were lying in the snow, they were shivering slightly too.

“Be more careful where you’re running next time!” chastised Dygo as he stood up, jabbing his thumb towards the wall mounted nozzle that had frozen Mel. Instead of her usual retort, Mel just hugged herself, trying to warm up.

“I-I g-got u-us a-away f-from t-the b-bot’s d-didn’t I-I?” she asked through chattering teeth.

“Yeah, almost landing us all in the drink first… then almost squished by ice spikes…. Then more bots… then you got frozen and almost got Skye and I frozen too!” continued Dygo.

“I-I’m s-sorry…” said Mel.

“You’re… apologising? I want this on record!” grinned Dygo as Mel glared at him.

“The cold must be affecting her,” muttered Skye as he pulled out his small tracker. “I think the chaos signature is just outside the cave there,” he said aloud, pointing to the cave entrance.

The three headed out, surprised to see a large golden ring with a star in the centre sitting in the valley.

“Is that where t-the c-chaos signature is c-coming from?” asked Mel, still shivering slightly.

“Not… not quite, but its close,” said Skye. Dygo wandered over and gave the ring an inquisitive poke. It immediately vanished, causing Dygo to jump back as words appeared in the sky.


“W-what t-the…” stammered Skye shocked.

“Okay, out of everything, I think being graded was least expected,” said Mel. Dygo pulled out his radio.


Team Tempus

“Two down, one to go,” said Nina, standing onto of the now open Prison Pod, blasting at the Egg Pawns below with her laser cannons, trying to thin out their numbers.

“How can you be so sure?” asked Maria as she impaled another couple of Egg Pawns with a chaos spear.

“Because my scanners only picked up three pods,” Nina replied, sticking out her tongue. Maria blinked in surprise.

“Why do you have a tongue in your robot form?” she asked incredulously.

“For situations like this!” grinned Nina.

“If you two could stop arguing for a second,” called Melody, “how about clearing me a path to the last pod? We’ve wasted enough time.”

“You’ve got it!” said Nina as she turned and began concentrating firing into the robots, Maria backing her up with her, admittedly rapidly weakening, chaos powers. Taking a chance, Melody sprinted through the maelstrom towards the final pod. As she neared a glowing gold ring appeared avoiding it, but Melody ignored it to open the pod. But jumping onto the ‘open’ button caused her to touch the ring, and it disappeared to be replaced by giant, floating words.


Melody looked up at the words with confusion, as the robots around started backing off. Maria and Nina headed over, also looking at the words with surprise, when Nina’s gave a sudden twitch.

“Looks like we’re getting a call,” she grinned, leaping on top of the Prison Pod and sitting down. Her eyes began glowing, and projected a holographic image of Team Fractus.

“Hey girls!” called Dygo over the radio, albeit statically. “We’ve almost found a Chaos Emerald, but something real strange just happened.”

“Did you suddenly have a massive grade rank appear in the sky?” asked Melody.

“Uh, yeah… how did…?”

“Same thing happened to us,” said Maria.

“We got a C,” added Nina.

“A ‘C’? What!” exclaimed Mel over the radio. “We only got a D!”

“And isn’t that a testament to your leadership!” teased Maria.


Team Reverie

“This was too easy,” muttered Nurik as he smashed another bot. He missed an Egg Pawn coming up behind him, but it reared back, electricity arcing over it as one of Nimue’s arrows hit it in the middle of its head. Nurik grunted in thanks, then turned to Amber. “Got those charges set yet?” he called.

“Almost. You sure this work?” asked Amber from inside a panel of the main generator.

“Yeah. I know how to make things go boom,” he replied with a slight smirk.

“Okay, done,” said Amber, jumping onto her flyboard and swooping down to join the others. With a grin Nurik pulled out the detonator and pressed the switch. A series of small explosions started in the generator, causing a chain reaction as it collapsed in on itself.

“That wasn’t much of a ‘boom’,” commented Amber.

“Didn’t say it would be,” pointed out Nurik. “Just that I know how. And it got the job done with no….”


“…issues…” finished Nurik with a sigh. “Nevermind. Let’s run!”

The three turned and sprinted for the exit as a timer counted down. The made their way through the maze of the factory with just seconds to spare, in such a hurry they didn’t notice that there was a large gold ring over the exit of the factory. But they noticed when the letters appeared.


“That’s… strange…” commented Amber.

“Don’t you see! There are forces out there guiding out path, and showing us our success!” said Nimue, pointing up excitedly.

Amber was about to respond when the factory exploded, throwing the three of them from their feet.

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"Not bad, Not bad at all. Off from the starting gates and already we're getting some entertainment. So let's make this interesting. ...At the moment, Team Frontier entered a wrap ring and is lost in the Special Zone. ...A perfect prison for those naive to the ways of this world. ...But who knows, maybe they'll come out with a Chaos Emerald, that's usually the end result anyways. Dark Gaia's Lackies meanwhile, thinks they are going underground to the next place of challenge. What they don't know is that I've placed them in a temporal loop. They'll be going around in a circle and they won't even know it. ...Well, they will notice eventually, the world beneath the crust of Mobius is their domain after all. As for the Monkeys. ...It's looks like the poor little children tuckered themselves out, as they're relaxing on Angel Island. I'm sure some sleep will be just the thing to get them back into shape" The Jest said.

(For the Record, all three of these scenarios were suggested by Knuckles himself. ...Well, mostly, anyways.)

"Everybody else is doing just fine, well except for Team Sonic who just who just shot themselves pre-maturely out of a cannon it seems. Oh, but what's this?" The Jest said, as he then looked towards Team Dark. With the snap of his fingers, the jewel Rouge's hand cracks and shatters into dust. The Jest's voice could be heard across the sky as if it was the voice of a God, ....though laughter would be heard first.

"Ah-ah-ah... Do you really think it'll be that easy. I knew you'd be so gullible and hasty to get it over with, treasure hunter, so I placed a fake right near the entrance." Said...Rouge? It's clear who it really is, but his voice sounded like a younger Rouge, back when she first met Shadow in fact, if Shadow remembers.

"Because I know for a fact that you can handle it, Ultimate Life Form, I'm going especially hard on you, your pet, and your girlfriend. My requests will always be two-fold. So when Simon tells you to go across the Cloudy lands past the mountain of skulls, ...It means to go across the Cloudy Lands, as the cloudy lands are a Zone in itself. Congratulations, by the way, in achieving the first half. Though Eggman and Finitevus already has some of their goons looking all over the clouds for this diamond. ...You can thank me for that. So I think you better hurry!" The Jest explains in his normal voice before laughing it up again.


Team Moubias- Stage 2: Sands of Ruin

Creating a pathway underneath the sands, Sinless was the first to enter the path, to discover what appears to be a devastated temple inside.

"Where do these mortals keep getting the idea to build stone temples on sand? ...And they wonder why they always sink." Sinless said. Darkness and Spike followed close behind.

"Nevermind that, where exactly are we?" Spike asked.

"No clue... But if the Jest led us to this temple, it must be for a reason." Darkness said.

"Or it's not, and he's just toying with us by making us enter some random temple for the fun of it." Sinless said as they began running further inside.

"...I suppose that's also a possibility." Darkness said as he then took the lead.

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(OOC My apologies for taking so long).

Team Dark, Stage 2 Cloudy Lands

Shadow pondered slightly when he heard the message in Rouge's voice.

"That guy really is crazy," he thought ot himself.

"Girlfriend? Maybe if he asked nicely," teased Rouge, jabbing Shadow with her elbow.

Shadow groaned but for a brief momnet had a small smile on his face, the fact his team was still jokingrelaxing him ever so slightly as it meant the situation hadn't deteriorated entirely yet.

"Let's just get this diamond. You can flirt with me all you want once this is all over."

"I'll hold you to that."

"Save the squishy clown for me, I shall crush him for his impudence," said Omega.

Once again Shadow blasted off with Rouge and Omega close behind. Given they were running on clouds with little change in incline, they were able to both keep a fast pace, and have a long line of sight, a group of robots on the horizon up ahead. Shadow hurled Chaos spears at them, not wanting to slow down to engage them. The majority were destroyed and the rest were left behind as Shadow skated at his top speed, keeping an eye out for the diamond. After a good half an hour of travelling, far in the distance he could see what looked like a small building made out of clouds.

"I think that's where the diamond is, though it looks like Finitevus' drones are getting close. Rouge, I'll get Omega to shoot you over there, get that diamond. We'll deal with the enemy."

"I'll get it. Be careful Shadow."

"Same to you."

Omega positioned herself over Omega's cannon and waited for Shadow to propel them forward. When he did Omega launched her, her wings allowing her to easily fly over Finitevus' men heading towards the diamond, giving them a swift boot in the process. When Shadow and Omega caught up they attacked the soldiers behind her, the former dodging their lasers and the latter totally unaffected by them. Once inside the cloudy structure Rouge discovered more of Finitevus' men hunting for the diamond inside.

As she was in a hurry she rolled a bomb to quickly disperse the group and ran through the carnage, deeper into the structure which become more maze-like with every step. When she eventually found the chamber with the diamond in, she realised the Jest wasn't lying when he said it was at the 'end' of the Cloudy Lands: the diamond was sitting on a tiny cloud, just big enough to hold it, but between her and it stood several traps, not least the lack of a floor. She could see that in some sections the updraft suddenly switched to a down draft, requiring precise timing to avoid being shot down to the surface below.

Team Sonic, Stage 2 Oil Ocean Zone

The trio gave a load, simultaneous yell as they were launched out of the cannon in the wrong direction, Knuckles and Sonic clearly elated and Tails annoyed, plummetting down towards the ground. Tails grabbed a hold of Sonic and slowed their descent. Knuckles tried to glide down gently but ended up hitting a rock. After pulling his fists out of it he turned to the others.

"Well that was cool," said Sonic.

"I think we landed in OIl Ocean Zone. Maybe we can find out more of Robotnik's plan here," said Knuckles.

"We wouldn't have to if you didn't launch us out of that cannon, we could have gotten the information back there. And Amy is-"

"Relax Tails, we're all fine and we can get that info here. Let's go!" said Sonic before enthusiastically shooting off towards the oil drilling complex, jumping over pools of oil. Knuckles and finally Tails followed after him

Team Rose, Stage 2

As the team was grinding along the rails, Cream saw Team Sonic flying through the air as if they'd been shot out of a cannon.

"Erm, Miss Amy...."

"I saw Cream. I don't think you can fly us after them so we'll just have to use one of these cannons and hope it sends us their way. At least they're kinda fun," replied Amy, trying to keep her spirits up.

The team leapt into one and were unceremoniously shot out of it, but in the opposite direction to Team Sonic. Instead of landing in Oil Ocean Zone, they fell face first on into Sandopolis Zone. Unfortunately for Amy and Cream, Big landed right on top of them, and only noticed when he felt Amy tapping him, so he rolled off of them.

"Sorry," he said, downtrodden.

"It's...ok... Big," rpelied Amy as she caught her breath and got up, wiping the sand off of her dress.

"I think they were flying in the direction of the oil fields, so we should be able to reach them by cutting through here."

"But aren't there g-ghosts here?" asked a scared Cream.

"Yeah, but we've got Big, and they only come out when it's dark, there's plenty of daylight left and I'm sure there'll be a torch in one of these tombs."

Team Doppelganger, Stage 2

After the scuffle Mecha Sally led Sally and Alicia further along the Emerald Coast until they reached a large volcano.

"My creator has a base inside that is powered by the geothermal energy of the volcano. We must destroy it before he can finish completion of another unit. Much larger in scale, but nonehteless inferior to this unit." With that Mecha Sally activated her boosters to get to the top of the volcano, leaving Alicia to use her modded extreme gear to get herself and Sally up there as well. Once at the top the trio dropped in and landed with a clang on the metal graitng of a catway as alarms sounded and they entered the next stage, Lava Shelter.

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Angel Island Zone- Team Monkey Ball

MeeMee walks out from a hut as the sun rises over the horizon, she looks out to see AiAi sitting in the open with a batch of bananas.

"Good morning, I didn't expect you to be awake so early. Where's GonGon?" she asks as she approaches him.

"He said he wanted to explore the island a bit, so he woke me up to keep guard while he was gone." AiAi responds, tossing a banana in his mouth. MeeMee nods as she looks to the wreckage of the robot they faced before.

"Do you think there's more of them out there?" she asks openly. AiAi turns over to look at what she was talking about.

" It wouldn't surprise me if there was."

"The only thing that surprises you nowadays is when you miscount how many bananas you have."

AiAi can't help but laugh as he continues to eat. He looks out into the woods and sees GonGon running back.

"GonGon!" he yells out. The ape makes it back into the village and stands before his friends.

"You won't believe it, but there's a forest ahead that has overgrown plants everywhere. Specifically all the mushrooms." he says, catching his breath.

"That sounds pretty dangerous. We should do our best to avoid it." MeeMee suggests.

"Were the trees big too?" AiAi asks.

"Most were. If there were banana trees among them, I could only imagine the quantity it could hold." GonGon responds, his mouth beginning to water. The two then look at each other with the same fire in their eyes and GonGon helps AiAi onto his feet.

"No...don't say it." MeeMee begs.

"We're going to the Mushroom Forest!" AiAi blurts out as him and GonGon dash forward. MeeMee can only sigh and follow along.

Holaska Night Zone (Stage 2) - Team DGM

The group of minions travel through the underground ice caverns of the continent, avoiding the sun so that they can continue on at full strength. With no villages or resistance to stop them, they make a lot of ground moving south to the more populated part of the world.

"ARE WE THERE YET!?!" Eris complains, dragging his arms along the ice.

"For Gaia's sake, calm down already. You don't see Colossus complaining anywhere near as much as you do." Sergio responds. Eris looks to Colossus, who stares back at him with a blank expression.

"I'm pretty sure the big man can't talk anyway. He hasn't said a single word since we met him. He's probably internally bored just as much as I am." Eris explains. Sergio starts to fly backwards as he know looks at Colossus, who stares back at him.

"Mmm, we may need to find a way to change that. All types of communication will make our mission a lot better, and telepathic knowledge sharing get's annoying from time to time."

"At least it kept you wizards from showing how smart mouthed you'd like to be." Eris says under his breath. Sergio looks at him and he gives off a shrug.

"Anyway, we should reach a new continent soon. The ice above is growing once more, which means we're approaching land." Sergio says.

Special Zone- Frontier Knights

A vortex opens as the trio are flung out into a cylindrical tunnel. They stare in awe as the tunnel stretches on beyond visibility while they were surrounding by noting but water on all sides.

"What in the world?" Lico starts, when suddenly an emerald floats by above their heads. Lico and Lance simply stare at it while Vargas walks toward. He notices however the closer he attempts to get, the more it floats away. Trying to catch it off guard, he leaps in the air, spreading his wings as he does a quick burst of speed. However it was fast enough as the emerald jets away and down the tunnel path. Vargas lands back on the ground and turns to Lico and Lance.

"I don't know what's so special about it, but it seems pretty important. Maybe even our ticket out of here." he says.

"Then let's go catch it." Lance suggest as he sprints off, leaving a trail of wind for Lico and Vargas to tag onto and follow him. Within a few seconds, the trio make it back into the emeralds sight as it continues to rocket down the tunnel. Together, they swing and swerve all throughout deep curves, loops, spirals, and straight paths attempting to catch up to the emerald.

"We're gonna need a better plan if we want to catch it." Lico says, getting annoyed.

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