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Sonic Heroes: The Festival of Bedlam IC

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"Let's get this party started. ...Starting off with an introduction for all you little friends." The Jest said, and with that he disappeared.


Watching Sonic the Hedgehog on his run, The Jest snaps his fingers and a piece of paper floated to him. When Sonic catches it, immediately with a power he would recognize as Chaos Control, Tails and Knuckles would appear by his side as he read. The letter was a video letter, the same kind Eggman gave to him just before the Egg Fleet. Except instead of the Eggman himself, there was a black clown, The Jest, reading what was said instead.

"Good evening, Sonic heroes...oh good gods, that sounded lame. So Team Sonic I will call you instead. The Doctor was kind enough to let me borrow this bit of video paper, and by borrow I mean stole, and as you can see, I'm still...figuring out how exactly it works. But I got the gist of it...I think. Anyways, Allow to me to introduce myself, I am simply known as The Jest. The Master of Chaos, and he who makes the impossible possible. I'm here to inform you that Dr. Eggman and Dr. Finitevus has...Put aside their hatred for another and is currently working on a plan against the world of Mobius. By put aside of course I mean forced by yours truly, ...The details are not important. I'm not into the whole taking over the world trope, so I don't really no, nor care what they're planning. But YOU do care, and so I invite all three of you to share some quality time with us, and try to stop us like you usually do. Oh, and while Sonic may not need to motivation, I took the liberty of kidnapping the Prower family, yes even Merlin, and I gave Finitevus the Master Emerald so that they can do so many naughty things to it...like sap its power, of course. I do hope you stop by, it'll be a celebration to die for. Oh, and one more thing, I have something very, very important to show in the back.

Sign, The Jest" It read. If/when Sonic flips to the back, it will show another


With a snap of his fingers, as the Sonic team ran into the horizon, a temporal distortion in the form of an orb appeared on a pleateau, and from it, Team Rose would appear.

"A very nice group of boys, don't you think? But you can't chase them down forever...You're not as fast on your feet as he is, and probably never will be, and he won't do so much as bat an eye-lash at you. ...But you don't care do you? Years of living and I still don't get you love-sick pups. ...Anyways, consider this my ransom note. ...You will take part in trying to stop our plans, or we dine on Cheese fondeu and Frog legs. Do have fun now, kiddies." The Jest said to them as he then disappeared.


Minutes later, the United Federation, have reported the disappearences of Westopolis and Station Square. Two entire cities have completely vanished without a trace, leaving only craters in their wake. A message, a video recording to the United Federation and GUN appeared on their screen.

"Ah, if it isn't my favorite animal on this planet, I'm so happy you humans are still alive. What would the world be like without your dark obsessions, your hunger for war and death, or your deepest darkest desires that give rise to insanity?" The Jest said to them, his eyes now glowing red, his tone darker and more distorted in the static of the image. Anyone with a good enough eye may see something they can't quite make out in the static, some kind of large unidentifiable shadow behind The Jest before the static disappeared and only The Jest was on screen, his eyes back to their normal black and apparently the large shadow being only the backdrop behind him.

"A real boring place! Seriously, It would have been a grave sadness to lose my favorite toys to extinction. All other species seems to have grown an extra bit of sanity, and that's just not fun. Hehehehehehehe...Anyways, let's get this ultimatum over with, I have plenty still to do and little time to do it. I am The Jest, and now that I have your attention, I wish to extend an invitation to Team Dark. The traitorous robot, the winged harlot, ...and the so-called ultimate life form. ...Shadow the Hedgehog, the reknown Master of Chaos. You, I am personally calling out, for you stole my title. You think you're so good with Chaos Energy, well, let's put it to the test. You and your Team Dark will be playing with me, several games designed to test your skills as a team, and YOUR skill with Chaos energy. I will give you instructions. You follow them, and move on to next wild goose chase. You beat all of my games, I will bring back your two cities. Fail one, I take another city. Fail four times, and I take the entire United Federation. Oh, and Commander Towers, Mr. President, I know you can hear me and see me. I know you're trying to evacuate the cities as I speak. I suggest you don't bother. Your country is currently in a temporal distortion, and escaping it, well, ...Let's say it never turns out well, and leave it at that. ...Oh, but I opened a way out specifically for Team Dark. ...As for what happens to the cities, and what happened to the cities I already captured. ...They're in an oxyen bubble, in the middle of dead space. But I don't know long their bubbles will last. ...Clock is ticking Team Dark. ...So I suggest you run. ...run as fast as you can, it doesn't matter where as I'll make the game as I go along. ...Did you not hear me. ...I said, RUN! Run as fast as you can, Ultimate Life Form! Show us what you can do...Hehehehe...GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" With that, the image went back to static and disappeared, returning back to regular schedule programming and computers.


At around the same time, The Chaotix Detective Agency would get a package in the mail. A familiar walkie-talkie and a letter was inside.

"Dear Chaotix Detective Agency,

I hear you're the best Detectives around. ...A...A sad thought, really. Anyways, I wish to put that up to the test. I'm sure you are familiar with the echidna, Dr. Finitevus? As it turns out, he has your friend's Master Emerald, and has decided to put away the rivalry he had with Dr. Eggman, to join in using it to, you guessed it, take over the world." A loud

would be heard out of nowhere.

"I have no doubts that you will wish to Help your friend recover this stolen artifact, and infact I am now hiring you to do so. Succeed in retreiving the Master Emerald from the Doctor, and I shall reward you in kind. Priceless treasures, a mansion built up in Central City, and in said mansion, a swimming pool loaded with gold! Should you accept this proposal for hire, then I suggest heading out awaiting further instructions.


The Jest"


In the Efrikan wasteland, in a puff of Smoke, three more people appeared from out of nowhere.

"Where the hell are we?" The orange one asked, his voice frustrated.

"The Jest said he was sending us to the appopriate world for us. ...As usual, it was apparently a sick metaphor." The Black Hedgehog said.

"Well, Come on you two. If this is going to get our home back, we have to get started." The Blue Scaley Hedgehog said.

"Hold it, Spike. Who died and made you boss? I'm the King of Hell! I should take point!" The orange hedgehog said.

"Oh yeah, and lead us to our doom?" the blue hedgehog, no, more like Drahog, Spike, said.

"Better yours then mine. I know you two have it in for me."

"Enough of this. Spike, Sinless, we don't need this right now. The Jest wants us to play along in his game together, then we'll do just that. Remember what's at stake here." the Black hedgehog, Darkness said. Sinless looked at the two and gave an irritated groan.

"...Urrgh...Fine. But I'll be the one to tear that clown's heart out for this!" Sinless said. Spike nodded as he looked at Darkness.

"Now then, ...If the Jest wants us to play, then our first move is to look around and somehow find out where we are, and what exactly we're supposed to do here." Spike said. As the three begin running throughthe Desert.

"...It's just for this, it's just to show Jest a lesson, then I can just kill them both unguarded and drag their souls to the netherworld." Sinless thought, trying to keep himself resisting the urge to kill his two enemies right then and there.


"Now for the rest of them. Let's see, Cut a red wire on the Frontier Knight's portal machine, Fiddle with the time binds, Corrupt a few machines here and there, redirect all portals to here, Eggman already intiated Team Metal's activation, and...The Rest will show up on their own. The Stage is set...Let the Festival Begin!" The Jest yelled out as fireworks shot out into the skies behind him.

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(ooc: I… think I went a bit nuts again….. Sorry

Edit: I checked after I posted. I've a higher word count than Jest's introduction for the game! :blink: Yeah, I've gone OTT.)

???, Somewhere in the sky of Mobius

There was a strange ripple in the sky. It started small then started to expand, moving swiftly in the air. It began to take on a shape, then with a cracking sound and a bright flash of light, suddenly seemed to split to reveal a sleek white aircraft. It was at least twice the size of the Tornado, and had duel cockpits and four engines. But one thing was clear from the smoke and the way it was heading towards the ground; it was in trouble.

“The upper port engine’s gone,” cried Skye, the twin-tailed fox pilot in the front cockpit. With all the flashing warning lights his normally orange fur almost seemed red. “And the landing gear. And…”

“How about focusing on what systems are actually working,” calmly said Nina, a red furred Lynx in the third chair in the front cockpit. Or at least, she appeared to be a lynx. The truth was she was infact a highly advanced robotic creation. She closed her eyes and concentrated for a moment. Had her eyes been open, they would have been glowing as she remotely accessed the plane’s systems. “We have three engines. And… The Cyclone system still appears to be operational.”

“Are you kidding me?” came a voice over the headsets. “One of the most complicated system of the Vortex is still working fine?” The voice came from Maria, Skye’s oldest sister, who was currently seated in the rear cockpit.

“Oh, and our short range radios are still working,” said Nina jokingly.

“If the Cyclone system is still active I may be able to land using that,” said Skye, noticing the ground closing with them at an alarming pace. “Brace yourself everyone.” Skye pulled and twisted a heavy handle. The Vortex’s engine units moved and twisted, pointing downwards to for a pair of legs. The plane began to slow in its decent, but it still impacted hard into the ground. The port leg buckled and collapse, tipping the Vortex onto its side.

“Oh, nice landing Skye, very smooth,” said Dygo, a white wolf cub and the third occupant of the front cockpit. He opened the hatch and jumped agilely to the ground.

“But we’re a-all okay, a-aren’t we?” asked Skye as, spinning his tails, he flew to the ground. But he had to just the jets attached to his shoes to not spin out of control.

“Yeah we’re all…”

“..absolutely fine!” said Melody and Mel as they slid down the plane to the ground. Melody was a Mongoose and Skye’s older sister, though younger than Maria. Mel was Dygo older sister, but like Dygo was also a wolf. What made them interesting was, in a way, Skye and Dygo, and Melody and Mel, were the same people from different timelines. They even referred to each other as if they were family.

“How bad is the damage?” asked Maria as she joined the others on the ground, trying to keep everyone focused.

“Surprisingly little,” said Skye as he examined the Vortex, Dygo looking over his shoulder. “The trip though time tripped almost every circuit breaker with the power surge, but aside from the upper port engine there’s no real damage. She’ll be slower, but the Vortex will still fly.”

“But we better be at the RIGHT point on time,” called down Nina from the cockpit. “Cause for now were stuck here.” She dropped something down to the group below, and Maria caught it. It looked like a Chaos Emerald, but it was dull and lifeless.

“Drained. Completely drained,” commented Maria, trying to hide the small bit of panic she was feeling.

“That does explain the power surge though,” said Dygo. “If all the Emerald’s power was discharged at once, now wonder some systems overloaded.”

“Look at you, being all technical,” teased Mel, causing Dygo to blush slightly with embarrassment.

“So did we at least make it to the right time?” asked Melody.

“I t-think so,” said Skye. “The readings all showed this was the point of origin for the disruptions that threatened to wipe us out.”

“And when, and also where, is here?” asked Mel.

“Uh, I don’t know. At least a few decades back, but other than that…” said Skye. Melody and Mel sighed simultaneously.

“Okay then,” said Maira sounding business like. “We need to find out where and when we are, get this Emerald recharged, and most importantly discover what was happening with Time. But first, some ground rules.”

“Some… what?” asked Mel, sounding a mix of disgusted and amused.

“First, Skye and I should avoid being seen as much as possible. Or at least try not to make our extra tails noticeable. Which means as little flying in public as we can get away with.”

“Makes sense I guess,” said Skye.

“Second, Melody, similarly for you. Try to avoid people who might think you’re your mother, which also means no running in public if you can help it. And…” Maria looked at both Melody and Mel. “No singing in public.”

“Awwww,” whined Melody, while Mel let out a more outraged ‘What?”

“And in any case we should all do our best to avoid our parents,” continued Maria. She glanced up to where Nina was lounging in the cockpit, hoping she understood, given she didn’t have parents in the biological sense, but her program had been created from others. The lynx gave the teenage fox a casual thumbs up. “And if anyone presses the issue, just say you’re from a different Zone.”

“One last thing, Skye, try not to get into a fight with everyone you meet,” said Maria.

“W-what? That’s not… I’m not..” began Skye.

“How many fights did you get into on your first day back at school after the… incident?” asked Maira. Skye looked down awkwardly at his feet.

“F-five…” he muttered.

“Er, two of those shouldn’t count, as they were with me,” said Dygo, earning him a death glare from the girls.

“I-I am better keeping my temper in check now,” said Skye. “I was still getting used to it then.”

Melody went over to her brother, putting her hands on his shoulder. “Don’t worry Skye. You’ll be fine. C’mon. I’ve seen you showing better control lately.” Skye managed a small smile at his sister’s support.

“So what’s our plan?” asked Dygo.

“Simple, we wander around randomly until we find out where we are and what’s going on,” said Mel.

“That’s not the plan,” objected Maria.

“Oh really?” said Mel almost comically, crossing her arms. “What’s your plan then?”

“It’s similar,” Maria began.

“HA! Told you.”

“But less random. Here’s what we do. Me, Melody and Nina will go looking for the nearest city. Nina, you can pick up if we’re close to somewhere that uses significant tech right.”

“Yeah, sure. No probs. That is part of my function,” said Nina, playing with her toes.

“Once we find somewhere we can work out where and when we are, and what’s going on,” continued Maria.

“You and Melody might want disguises though,” pointed out Mel.

“Yes, thank you Mel. I was getting to that,” said Maria tensely, tails bristling slightly.

“So what about the others?” asked Melody quickly.

“Skye, Dygo and Mel can take the Vortex and... I guess the best plan would be head to the Master Emerald to try and recharge our Emerald,” said Maria. Dygo shook his head.

“I really hope Knux remembers us. If not this could be an awkward conversion,” the wolf cub pointed out.

“I’m sure you three will think of something. Mel always seems to have ideas. Not good ones, but at least ideas,” said Maria cattily and she climbed back onto the Vortex and took out her Extreme Gear board from where it was stored, as well as long range radios for the two teams. Mel was glaring at her the whole time.

“I’m getting the feeling coming here might have been a mistake,” said Skye.

“The other choice was getting wiped from history,” pointed out Melody. “We’ll manage. We’ve been through worse. And we’ve got a whole team of us now.”

“Yeah. We’ll pull this off Skye. It can’t be as bad as our last trip in time,” said Dygo.

“Alright then,” began Maria. “T…”

“Team Paradox! Move out!” interrupted Mel.


South edge of the Soumerca Jungle

As the treeline started to fade, a stout Armadillo with a large hammer strapped to his back, appeared from within the depths, making his was towards the edge. He passed and looked up at the trees.

“See anything Lassie?” he called up. There was a rustle then a red female cat in a green tunic dropped from one of the trees.

“How could you see me Nurik?” asked the cat.

“I couldn’t Nimue,” Nurik replied. “But I know you quite well already.” Nimue smiled then looked behind Nuirk.

“Where’s Amber?” Nimue asked.

“Here!” came a muffled voice as a second cat, this one an orange tabby, emerged from inside the jungle, struggling to make headway against the foliage. Nurik laughed.

“I guess you’re too used to city life,” he joked.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if you too hadn’t insisted on NOT walking on the path,” complained Amber, walking out of the jungle as quickly as she could. Then she paused as she realised the others weren’t following. Looking back, she saw Nimue was looking scared.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, a gentler tone entering her voice.

“I’ve… I’ve never left the jungle before,” said Nimue quietly. “It looks so… endless… almost barren.”

“Don’t worry lassie, you’ll like it out there. I’m a little nervous about leaving the jungle too. I’ve lived here for a long time…” said Nurik as he stepped forward. Then he frowned. “Because of HIM!”

“Who?” asked Nimue, coming forward. She gasped as she saw what Nurik was scowling at. In the distance was one of Dr Eggman’s factories. “A mountain of metal?” she asked in awe.

“No. A factory. And we really want to avoid that place,” said Amber. “We should take you to a city. You’ll have a lot of fun…”

“No, we have to go to that… fac-o-re,” said Nimue. “I’m sure that place is the one I saw in my vision.” Amber groaned.

“Eggman has several factory like this. I don’t think…”

“I’m sure this is the one,” said Nimue. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out from the tree line. “Our journey to our destiny beings here, with that place.”

“Well, if you’re sure lassie. I wouldn’t mind causing the Doctor a bit of pain,” said Nurik.

“But… But...” began Amber, then she sighed. “Oh, all right. Someone needs to keep an eye on you two.”

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???, Somewhere underneath the sea

A moderately sized metallic base with no identifying markings was visible, attached to the sea floor. This place itself served as the resupply and rest point for Team Crystalis. Having realised that something was off, Zion Crystalis, who was sat in a sort of control room examining the areas around the base, had a small outpost installed at this location for R&R purposes, as well as repairs, refuels and re-arming their jet.

"No threats detected in the immediate area..." Zion said to himself, taking a sip of some water, before shifting his attention to the hangar bay where said jet was stored. a Crimson-furred hedgehog wearing a welding mask and a grey vest and trousers, along with green shoes with black soles, was hard at work in making sure the jet was ready to fly. Zion then pressed the Intercom button.

"Cronic, how's the maintenance going?" Zion said, which caused the hedgehog to stop what he was doing, before looking up, lifting the welding mask up.

"Almost ready. I need to check the weapons systems and run a check on the submarine/flight mode shifting mechanism and we should be good to go." Cronic said, wiping some sweat from his brow, his blue eyes staring at the camera, before looking down towards the doorway to the hangar, something having caught his attention, namely a black furred hedgehog wearing a black jacket, trousers, shoes and gloves, as well as a purple vest.

"Good. I'm eager to get topside. There's only so much room down here and I'm bored out my mind right now." The hedgehog, Zerenis, said.

Back on Zion's end, meanwhile, a blue hedgehog whose quills tried to resemble long hair, female, walked into the room, wearing a black jacket and trousers, and a white vest, along with white and blue shoes.

"If that's the case, Zion, you should probably get prepared. Be a waste of time to have bought that combat armour along and not use it. Those robes are only for show, afterall." The hedgehog said, as Zion stood up to look at her.

"You make a valid point there, Serena. I almost forgot about it." Zion said, before leaving the room, Serena giving a gentle smile before taking up what Zion was doing beforehand; Observing the areas around the base to make sure nothing interrupted their launch.

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Desert Outskirts- Team Sonic

Sonic runs through the desert as Tails and Knuckles catch up to him.

"Wait up Sonic! Who was that guy?" Tails yells as he reaches his side.

"I'm not sure buddy, but he obviously doesn't have a clue on who he's dealing with if he took your family and joined forces with Eggman."

"Giving Finitevus the Master Emerald wasn't exactly the brightest idea either." Knuckles adds in from the side.

"Yea, that guys some serious business. Last thing we need is another Enerjak experiment."

Tails brings out his pocket computer as he takes flight above the two.

"Looking at our current position, we're nearby Rail Canyon, one of Eggmans previous bases of operations."

"We could take the sky rails again to find his base and see if any information's left over." Knuckles suggest.

"That, and we can use those sweet cannons to send us to our next location." Sonic says smirking. "Tails, take us up!"

"On it!" Tails replies as he puts his computer away. Sonic jumps up and grabs his hands as Knuckles grabs hold of Sonic feet, and the trio flies off above the clouds to their destination.

Holoska (night)- Team DGM

Inside the Gaia Temple, a ominous force begins to stir from the podium of the chaos emerald stand. The ground begins to crack open as purple fumes emit from the crevices. Emerging from the hole comes a red deep nightmare, followed by a power master. The two look to each other as they know their mission is one of common meaning. However something was different this time around. The power master looks into the small ravine as a dark light shoots up and fills the room. As it dispersed, he then looks to the nightmare.

".........Can you speak?" he simply says. The nightmare looks to the ground for a moment, processing those words, and then looks back to him.

"Apparently so. It would seem Master Gaia has given us the language of this current generation."

"Indeed he has. This may provide more beneficial in our communication with the people to sacrifice their lives." As the power master ponders his thoughts, he then looks over to see the nightmare looking at hieroglyphics on the wall.

"What catches your interest?" the power master asks as he floats over to him.

"These images. They tell the tail of Master Gaia, along with the names of others.....but what are our names?" the nightmare asks.

"Hmmm, you have a valid point," the power master says, observing the rest of the images. "From the memory of our former, it would seem those with names are given meaning from their parents."

"But Master Gaia only gave name to the differences of our kind. Not us individually."

"Correct you are, so it would seem another name for us will be in order."

As the two think over this dilemma. They feel he ground shake, as the mini-ravine begins to open even larger. before their very eyes, a large club rises from the ground as a Red Titan climbs out. The ravine then closes behind him, leaving only those three standing in the temple.

"Master Gaia must still be weak after his last awakening. It would seem this is all we have to manage." the power master says, rubbing his chin.

Angel Island- Team Monkey Ball

In the midst of the Jungle, AiAi slowly wakes up as he realizes he was no longer on Monkey Island. Looking around confused, he recognizes both MeeMee and GonGon laying near him, unconscious as well.

"MeeMee? MeeMee wake up!" he says, getting up and running over to her. MeeMee opens her eyes from his call and sits up.

"AiAi? What happened? Where are we?" she asks. AiAi offers his hand as he picks her up off the ground.

"I'm not sure. Last I remember, we were activating the time machine and got sucked in. Now we're here, but it doesn't look like our world."

As the two try to think of their situation, GonGon starts to wake up as well.

"Ow my head....what happen to the time machine." he says, rubbing the side of his head.

"GonGon, I don't think we're on Monkey Island, or our future." AiAi tells him. This leaves GonGon with a shocked expression as he jumps up.

"What!? What happened!? Where are we!?" he yells as he starts to throw a tantrum.

"Calm down GonGon! It's what we're trying to find out now!" MeeMee pleas. "AiAi, what should we do?" she then asks turning to him. However, she looks to see AiAi eating a bunch of bananas.

"Mph! Mts gof phin phum pheephle!" he mutters, stuffing his face. MeeMee can only shake her head as GonGon walks over as grabs AiAi from his backpack.

"My guess is he wants to explore the place and find out where we really are." he says, as he turns to start walking. MeeMee nods and follows after the two.

Station Square Night- Team Frontier Knights

In the center of the city, a large silver door opens, as three people fall from inside. The door then closes and disappears in an evaporating manor. As the three lift their faces from the concrete, they look to the city and then to one another.

"Lance, what are you doing here?" the one with red hair asks the green.

"I was about to ask you the same thing Vargas." Lance replies. "I was on my way to search for Altro when I jumped through the vortex gate. This does not look like the blood forest though."

"Nor is it the Elsta Crater." Vargas points out. "I was going to challenge Lava once more."

The two begin to wonder of their location as they realizes the third member with them. They stare in wonder as the young looking girl in a maids dress brushes dirt off of her. She held a large sword with what looked like a scope at the hilt of it.

"Umm, who are you?" Lance asks, causing her to turn and look at them.

"I could ask you mortals the same thing. You should address me more formally." she says, simply. Lance and Vargas give her an odd look as they then look at each other in confusion.

Suddenly the three hear the loud sound of sirens, as a swarm of cops cars circle around them. Officers get out and arm themselves, as one captain gets a megaphone.

"I swear, we always get a bunch of freak shows at night." he mumbles to himself before turning on the speaker.


"Oh? And what if we decline!?" the girl asks, causing Lance to look over.

"Wait, we don't know who they are yet?" he says.


"Sounds like the want a fight then. I have no time for confined idle chat." Vargas says as he swings his sword to his shoulder. Lance quickly steps in front of him, blocking him for advancing forward.

"I said wait, they seem like the enforcers of this area. We have no reason to make enemies of them." he says to Vargas sternly.

"So you want us to listen to their ridiculous demands?" the girl asks Lance, annoyed.

"Just let me speak to them for a moment. If things don't go well, we should escape, rather than initiate pointless battle."

The girl frowns and sits on the ground. "You're no fun."

Lance looks to her, then back to Vargas, who shrugs and does the same. He then turns to the officer.

"We mean you no harm, we simply wish to know where we are!" he calls out.


"That is not an option for us! We each have a mission to accomplish, and submitting to you will only slow us down!"

"Who does he think he is, acting like he knows me?" the girl mutters.

"He's just making assumptions so we're all in the same boat." You want him to say we don't know you and make matters more complicated?" Vargas whispers to her. He then notices the officer raise his hand slowly, as the others begin to take aim.

"Get ready. It doesn't look like this will be going our way." he says, slowly shifting his legs to dash out. The girl rolls her eyes as she does the same, upset over not getting to fight.

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GUN HQ, United Federation

Intelligence officers were scrambling round the control room, trying to find information on The Jest and whethee there were any anomalous readings showing they were actually in a temporal distortion. Shadow just stared at the screen, noticing the shadow behind The Jest. Having no idea who it could be, he focused on the message. He flinched slightly when the Jest claimed he had stolen his title. He didn't believe it for a second, but it still angered him. He brought his hand up to his ear and talked into his radio.

"Commander, we're leaving ASAP. If possible we'll establish radio contact once we're outside of this 'bubble. Rouge, Omega, we're leaving right now."

"Understoood Shadow. I don't like it, we don't even know who this person is, but I can verify we lost the cities. Do what this maniac says until you can eliminate him. We can't afford to lose those cities completely," replied Tower over the radio.

Elsewhere, Rouge had seen the message in the break room and was now sprinting down corridors, her boots clanging against the metal floors as she searched for Shadow.

"A little direction would help, you know?"

"I'm outside the control room Rouge," said Shadow impatiently. 30 seconds later Rouge and Omega had joined him, and they headed down to the motor pool. Grabbing his teammates hands, Shadow skated up the ramp and out of the building, into an orb, taking them back to Mobius.

They arrived on a marble stone floor. Looking around they could see they were outside with some stone buildings in the distance, and what appeared to be lava in a pit just ahead. The terrain also appeared to get much steeper, with sheer vertical drops and rises.

"Real nice place here. So now what? Any idea who this freak ism" asked Rouge.

"No idea, just another nutcase with powers. We should wait here, he'll come to us to start his 'game' the sounds of it."

"Scanning.... no data found on 'Jest'. At least the landscape is nice," said Omega, making Rouge roll her eyes as they waited.

???, Mobius

While Cream and Big both looked terrified at the Jest's threats, Amy was enraged: at the threats, the insults, and just at the situation in general. She summoned her hammer and took a swipe at the Jest, but he had already disappeared before she could connect.

"Get back here!" she yelled.

"Miss Amy, what are we going to do? Who was that?" asked a tearful Cream.

"I don't know, but we don't have a choice Cream, we have to stop this creep. Come on, we'll get Cheese and Froggy back, I promise." Amy practically dragged Cream and Big behind her as she ran after Sonic, calling his name in a slightly desperate tone, even though she knew he wasn't likely to hear her. Whilst they were running along, they heard a whirring noise getting gradually louder until Cream found an odd Chao like robot flying next to her head, causing her to jump.

"Hi, I'm Omochao! I'm here to help you," it said in a cheerful robotic voice.

"Um, thank you Mr Omochao." Cream didn't know what to make of it at first, but if he said he was there to help, she'd have to believe him.

Great Forest

As the sun was rising over the forest, the pristine silence was broken by a figure speeding through, branches and leaves rustling when it went by. Sally Acorn was in a hurry, and so far she'd had no interruptions. That was until she saw a flash in front of her and collided with something, another person. Their groans as they got up sounded familiar to each other, and they both froze for a split second when they saw each other. Sally was face to face with herself from another Zone, Princess Alicia. Before they could get at each others throats, there was another flash and a loud wooshing, as a robot descended between the two. It too had Sally's appearence, but obviously in a more mechanised form.

"Both of you get up! We are to head to the coast," it ordered.

"Forget this, I don't-" Alicia was cut off as Mecha Sally grabbed her throat. "You will obey." Alicia was released, and both her and Sally followed the robot on their extreme gear, knowing it would be futile to run.

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Solaris, Ctyr Field

Lino was in the middle of fighting a demon with his pet, Trigger.

"Trigger, keep back! This one is tougher than I thought... Just what I had hoped though." Lino said as he smiled with his twin blades. Trigger then flew back, listening to his friend and owner, not worried in the slightest. The demon sneered and had his say on the matter.

"You dare take me lightly huh? I'll show you what tough really is!" The demon then raised his hands and started chanting. Echoes of demonic chanting filled around the area and boulders appeared from a portal behind him, shooting at Lino. Lino ran towards the demon, boulders shooting at him. Lino kept dodging them by only a hair, purposely doing so as to have more room to move in case something unexpected happened. Boulders kept shooting and Lino got a bit careless near the end, a boulder scraping against him knocking back his right arm.

"Guh.." He said as he fought through the pain and was right in front of the demon. "Hi~" He said keeping his smile. The surprised demon then took a huge swing at Lino who then said "Bye~" and slashed right through him with his left handed weapon. The demon then became a symbol and Lino collected it in his DATA.

He then sat holding his arm in pain and began healing it. Trigger came by him, a bit worried about the wound. Lino looked at him and smiled yet again. "This is nothing buddy, you know I can handle a lot more punishment than that." Just then Lino heard something behind him. He turned and looked. Walking up to it he realized what it was.

"A portal? But... It feels off. It feels like a mix of good and evil, but in an unnatural way? Also, it's like it's calli-... No wait that's not right. It's not calling me, it's challenging me." He said looking at Trigger. Trigger looked back at Lino and knew what was going to happen. Trigger went into the hood of Lino's cloak and Lino approached it. "Well, I've done worse things than this hahaha~" He laughed and continued with a slightly more serious tone, "Something still isn't right though. I have to check it out" then he dove in, not knowing where it would take him.

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Death Egg

"Mission objective: Destroy Team Sonic!"said a activated Metal Sonic

"Metal Tails reporting in!"

"Metal Knuckles reporting in!"

The killer robotic dopplegangers flew out of the Death Egg' hanger to complete their mission.

"I will surpass you, Sonic the hedgehog!"said a vengeful Metal Sonic

The Multiverse

"Everybody report in!"said Zonic

"Officer Zector here, I'm fine."

"Officer Zespio, reporting for duty."

"Time to find out what's happening to the Prime Zone!"

The Zone Cops enter through the portal.

Outskirts of Mobotropolis

"I broke you two out cause I have a job in mind"said a proud Nack

"Oooh! Will it fun!"said a stoked Bean

Bark wondered what the job was.

"Were gonna find a Chaos Emerald and give it to who ever can fork over the most cash!"said Nack

"Shinny!"said a very excited Bean

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(ooc: Yes, it's finally up. After more than a week waiting. Sorry guys. Feel free to slap me for being so long :unsure: )

Chaotix Detective Agency Headquarters

“You hear that boss? WE GOT A CASE!” Charmy shouted flying wildly around the room

“SHUT UP CHARMY!” Vector shouted back. “It’s not a case until I say it’s a case!”

Charmy stopped flying around and with a sad looked asked

“So we don’t have a case?”

“Of course we have a case! Any case which pays us for stopping that rotten egg, Eggman and that witch-doctor echidna Finitevus is a good case!”

“And we get to help Knuckles! Do you think he remembers us?” Charmy asked eagerly flying around before ending up right in front of Vector’s face

Vector leaned back in his chair

“I’m sure ol’ Knux wouldn’t forget us! Maybe he’ll even ask us to help him guard the Master emerald”

“I don’t like this, Vector. How we do know this isn’t a trap” Espio said suddenly coming into the conversation

“We never turn down a job that pays. It’s out policy, Espio!” Vector answered without giving a real answer

“But we don’t know who this ‘Jest’ is. He could just as easily be working with the doctors. And why did he give us that walkie-talkie”

“He wouldn’t hire us if he was. He’s probably a concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. And if that’s what he wants, as long as he pays what he says he’s paying, that’s fine to us”



Espio looked like he was about to continue but sighed and gave in

“Very well. We should get going. If Doctor Eggman and Doctor Finitevus are involved, then there’s no time to waste”

“Good point Espio” Vector said standing up and grabbing both the note and the walkie talkie

“Here we GOOOOOOOOOO!” Charmy called out as he flew out the door

“SHUT UP CHARMY!” Vector and Epio shouted in unison following him out the door


???, Unknown location

In a small-ish dark room, a brown cat leaned back in his chair, facing the wall. His name was Danny. And he was bored. Waiting for something worth his time to come up was taking longer than he anticipated. Too long had he spent as a small time thief. He deserved much more than that, but it appeared to him that the world didn’t have the guts to face him. Then his henchmen came in

“Sir! Have you heard the news?” A blue hawk asked. Danny turned around in his chair

“Of course I have, Feathers” he said smiling smugly. This was, of course a lie. He hadn’t heard ‘The news’ that they spoke of, but not knowing would show weakness to his loyal subordinates. And that wasn’t going to happen. “I ALWAYS hear the news. Certainly before you two idiots bother to come and tell me”

“You really do know everything, sir. It’s unbelievable. How do you do it?” A large, grey bulldog asked

“Through a simple, yet effective way that neither of you would understand, Gruff” Danny replied, keeping his calm tone. “Now to make sure you know the full story, I want you both to tell me what ‘the news’ is” he spun back around in his chair once again leaning backwards. Both Feathers and Gruff looked at each other unsure who should begin explaining

“WELL?!” Danny was becoming impatient

“Well, you see, there are these two cities. And, um…” Gruff began but was interrupted by Feathers

“They’re gone! Disappeared!” She exclaimed. “Nothing but craters remaining!”

Once again, Danny spun back around to face Feathers and Gruff. This time with an expression of both surprise and interest

“Go ahead!” He said grinning. “I’m listening”


Near the Chaotix Detective Agency Headquarters

Near the Chaotix headquarters, 3 figures were hiding watching the trio leave

“There go my old team. Probably off on another adventure without me” a red, black and yellow armadillo named Mighty said sadly

Ray, a yellow flying squirrel came forward to take a look

“Th-th-they’re your old t-t-t-team?” he stuttered. “Th-th-the ones wh-wh-wh abandoned y-y-y-you? Wh-what’re you going to d-d-d-do?”

“Yes, Ray. That’s them. And for now, we’re going to watch them. Find out what sort of adventure they’re going on”

Then Bean, a green duck came forward. Looking at the Chaotix he summoned an unlit bomb

“Dibs on the green suitcase!” he said grinning

“DON’T START A FIGHT!” Mighty glared at Bean. “Not yet at least. Besides, the ‘green suitcase’ is mine”

(ooc: Hope this is okay)

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Calvin, Futura Labs, Zone: ???

“Right, now we can have a civilised chat.”

Calvin was leaning back against the wall, seemingly unconcerned. A small group of security guards were lying unconscious along the corridor, except for one, who was pinned to the wall opposite Calvin by magical webbing. Calvin gave a surreptitious glance at his watch. He was concerned to see the readout for his force-field sitting at 45%, but didn’t let it show on his face.

He held up a photograph of a teenager girl, his daughter.

“Have you seen this girl?” Calvin asked.

“THAT’S what you broke in for. To ask about a silly girl?” the guard said with shock. Calvin shrugged.

“I could just check the computers, but seeing you’re here, I may as well make the most of it,” he said.

“I haven’t seen her. Did hear a rumour about a break in in the lower labs a few nights ago though,” said the guard. Calvin smirked.

“They don’t pay you enough,” he commented.

“You have no idea,” sighed the guard as alarms began to blare.

“And that took about twice as long to trigger as it should have. Seriously, start looking for a new job,” said Calvin as her ran off down the corridor and into a lift. He drew he sword, cutting out the floor from elevator while checking the buttons for which floor to head to. Jumping through the hole he slid down the cables, taking the opportunity to recharge the magic in his force-field, watching the readout slowly rise back to 100%.

Reaching the right floor he praised the doors open, only to be meet by a squad of guards.

“Uh oh!” he muttered, quickly swinging back into the lift shaft out of sight as they opened fire. Calvin drew one of his pistols. A single fireball would clear them, but Calvin didn’t feel comfortable doing that. The guards were only doing their job.

Instead, he took a risk. Swapping pistols he glanced quickly through the door, firing a single shot covering the floor where the guards were with the same webbing that had trapped the one upstairs. Then, praying that his force-field held, he sprinted towards the guards, leaping over the webbed area. The guards tried to turn, but with their feet stuck to the floor most toppled over.

Ducking into one of the labs, Calvin looked around, recognising a primitive dimensional gateway.

“Hmm, this would explain why you dropped off the grid,” muttered Calvin. Checking the activity logs, he saw there was an accidental activation on the date his daughter had vanished. Swiftly he imputed the same co-ordinates and, while waiting for the machine to power up, brought up the message that had been sent to him on his goggles.

‘Your daughter is in trouble. She was last seen at the Futura Lab Complex two nights ago. She needs your help.’ There was no signature on the message, but all the leads Calvin had followed had indicated it was the truth.

“I suspect that’s an understatement,” muttered Calvin. “Hold on Amber. Dad’s coming to help.”

He turned to see more guards pile in as then portal activated.

“Sorry gentlemen, but I can’t stay to chat,” he grinned, leaping through the portal which snapped shut behind him.

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Location: ???

The night sky was filled with glorious little specks of light. Gale released a satisfied sigh as she lied on the soft grass all the while shifting her gaze to another familiar constellation in the sky.

If only brother was here to see this with me, right now.

She closed her eyes and felt the winds gently, as if it’s trying to comfort her in its own special way.

“Thank you, my friend.” She whispered softly.

As you can see, she has the ability to sway and conjure wind currents: a gift passed unto her people for countless generations. And the wind. The wind had been her constant companion ever since she started her adventures. She traveled the world with the wind as her partner and the stars that act as her guide during the night.

As for her travels, no one knew why she decided to go on an adventure. Some say she decided to go on a journey to find her missing brother. Some say she was bored of the simple life the village provided and that she needed something more…

Gale suddenly twitched as she felt a disturbance in the wind. It seemed that it was terrified of something. She bolted upright as she heard something behind her. A shiver went down her spine as she turned around.

“A portal?” she asked, confused. The wind was telling her something was very wrong. Gale, however, shrugged that off. Come on. You know me. What good is an adventure without a little danger and mystery? Besides, I might find some clues.

The wind, no matter how worried about its partner, agreed.

Thank you, my friend. Will you please guide me as always? She mentally asked as she smiled softly.

The wind blew gently around her, confirming its answer.

“Then let’s go.” Gale said. And then, she jumped. Into the world of the unknown.

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Up in the skies, near the Stratosphere, The Jest, found a rather large cloud and started to form it like clay or cotton, until it eventually formed three screens. Each Screen showed a person coming out without any other members. It was just them it seems.

"Well we can't have that now can we?" The Jest asked, twirling his wand with one hand, he immediately smacked the cloud with it. Calvin and Gale would immediately find themselves in a puff of smoke which then appeared by Lino. As the smoke faded, Calvin and Gale were immediately next to Lino.

"This looks like it could be fun to watch. How long would it take for them to team up and start without any hints thrown at them?" He asked, a stopwatch appearing in his hands as he looked. He then thought of something.

"...Oh, right, ...I have to direct Team Dark and Team Chaotix, don't I?" The Jest asked no one in particular. He grabbed hold of a bunch of other clouds until he eventually created screens that showed every team taking part. He looked at Team Dark immediately. The stopwatch in an instant turned into a walkie-talkie radio, as he place it straight to the mouth part of his mask.

"Since this is your first challenge, I'll make this easy on you, Ultimate life form... A simple, Point a to Point b task. There's a pillar in the mountains of skulls nearby the United Federation that is basically a teleportation device taking you high up into a land within the clouds. Simon says to reach the cloudy lands and collect the diamond that exists there. Oh, and one more thing, ...Eggman sent some of his bots to get it, so do get there before he does." He said. He then cut it off and directed communications to Team Chaotix.

"Here's your first mission, detectives, Time to test your intelligence. The Knothill forest is lovely this time of the year, or so I hear, and beauty is in the beholder's tear. The tears fall into a pond so dead and cold, one that was once beautiful near a city of which it kept the kingdom's gold. Head in and find the thing of which I speak." He said as the radio changed back into a stopwatch that started ticking down.


Team Moubias- Stage 1: Striker Desert

The Team began their run across the desert with Darkness in command. Normally in a desert there weren't many landmarks or pathways to take, but for some reason the desert sand they treaded on were making a path that they're currently running on.

"What's going on with this sand? Are we forming the path?" Darkness asked.

"Or is the path forming because of us?" Spike asked.

"Because it would make SO much of a difference either way? Quit your bullcrap 'deep' talk and just keep your eye on the road!" Sinless yelled out.

"...You have no love for Poetry." Spike said.

"What has Poetry ever done for me to deserve love?" Sinless asked. Darkness then stopped as something was coming out of the sands, stone-like hands began popping out of the ground. and immediately, out came what appeared to be stone golems.

"What are they, some kind of Golems?" Spike asked.

"Always with your annoyingly apparent questions. Who the hell cares!? Let's just stomp them back into the sand!" Sinless said as he took point and as the other two went to strike the one he was targeting with their sword he was cutting them down one-by-one, before they moved on.

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Sky Rail Zone- Team Sonic

Tails ascends up past the clouds as the trio hop off and grind through the rails. Tails catches up to Sonic with Knuckles close behind.

"Are you sure this is the right way to go Sonic?" he asks, checking on his computer map.

"Don't worry, Shadow told me about this place a while back. Plus, Rad Red has some experience around here, don't ya bud?" Sonic replies, turning over to Knuckles.

"Yeah, Pumpkin Hill is just over there, if we chose to take a detour. But if we keep heading in our direction, we should hit Rail Canyon in no time." he says, pointing in multiple directions.

Without warning, a beam of light zooms by Sonics face, blasting a gap in Knuckles rail. With barely enough time to react, he ducks down as he slides off, to avoid slamming into the sharp broken rail head first. Tails dives down and scopes him up as he glides, bringing him back to Sonic.

"Looks like Egg-head took no time in getting his troops back up and running around these parts." Sonic says, facing towards the bunch of badniks now ascending from the clouds.

"It wouldn't be much of a trip without them, now would it?" Knuckles adds in, hoping back on the rail and regaining his balance.

"You two are always so reckless." Tails sighs while putting his hand to his head. The other two give a big grin to look to one another.

"Whoever smashes the least has to buy the winner chilli-dogs." Sonic says as he quickly crouches down and grinds at high speed towards the robots.

"You're on!" Knuckles replies, taking chase after him.

Holaska Night Gaia Temple- Team DGM

As the nightmare continued to look at the hieroglyphics. The power master floated along the cieling, pondering his thoughts.

"Eris." the nightmare speaks.

"Excuse me?" the power master asks, floating towards him.

"I wish to be named Eris. These pictures tell the tales of different cultures gods. Eris was a god of chaos. I like that."

The power master looks more inot the images, and then back to the nightmare. "Eris was a "goddess" if you hadn't notice." he says, with a sly look in his eyes.

"It matters not. True gods not defined by gender, unlike the wretched life forms of this world." the nightmare answers back ,crossing it's arms.

"Are you claiming yourself as a god now?" the power master snickers. "You are right however, it matters not to us. I applaud your intellect to such a choice."

"And what of you? What name shall you choose?" Eris asks.

"Hmm.....as a servant of Master Gaia, I will go with Sergio." the power master tells him.

"Quite cliche, but it suits you." Eris exclaims. Sergio looks to him with a slight look of irritation as they hear a loud bang. The two look over to the Red Titan, who was standing with his hand on the door that sealed the temple.

"What about him? From the looks of things, he either can't, or doesn't prefer to talk, but he still needs a name." Eris says.

"That is true." Sergio replies, rubbing his chin once more.

Suddenly, the Red Titan takes a step back and lifts his club. With a booming grunt, he swings his club as full force, obliterating the door, and parts of the walls around it. The blast knocks Eris off his feet, and the wind blows Sergio a few feet back. The Red Titan then proceeds to walk outside, into the artic tundra surrounding the temple.

"Quite the colossal one, isn't he?" Eris says, slowly getting up from the ground.

"Yes.....Colossus would be good for him." Sergio says as he begins to fly outside. Eris looks at him confuse, but follows the two regardless.

Angel Island Zone- Team Monkey Ball

AiAi rushes through the jungle, with MeeMee and GonGon close behind him. the two reach a waterfall, surrounded by banana trees as AiAi stops at this destination.

"Oh wow! It's so beautiful! Don't you think so?" MeeMee exclaims, looking to aiAi, however he was more preoccupied with all the bananas around them.

"It doesn't seem like there's anyone near here." GonGon says, scanning the area, while holding a batch of bananas of his own. "We could probably follow the banana trees to see where they're most abundant and maybe find some civilization."

"Woohoo! Let's go!" AiAi yells. the two give each other a thumbs up, as MeeMee walks over and bonks them both in the head.

"I swear, sometimes there's no differentiating between the two of you." she says angrily. "It would make more sense to follow the river."

"Shall I take your first statement as a compliment?" GonGon says smirking, while AiAi continues to eat bananas. MeeMee rolls her eyes as she looks to a nearby tree and jumps up it. She get's high above the others and starts to scan the area, until she sees smoke in the distance.

"Over there looks like there may be a camp site or something set-up! Let's go check it out!" she yells down to the others. GonGon gives a nod and picks up a second batch of bananas, along with AiAi. MeeMee jumps down, landing on his shoulders as he begins power jumping over to their destination.

Station Square Night- Team Frontier Knights

"YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!" the police captain yells, as the others lift up their guns. Lance starts to take an defensive stance, ready to fight.

"Should we stop them yet?" the girl asks, looking to Vargas, however he didn't respond. She looked over to him to see a small ring of flames surrounding him on the ground.

"Holy flames of the Agni Empire, guide me through strentgh and wisdom." Vargas chants as his back begins to set ablaze. Seconds later, a pair of inferno wings sprout from him back, as he grabs hold of the girls hand.

"Hey, wait!" she yells, however Vargas quickly dashes forward, while everyone was still shocked by his transformation and grabs Lance by his waist, lifting the three of them high into the sky and on top of a sky scrapper.

The captain shakes his head. "Like I said, a bunch of freak shows. You three squads! Get that building surrounded immediately! You there, call G.U.N and request a batch of robots to the city right now! Something tells me we're gonna need em."


As Vargas reaches the top of the building, his flames give out as he falls to the rooftop ground. The girl lands on her feet, as Lance falls face first due to his imbalance.

"Is that really the best you can do?" the young girl says to Vargas, as him and Lance pull their heads out the floor.

"I just got these powers, so they're a little rusty if you don't mind. Besides, what was your plan?" Vargas says back to her.

"Obviously we should have just fought them all. They were probably weak anyway."

"And cause a bigger mess than we're already in!? Are you nuts!?"

"Not as nuts as you, seeing as how you just set their street on fire with your random Phoenix flight!!!"

"Guys guys let's calm down." Lance yells, getting inbetween the two. He turns towards the girl and looks to her.

"To start out, I apologize for our actions, but things we're moving too fast to sit and talk about it. In any case, we never got you're name."

The girl looks to him, and then to Vargas, who immediately scuffs and turns away. "It's Lico. I'm from a group called the Battle Maidens."

"Lico?" Lance says, suspiciously.

"Is there a story of a queen bearing the child of a Dark Lord that she named Lico?" Vargas asks, jogging Lances memory.

"Yes! That's it! So you're a half demon?" he asks her.

"If you wish to be so nosy, yes I am. Do you have a problem with it?" Lico asks, holding her sword up.

"No no, not at all. It's just....interesting." Lance responds.

The group then hear the sirens of police cars faintly as they look down off the building.

"Looks like they're surrounding us. We'll have to get a move on if we don't wish to bother with them anymore." Vargas suggests.

"Why not just fly us away like you did last time?" Lico taunts him.

"Like-I-Said. It's rusty. If I use it too much, I'll either exhaust myself, or burn myself. So if we don't get out of here, we'll get that fight you so desperately want you blood-lusting demon."

Lico and Vargas give each other dirty looks as Lance tugs them along to start running.

"This is already looking to be an amusing journey." he says, face-palming as the trio start their track across the city rooftops.

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Team Crystalis - Stage 1: Casino Night Zone

"So, remind me why we're coming to a massive casino themed area?" Zerenis said, Zion now clad in full combat armour, his sword strapped to his left hip, the four of them riding in the jet with Cronic at the controls as they touch down at the outskirts of Casino Night Zone.

"Long story short, we need to gather Intel on what's going on. And from what I know, Mammoth Mogul is one of our most viable options. Whether or not he'll actually tell us what we want to know is another matter outright. Though we're going to have to make our way there on foot." Zion said, looking straight ahead as he spoke.

"Can't Cronic just fly us there?" Zerenis said, looking at the pilot in question.

"It's not that simple Zerenis; I doubt Mogul would appreciate an unidentified Jet waltzing up to his casino like it owns the place. Hell, he probably already knows we're here." Cronic said, as he pressed a button that opened the hatch to the outside of the ship, a small staircase emerging from the underside of the jet.

"You guys best get moving. There might be a security regiment en-route to investigate, or worse." Cronic said, as Zion stood up soon after.

"You heard him, move out!" Zion said, exiting the Jet, followed by Zerenis and Serena.

"I'll maintain radio contact where possible. In the meantime, I'm going to to see what's going on elsewhere in the world. The more information we can gather, the better." Cronic said via a communicator in the trio's ears, the stairs retracting, the hatch closing as the Jet prepared to take off.

"Well, we have our goal. Let's get moving. I'll take point. Let's go." Zion said, as the three of them began to make their way to Mogul's casino.

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The ARK- Team Metal

The three metalic dopplegangers flew into the hanger of the ARK

"Metal Tails, any signs of organic life?"asked Metal Sonic

Negative, the space station is lifeles."replied Metal Tails

"All security systems seemed to be de-activated"added Metal Knuckles

"The ARK hasn't been tampered with since the Black Arms invaison of Mobius"said Metal Sonic

"What is our mission?"asked Metal Knuckles

"To extract the energy of the ARK'S Eclipse Cannon"replied Metal Sonic

Soleana- Team No-Zone

"Where are we sir?"asked Zector

"Soleana, home of the festival of the sun"replied Zonic

"Our dimensional transporter is busted sir, we couldn't even transport to the special zone even if we wanted to"Zespio said urgently

"Let's get some information from the locals, it's all we can do for now"said Zonic

Hang Castle- Team Hooligan

"Ooh! Ghosts and spooks! Around every corner!"said Bean in a scary tone

"Bean, shut up."said Nack

Bark rolled his eyes

"Why we in such a spooky place boss?" Bean asked with curiosity

"I saw something sparkle and no doubt about it, the Chaos Emerald is near"

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Team Fractus

Mel knocked on the Vortex front cockpit from the outside. Skye hit a switch and the cockpit folded back, and for a moment Skye indulged himself in feeling the rush of the air. Then he turned to Mel.

“What’s up?” asked Dygo before Skye could speak.

“The good news is, I found the Floating Island. Bad news, it isn’t floating!” said Mel, jerking her thumb below the plane. Dygo sighed.

“Great. So much for recharging our Chaos Emerald if the Master Emerald is gone… Again,” he muttered.

“I’m still getting a Chaos energy signal though. There might be a normal Emerald down there. Let’s check it out,” said Skye, bringing the Vortex in towards Angel Island. The plane continued to follow the trail, until Skye brought it in to land on top of a peak in Ice Cap Zone.

“This is as close as we can get from the air,” said Skye. “I think the signal comes from inside that valley there,” he said pointing.

“Then let’s get down there,” said Mel, jumping off the plane and onto the snow.

“The slope down is rather steep. I should fly us down,” said Skye, looking down.

“Nah, you fly Dygo down,” said Mel as she rummaged in the Vortex’s cargo section. “I’ve got a better way to get down.” She gave a massive grin as she pulled out Maria’s spare Extreme Gear.

“You know that one’s busted Mel. It ain’t gonna fly,” said Dygo.

“I don’t want it to fly. I’ll see you boys at the bottom.” Mel jumped on the board, then started snowboarding down the mountainside.

(ooc: And CUE THE MUSIC!)




Team Tempus

“Yep, we’re definitely getting close to a city now,” said Nina. She had her hands around Maria as the two of them skimmed across the ground on Maria’s Extreme Gear. Melody running alongside. “There’s something else to,” added Nina.

“What’s that?” asked Maria as the cleared a hill and could see the city below. “Oh, right. Some warning would have been nice Nina.”

“But I DID want you. It’s not like we crashed into them. They’re still a distance away,” pointed out Nina. The city below was under siege from a swarm of badniks, some of its citizens being rounded up into Prison Pods.

“We’re not gonna just stand here and watch, right?” asked Melody, eager to rush to the rescue.

“Certainly not. We’re gonna save those people,” said Maria.

“What about the whole ‘gotta perseve time’ thing?” asked Nina.

“Time’s already broken. And I couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t help out,” retorted Maria, which Melody agreed to with a ‘Yeah!’.

Nina sighed. “Okay, fine. Just let me change.” She shut her eyes as the nanites in her systems started to transform her.

“It’ll take us about t minute to reach there,” said Maria judging the distance. “Let’s go!” She and Melody shot off towards the Badnik hoard below.


Team Reverie

“How much longer lass?” asked Nurik, leaning on his hammer and Amber fiddled with the door controls.

“Almost there. I’ve disabled the alarms, now I just need to get the door open,” replied Amber. They were standing on front of the large doors leading into the factory. Nimue standing a little further back, her bow and arrow trained on the door. As Amber kept working, Nurik examined the door with a critical eye.

“Typical shoddy Eggman workmanship. Let’s see…” He hoisted his hammer. “One little tap and….”

Nurik swung his hammer in a massive arc and brought it crashing into the doors, which shuddered. For a moment noting happened, then the fittings around the door began cracking, and the door and doorframe fell in. Amber looked up from the now useless keypad open mouthed.

“Right you two. Time to smash some ‘bots!” said Nurik.

“What’s a bot?” asked Nimue.

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Posted (edited)

Team Dilate - Somewhere high in the sky above a forest

Lino suddenly poofed out of nowhere feeling strange, then realizing something important. He was falling from the sky!

"What!? That portal is different from the demons. I feel off and a bit weird, but nevermind that right now!" Lino told Trigger. Trigger felt the same and felt his flying would be off a little so he stood in Lino's hood. He then saw two other figures poof out from below. He didn't pull out his weapons but still got in a bit of a fighting stance while falling. "I didn't know I could see behind door number one AND two at the same time~" He said smiling.

Gale fell out for a moment. Realizing she was in mid-air, she swayed the wind with ease to slow her descent. She immediately unhooked the rattan sticks she had been carrying and turned around. Out from the sky, two other people seemed to be falling to the ground as well... The wind cried behind her. "What's wrong, my friend?" she asked.

Be careful, I sense a strong power from the both of them. We still don't know if they are friend or foe.

"I see." Gale replied. And with that, she took off from the ground to meet the two strangers.

Calvin blinked he was deposited in mid-air. "Huh. If I needed a reminder to build myself a second Flyboard..." he commented dryly as he took in the situation, trying to find a way out of it. Some changes to his force field 'might' absorb the worst... He glanced to the side. But that wouldn't help the guy falling nearby.

Lino notices one of them approaching with weapons and the other guy falling with him. He called out to both of them saying, "Hey! This is kind of an bad time to ask but friend or foe? Hurry and answer!" his left hand reaching behind his back, smiling at the excitement. Trigger flew onto Lino's head preparing for the answer.

Calvin blinked, then burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all. "That should wait till we're on the ground. Then we can talk, or it won't matter a jot!"

"Then, just for now, trust me because someone is approaching us armed!" Lino said as he dove down more getting next to the stranger while pulling out a disk shaped object. "This will save us but not if we are attacked while using it."

Calvin shrugged. "Is that really cause for concern? Suddenly falling from a portal can put you on edge." he pointed out. "Parachute? Anti-grav? Flyboard? Teleporter?" he asked curiously.

Gale approached the two strangers at a blinding speed. She then smiled upon nearing them. It seems that these two are the same as me... And from the looks of their clothes, I could tell that they're from another place... no, another zone, perhaps? Also, I do not sense any evil within them... So... Gale then fastened her wooden weapons and with her force, shouted to the two. "HEY!"

Lino looked at Calvin confused "Flyboard? It's a hoverboard and-" He stopped talking as he heard the bird talking, seeing her put her weapons away and calls out to her "Oh don't mind us, we are just falling! Hey guy who is falling next to me," Lino says laying on his board as they fall past her "I need you to lay on my back fast! The ground is coming and this is going to get crazy!"

"Different term, same function!" said Calvin as he grabbed the board and pulled himself close and got on Lino. He looked up at the bird. "Sorry, not the best time of an in depth chat. Maybe once we're on the ground."

As they both fall through the trees they brace themselves as Lino begins to command his board "AG Boosters activate!" The bottom of the board begins to glow. "Hey... Just so you know... I've never done this with two people before. Brace yourself!"

Calvin grinned. "If it slows us so we won't die, I'll be happy!"

The board suddenly made a loud, almost rocket-like sound as it tried to halt their descent. But they still were falling fast and landed very hard on the ground "... Ow..." Lino said in pain. Calvin jumped off the board and landed on his feet.

Gale glided down and looked worriedly at the strangers. "Are you two okay?"

Lino rolled off his board, and as Trigger flew out of his hood, onto his back looking at the bird, saying "I have been better, eheheheh..."

"That's good to know then." She replied. "Though, if you are injured, please don't hesistate to tell me..." she then stopped. "How foolish of me, where are my manners. I'm Gale. Gale the Sparrowhawk. And you are?" She said shyly as she looked at Lino.

"I'm Lino and this flying orb is Trigger... Is your middle and last name really the Sparrowhawk or just that is your last name? Not to offend you or anything but it's kinda odd is all." Lino said giving her a smile. "I don't know who this guy is though." Lino said pointing his thumb at him, still laying.

"None taken. And if you insist, it's kind of my last name." She then shrugged. "From where I came from, last names really don't matter." Gale then turned to the other one. "And you are?"

"Hi Gale, I'm Calvin." said the cat, dusting himself down. "I'm sorry we didn't meet in more normal circumstances"

"Calvin huh? I'm kinda used to meeting people like this myself but where I come from it's pretty normal..." Lino said smiling but then began looking around in the forest they had dropped in on "I saw you guys come out of the portal too but... Do any of you know where we are?"

"Nope. And to be honest, I tend to meet people in this kinda crazy way to. But I wouldn't call it normal." said Calvin

Gale shook her head politely. "I'm afraid that I don't know where we are. But the wind has told me that this place is different from the places we have gone to before."

Edited by Lino Blythe

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(OOC Sorry it took so long)

Team Dark- Marble Zone

"Mountain of skulls? Sounds real pleasant," sarcastically remarked Rouge as she formed up on Shadow's left, looking out at the path ahead of them as Omega went into roller mode.

"If I had an emerald I could just Chaos Control us there, would've saved us wasting our time playing Simon Says. Let's get moving." Shadow grabbed Rouge's hand and with a jolt skated forwards at great speed, with Omega keeping up on his right. They stayed in the wedge formation over the rocky terrain until there was a large stone wall in their way. Before they collided with it Omega launched a rocket and blasted it down, crushing through the rubble whilst Shadow and Rouge jumped over it. However, as soon as they were over they were greeted by a gap in the ground, lava bubblilng away underneath. Rouge instinctively flew up and out of the pit, with Shadow catching onto her legs and Omega onto his. As they were flying over Rouge managed to narrowly avoid a fireball which had shot up from below.

When they were back on solid ground they returned to the speed formation and headed along the rocks, seeing the aforementioned mountain far in the distance.

Team Rose- Sky Rail Zone

The trio kept hurrying after Team Sonic with Amy in the lead, who pulled an annoyed face when they ascended into the clouds ahead of them.

"I guess they didn't hear us. Ok Cream get us up there, there's no time to lose," she said."

"Ok Miss Amy, hang on tight." Cream started to fly up with Amy and Big hanging on, though their rate of ascent was a fair deal slower than Team Sonic's, meaning that when they finally reached the clouds Sonic and co were well ahead of them, Their attempt to land on the rials was hindered by a few badniks who began shooting at them, stopped only when Big landed on a rail and propped Amy up so she could throw her hammer at them.

Team Doppelganger- Great Forest

The team was still travelling through the forest, Sally and Alicia exchanging glares, but neither dared deviate from the group for fear of Mecha Sally smacking their heads together. Sally got up alongside the robot and asked what was on both her and Alicia's minds.

"Where are you taking us, and what for?"

Mecha Sally turned her head to look at Sally.

"This unit is to take both of you to the coasltine. All will be revealed when it is necessary," she replied coldly before facing forwards again.

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(Terribly sorry again for the wait.)

Team Moubias

Under Sinless' lead did the Team immediately finds a group of Egg Pawns in the middle of the road of sand.

"...The hell are those?" Sinless asked.

"Robots, by the looks of it." Darkness responded. Sinless looked at him annoyed.

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Smartass. I was asking for more a specific answer." He said.

"Well, they look, kind of friendly, what with those smiling faces." Spike said.

"Maybe so, but I don't like the look of those lanes they're holding." Darkness said as they got closer to them. The moment they did, the robots noticed them and started charging at them.

"Still think they're friendly, Mr. Saint!?" Sinless said as he got out his sword.

"Maybe they're just afraid of you, ever thought of that?" Spike asked as he took out his sword.

"I seriously doubt that. Sinless, Perhaps you can take the lead on this." Darkness said. Without a word, the three ran towards the robots and, closely by each other's side, cut them all down one at a time, each one showing exceptional swordsmenship.

"Easy enough." Sinless said.

"But what were they doing in the middle of nowhere." Spike asked.

"Fairly certain our little clown might have something to do with it. Even if it wasn't it's not a question we'll have an answer to right now." Darkness said.

"...I guess you're right. Well, if we continue on this road, we should at least get something out of this. Let's go." Spike said. With darkness in the lead, they continued on their way down the road of sand.

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Posted (edited)

Sky Rail Zone- Team Sonic

As Sonic and Knuckles charged on ahead, shattering every badnik i their way, Tails took a look back as he heard a few shots from behind. In the distance he tried to look at what seemed to be Amy and company.

"Uhh, Sonic--" Tails begins, however Sonic was too preoccupied with his current task.

"Hurry up buddy! You don't wanna get left behind?" he yells as he spin dashes through a buzzer, only to have Knuckles use him as a foot lift to punch another into a cluster of enemies.

"You're one to talk!" he snickers as he lands back on the rail, zooming ahead. Sonic rubs his head as he grinds after him, spin dashing every robot that got in his way.

Tails looks back once more, giving another long sigh. "Well she's known to be able to take care of herself." he says as he starts propelling his Tails to catch up.

Holaska Night Zone- Team DGM

Sergio catches up to the newly named Colossus, as he continues to walk across the frozen land.

"Tell me, what is on your mind comrade?" Sergio asks him. Colossus turns, giving a blank look, as he points his hammer back into the temple, towards the empty emerald altar. He then puts back out toward the vast horizon as he continues to walk.

"You manage to figure out what's on his mind?" Eris asks Sergio once he catches up.

"I can only assume he wishes to collect the emeralds that power the temples. Their power was used to draw out Master Gaia before, so they could do it again."

"But what of the temples themselves? Should we not destroy them?"

"It matters not. With the emeralds in our hands, the temples are useless anyway. They would not activate until Gaia awakens anyway, as there is no current need to reconstruct the world....well not that there will be once we achieve our goal."

Eris and Sergio both let out a demonic laugh as they bump into the back of Colossus, who was looking down into a drop.

"What is it this time?" Sergio asks as he floats over, looking off the cliff side as well. He then notices the small igloo huts build in the hole, along with a few burnt out fireplaces.

"My my, it seems we found some residence of the area." He says, rubbing his chin.

"It would be rude of us not to introduce ourselves then." Eris replies as he lets out a loud roar, waking the villagers.

Angel Island Zone- Team MonkeyBall

As GonGon lands near the smoke, he slows down to approach with caution. After eating all their bananas on the way, the team was now fully focused on their objective. They passed through some bushes as they came across a small destroyed village.

"Oh my, who could have done this?" MeeMee gasps, covering her mouth.

GonGon walks forward, looking around the area. "Whatever happened, it seems like this place was abandoned ages ago, and whoever was here was searching for something, rather than going for pure destruction."

The group started to look into each individual hut, hoping to find clues to what occurred. As AiAi walked by one, he heard some rustling from inside and decided to investigate.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" he asks as he pokes his head inside. In the shadows, he notices the figure of what looked to be a robot, digging through some left over items. The robot turns slowly and starts walking towards him. AiAi backs up away from the hut, causing the robot to walk out, now coming into full view.


"Were you the one who did all this?" AiAi asks. The robot conitnues to give him a blank look until it suddenly springs forward, throwing a punch.

"Woah!" AiAi yells as he ducks out the way with his quick agility to dodge it. The robot contacts with a tree, completely obliterating the bottom of it, causing it to crash over. It then turns to AiAi again, going for another punch. Just as AiAi prepared to dodge again, GonGon rushes in from behind him, throwing a punch of his own at the robot. The two fists collide, causing the two to get knocked back a bit. The robot quickly regains its poise while gonGon staggers a bit, waving his hand off from the contact.

"GonGon!" AiAi says, surprised to see him.

"We overheard the commotion and decide to run over." GonGon explains as MeeMee comes running from the distance.

"What is that thing?" she asks as she takes a look at the robot.

"I don't know, but it seems like it's the cause of all this, so we have to stop it." AiAi says as he stands up, ready to fight.

Speed Highway- Team Frontier Knights

The group continue their escape as the jump off of the rooftops and begin running across the elevated highways. With Lance in the lead, his held his pike close to his waist, using it's broad point as if he were cutting the air itself to decrease wind resistance. Licos eyes wandering from the back of the group as she notices a few robots approaching them at high speeds.

"Don't look now, but it seems like we have company. Those policemen have some friends." she says. Vargas takes a quick glance back, then turns to Lance.

"They appear to be sentinels of some sort, only used for more serious occasions, considering the actual police confronted us first. We shouldn't take them for granted."

"I agree. Let's hop back onto the next roof and deal with them." Lance suggests. Lico gives off a grin as the trio jump off the edge of the highway, hitting a large rooftop, with the robots in hot pursuit. They then hit the brakes as they turn to face their foes.

TARGETS IDENTIFIED. REQUESTING IMMEDIATE SURRENDER. The lead robot demands, holding his gun out. Lance and Vargas take a quick glance at each other, thinking of a way to take them on, however Lico dashes forward, making the first move.

"Fat chance buddy." She says as she gets under the robot and swings her blade up, cutting off the robots arm. The robot staggers back as the others raise their weapons.

HUNTERS ATTACK. It commands as the others open fire on Lico. Without any more time to think, Lance sprints to Lico, pulling her out of harms way from the blasts. Vargas follows up behind using his sword as a shield, while enchanting it with flames. He charges into the robots, scattering them around to make them more cautious of their shots, and then takes each one by one at close range.

"We need to think of a way to back him up!" Lance tells Lico, as he sets her down.

"Good thinking. Take those two on the left." She says as she grabs Lances vest. Before he could react, Lico tosses him at full speed at two of the robots. In a panic, Lance pulls his pike up and straightens his body, turning into a human spear as he blind sides one robot, piercing through it completely, and hitting the second, however it reacted in time to grab hold of his pike and minimize damage. Vargas watches wide-eyed in shock as Lance and the other robot go sliding off the edge of the rooftop, until Lico runs up next to him.

"He should be fine. Let's have some fun." she says quickly as she charges at the rest of the robots, who appear to be just as dumbstruck.

REQUESTING BEETLE DRONE ASSISTANCE the robot falling with Lance talks into its wrist as they continue falling. Lance attempts to pull his pike out of the robots grasp, however can't escape as the two continue to plummet.

Edited by Knuckles The Echidna

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Team Dark- Marble Zone

Team Dark were making good time, eventually travelling along a narrow path, a seemingly endless stream of lava on their left and more cliffs to their right. Rouge could hear more movement up ahead, suggesting they weren't alone.

"I think we've found Eggman's toys. They sound pretty close, on the upper level," she said, pointing to the ledge above them.

"Good work. We'll go up there and attack from behind. Omega, blast the least supported sections of rock to bring them down, just try not to hit us," ordered Shadow before skating along the wall and jumping to the ledge, Rouge flying behind him. They spotted the robots and Shadow immediately attacked with Chaos Spears while Rouge flew in and smashed them with swift kicks. Down below Omega took aim and unloaded into the ledge, causing large sections to fall off, taking some robots with them. With nearly half of the robots destroyed they kept on the offensive, needing to reach the diamond in time.

Team Rose- Skyrail Zone

"Grrrr, he saw us and still didn't wait!" growled Amy before taking her frustration out on a nearby Egg Pawn which she practically pounced on.

"Please calm down Miss Amy, we can still catch them," pointed out Cream as she dodged the badniks' attacks.

"You're right, I'm just wasting- AHH" Amy yelped when she turned to see a Egg Pawn right in front of her, getting close when she was distracted, though luckily Big quickly flattened it with a belly flop.

"Thanks Big, now let's keep going."

Team Doppelganger- Emerald Coast

Both Sally and Alicia were still suspicious of the robot's intentions, grudgingly communicating this to each other through body language as they arrived at the pristine Emerald Coast. Following the robot through the natural loops in the rock formations, they planned to strike when it came to a halt, though knew the other could try to stab them in the back as well.

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Team Metal- The Ark

Team Metal headed into the control room

"The control room at last, now time to extract the energy"Metal Sonic said as they headed for the Eclipse Cannon's control box

"The energy extractorizer Metal Tails"ordered Metal Sonic

Metal Tails handed the energy extractorizer with no question

The extractorizer began taking energy out of the Eclipse Cannon

Team No-Zone-Soleana

"No valuable information collected sir, seems this place has nothing interesting happening" Zector informed Zonic with unease

"No matter, something good will come out of this... no time hostiles detected!" said Zonic

A squad of badniks we're approaching

Team Hooligan- Hang Castle

"Hey boss!" shouted Bean

"What now Bean?" replied Nack

Bean pointed to left as Naugus dashed

"Grr.. That troll think he's gonna get the emerald first huh!" said nack

Bark pointed at the G.U.N drones approaching

"Everybody wants a piece of the rock" said Nack a little ticked

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Team Crystalis - Casino Night Zone.

"No sign of any hostiles thus far. No reason to let our guards down though." Zion said, taking point as the trio ran towards Mogul's casino.

"They could easily have set up a roadblock ahead, or could be lying in ambush." Zerenis said, examining the surroundings cautiously.

"Regardless, we're on the clock and we need to speak with Mogul. Though we might need to rough up the security here to do it." Serena said, which prompted Zerenis to crack his knuckles.

"Just leave that one to me." Zerenis said, as the three of them carried on, drawing closer to Mogul's centre of operations in time.

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Team Fractus

“I’m gonna reach the bottom first,” called back Mel, only a looked at shock by Dygo falling past her, before using the jets attached to his boots to slow his decent at the last second.

“First!” he cried triumphantly. Mel cursed, slipping slightly on the board, causing her to lose her balance and land headfirst into a snowdrift.

Skye slowly landed next to them as Dygo helped Mel back to her feet. He had a small tracker in his hand. “I think the chaos signature is somewhere in that ice cave,” he said pointing.

“Really? Let’s check it out then,” said Mel, brushing snow off her. She paused at the entrance. “What the heck is that?” she exclaimed. The boys looked were she was pointing, seeing a small robot penguin waddling around. Curious, Dygo moved closer. The robot dropped to its belly, small rockets firing as it propelled itself towards the wolf cub.

Dygo’s respond was to activate his own jets on one boot as he kicked out, the jets giving him enough force to smash the robot apart. Skye and Mel jogged over. The toy boys began curiously taking the robot apart while Mel shook her head.

“What a silly robot. I mean, it’s small, weak, its attack is rubbish. It’d only be dangerous if there was an army of them.”

Skye’s ears twitched. He looked up and gulped. “I t-think you g-got y-your wish Mel,” he said in a quiet voice. Mel turned and saw numerous penguin robots rushing towards them.


Team Tempus

“Ready,” said Nina as they neared the robot lines. Maria glanced back.

Two laser cannons?” asked Maria, raising an eyebrow at both of Nina’s hands replaced by the weapons, while the rest of Nina’s body looked more like a Metal series robot.

“Given the circumstances, I thought firepower would be more useful than hands,” said Nina, her voice now having a metallic tinge to it.

“Then how about showing us?” grinned Melody. Nina grinned back. Jumping off Maria’s board, she raised her arms towards the bot between them and the nearest prison pod. Those that weren’t blasted were quickly taken out by Melody.

Maria flew over to the pod, circling it.

“There must be some way to break the locks on this. Maybe if Nina hadn’t changed forms she could have opened it. But if I can find the main sealing unit…”

“How about we try…. THIS,” said Melody, jumping on top of the big yellow button at the top of the pod, causing it to burst open, freeing the trapped Mobians inside.

“I thought it’d be a bit more difficult that THAT!” muttered Maria.


Team Reverie

“Does that answer your question lassie?” asked Nurik as his hammer smashed the last of the Egg Pawn group.

“What are they? Walking suits of armour?” asked Nimue, curiously sifting through the remains.

“That… is rather accurate someone. Just with mechanics and circuit to animate them,” said Amber.

“Machines like the inside of this factory?” Nimue asked looking up.

“Yep, machine building machines,” said Amber.

“Enough talking. More smashing,” grumbled Nuirk striding further into the factory.

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"So it's just us four, we don't even know each other, and we are lost... Wait did you say the wind?" Lino said looking at Gale as Trigger flew up to Calvin, looking at him curiously.

"Ummm... yes. Why?" Gale asked as she tilted her head in confusion.

"Hi there little guy." said Calvin, cocking his head curiously at trigger, then turned to look at Gale. "Unusual for someone to have such a close relation to the elements that they can actually talk to them."

Trigger examines Calvin closely, floating around him. "That is very interesting." Lino said with a smile as he went to his board, messing with it.

"Well... You see.. From the village I came from, we actually can talk with the spirits of the air and then use them in battle. It has been a gift that had been passed on for many generations." Gale replied as she shifted awkwardly.

"You're home sounds like a very interesting place Gale." said Calvin with obvious curiosity. "Do other villages have similar connections to the spirits?" he asked, smiling at Trigger as he hovered around him.

"If it's the air spirits, then yes." Gale replied curtly. "The zone I came from is filled with people who can freely communicate with the spirits of the air. Though we can also communicate with the spirits of the dead to a small extent. My village is well known for its ability to heal others by using the wind as well as use it in combat." She then blushed. "I hope I'm not bragging..."

Lino looks up from his board at Gale, saying "Bragging is fun at times. Just be careful who you do it around hehe~" then goes back to examining it. Trigger then focuses his interest on Gale. He flies by her and looks curiously.

"That wasn't bragging Gale," grinned Calvin "and trust me, I've heard people brag." He shuddered slightly. "Far too many monologues..." he murmured to himself.

Gale noticed the odd critter hovering near her. "Hello there." She then gave it a gentle pat. "Thank you to the both of you." She then looked around. "Not to be rude or anything but we should get a move on, this place isn't safe."

"I'd say from the moment we got randomly teleported here we were in danger. I'm too used to things like this so sorry if I seem wreckless heh. Don't worry, my guard is always up. But..." Lino says as he messes with his device on his arm. He then picks up his board on holds it "You are right there, we should get moving. Would be faster with my board but all it's energy was spent saving me and Calvin here. It'll be fun once it charges up from the nearby star." Trigger immediately sits on Gales head, playing with her feathers.

Calvin chuckled slightly as Trigger landed. "It's all well and good saying we should get a move on, but do we know where to get a move TO?" he asked. He tapped a few buttons on the oversized watch he was wearing. "North is that way, if that's any use." he said pointing.

"Star?" Gale said as she looked quizzically at Lino. She then pet Trigger once more as it began to rest on her head. Seems like the little guy likes me she thought. She then turned to the north direction. "I'm fine with any direction as long as we leave this place." she said as she began to move.

"The bright thing lighting up this planet?" Lino said and continued "As for a direction, when we were falling, did you guys see that factory? Maybe someone is there that can help us. I Say we head there, and as for Trigger, he wants to stay on your head for a bit. The little troublemaker~"

"Sounds like a good a plan as any." said Skye. "Though I didn't see it myself. The whole 'falling to a messy death' was a little distracting. Which direction is it?"

"Dunno the direction but I know where to go if that makes sense." Lino says pointing to where the factory is. "I really do guess we are all in this together huh? I'm ready to go when you both are."

"It does seem that way." said Calvin. "Alright, let's go"

Petting Trigger once more, Gale turned to Lino and said, "I see. And I know what a star is, I was just curious on what it has to do with your board." She then gave a sigh."The wind just told me to go in that direction. We might find something or someone there."

"I hope no one minds but in my other world I have a group of people I trust in my own team called Team Dilate. For now let's just have that as a team name so we can be more awesome now as a group" Lino said happily as they walked on.

Then that was that. The team then settled on where to go and agreed to work together.

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Team Moubias

As Team Moubias walks across the road laid out for them on the sand, they find a small canyon that made them stop in their tracks, just as the sand road ended.

"End of the road, it looks like." Darkness said.

"The hell!? What kind of glorified sand road leads to a Dead End?" Sinless asked.

"Calm down, you don't want to burst a demonic blood vessel, do you?" Spike asked jokingly.

"Bite me, Spike!" Sinless yelled out.

"Anyways, This crevice doesn't seem too big. I might be able to get us to the other side." Spike said. He then extended out his hand to Darkness and Sinless.

"...No. No way in the depths of another, darker Hell, would I lower myself to holding your hand like some child!" Sinless said.

"We don't exactly have a choice, unless you magically sprouted wings now." Darkness said as he grabbed on to one of Spike's hands. Sinless looked at the two, took a deep breath, and sighed.

"Mention this to anyone, or even remind me of it, and I will freaking skin you alive!" Sinless said. he grabbed Spike's other hand after much hesitation, resisting the temptation to tear his enemy in half right there. With his wings unfolding into ones more suitable for a full-blooded Dragon, he ran dragging the two with him and jumped off the edge of the canyon. Flapping his giant wings, Spike was able to keep himself flying, even with the two he was holding...though their combined weight didn't help, much. They managed to cross the canyon, and from it continued on the road until reaching a giant square of elevated stand over what appeared to be stone ruins of several different building around them. The area Marked by what appeared to be a giant Holographic ring, disappearing when they reached the area.

"...Looks this is the real end of the road." Spike said.

"This ring must be the Jest's way of saying that we reached the destination he wanted us to be in. ...But where is this." Darkness asked as they Looked around.


"GAH! What the hell!?" Sinless asked as those words popped into existence above them quite literally out of nowhere, and a Fanfare from seemingly all around them started being heard.

"...It must be The Jest's doing, ...His way of showing us what this all is to him." Darkness said.

Rank: D

"...And That must be his way of requesting Assisted Suicide!" Sinless said, agitated by the low rank.

(At the end of the Stage, you can give your team a rank of their progress, just like in the game. Except you can quite literally make the rank...Anything. From a normal letter to some random word you feel like having on there. (Just keep a lid on profanity, Normally, wouldn't honestly care, but alas, I don't want anyone getting in trouble.))

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