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The Sonic '06 thread

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A.K.A: "How to make Sonic '06 better" ideas/"Discussion of that one game" thread, or the "Oh god what am I doing" thread, or "what the hell, Sonic Team?!" thread.

Remember, this is your opinions on how to make this game better, not "this game sucks already so why bother changing it?"

Of course, this is all about '06, so who cares?

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG/Sonic Next-Gen/Sonic '06 is one of my favorite games in the series as it contributed to why I'm here in the Sonic fandom today, but I agree it is a bit too lackluster. And I also played worse games distributed by Nintendo (STARES AT HANNAH MONTANA'S GAMES), so how do we make it better?

My Ideas are this:

  • Remove the missions. They are pretty hard with the broken controls
  • Make the engine more of the Hedgehog Engine, or at least have Dimps help. The Adventure Engine doesn't work on these types of games anymore.
  • Make Elise so she's not a Mary Sue and do not let Sonic love her automatically. I'd say that it would make the game tons better
  • Pillars should not fall like sticks with a simple nudge, even if they are ancient.
  • Do not have that one scene.

Those are just some that I have in my mind.

In my opinion, this is kind of another Sonic Adventure game. I mean, this is the last time a canon Sonic Game before Sonic Lost World for the Wii U had more than one playable character (if you don't count the Sonic Storybook Series as canon or the Werehog or Classic Sonic as another playable character), it has many thing that contribute to a theory that this is the lost "Sonic Adventure 3" (or, at least I think it does), and the cutscenes and music are great. However, I got to admit that some parts of the game are pretty frustrating (I know this from the Silver story). In all, I don't really care for this game much. I mean, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is much worse.

You guys can rage at this game if you want, but remember that this thread is pretty much to talk about this one game.

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One thing I will say now that could've improved the game A LOT

Sonic, don't kiss the princess

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One thing I will say now that could've improved the game A LOT

Sonic, don't kiss the princess

Hilariously, he had no will to do it. A peck on the nose would have been fine (I do it to my dog sometimes), but no long kiss scenes with lights.

I'll just state it right now: keep the discussion in this thread civil, or else warnings will be handed out. We all know what threads about this game always lead to. And no, blindly raging and provoking flamewars isn't kosher on this forum either.

and I think some of us get it, but some of us might disrespect that rule. I'll report them if they do.

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If I were on another sonic forum , My post would Have been this .


I would have then proceeded to take cover upstair in safety while the whole threads would have gone from merely controversial , to "even more bonkerer than Miley cyrus' latest choice in clothes."

But we are Not there . So I'll have to participate in a constructive way .

The only realistic way to make this sonic an acceptable game would have been to listen to the bugs report , or at least PATCHING THE GAME AS YEARS WENT ON. That would have been a better idea to confront the game and move on. But no , they had to toss it away , like some old shameful pictures .

Shame on you then, shame on you.

But knows sega that deep inside the bowel of internets, many people would have enjoyed Sonic 06 . Just remember crisis city in generation . it is the proof than a working gameplay would have saved a lot of hassle for everyone .

And I'm done . Have fun burning down the game like it's 2007.

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You know the fun fact? I didn't really hate Sonic 06 before I looked it up on the internet. I still don't hate the game completely, I see it more as a dissapointed. The backstory behind it, What the game could have been etc. Yes, I know this game is terrible, but the internet and the so called fans are only making it worse than it is. And I don't care who is to blame here. I just wish that future game developers learn of such tragedy's and that they will NOT rush a game to bring it out earlier. I would rather have a great game and having to wait for a long time than a bad game.

Now, I don't want it to be Duke Nukem Forever though. But you get my point.

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Well, Three year to devellop a game seems like the norm. I hope They'll remake this game . It deserve it. At least for silver's story.

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I would like to post on this thread, but an interior consciousness of mine is trying to stop me from doing so and it is apparently succeeding.

In other words, replace everything but the music.

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in my personal opinion, making threads like "what would've been" is a waste of time, honestly - not only there's no point is that, as not only the game has long since been done, I don't think you could simply "fix" it just by changing minor nitpicky things - it would require pretty much redesigning and remaking it from scratch, especially the (rather cringeworthy and nonsensical) story. May just as well make an entirely new game, which they did. (not that Unleashed was much good anyway, but at least it had something going for it)

If anything, it's not so much that the game needed fixing, but the development hell that went on during the project. Notable events I heard from a friend of mine:

Yuji Naka leaving during development, most of the ideas going into this game were his.

(Note, bakc in the 90's Yuji Naka left the Sega of Japan branch to come here to America because Sonic was more popular here, and because he wanted more freedom. One of the factors in the success of Sonic 2).

Half the team was split off to work on Sonic and the Secret Rings while this game was still being made, splitting man power.

Bug reports were ignored by Sega.

On another hand, Izuka could've made this game right after Sonic Adventure 2 and save us all the hassle. He decided not to make this, or SA3, because he thought only hardcore fans would get it, so he choose to make Sonic Heroes for the more casual fans as well. Also, to my Knowledge, Heroes was the first 3D title made by SOJ, following 06 and everything else.

Keep in mind that the main reason for Sonic X-treme being canceled was also on the part of SOJ, as one of their representatives came over and wanted the entire game redone when it was near complete. While trying to redo it, most of the SOA Sonic Team(the rest after Shadow I think) team was fired, till there was one guy, who I heard worked hard on the remake until he became fatally ill, which resulted in the Sega Saturn getting a port of Sonic 3D Blast. Keep that in mind folks, SOJ being heavily responsible for 2 dev hells and the total Darnation of the series characters. Wit the way SOJ handles things, this game had no chance, and the rest of the series doesn't either if games like Lost World keeps up. ;)

Edited by Psycho the Frog

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But they needed third character to Team Silver. Who should they use, Cream? New character? Clearly they were justified in taking the only female in Sonic universe to gain super form and reduce her to support character!

I dont have a proof but I heard that game was suppose to be a reboot. That why Shadow was GUN agent so suddenly, Blaze was from the future and blue Chaos Emerald was stuck in a time-loop that would make it impossible to appear in previous games.

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Hang on a second... That mention of a reboot gave me a mad idea. I think there may be a away to explain all the inconsistencies with '06's plot compared to others.

What if '06 was actually at the start of the series, but because at the end of the game there was the whole time re-set thing, it changed the world more than just having '06 never happen. Kinda like the effect the g-wave just had in the comics?

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Seeing how Sonic Adventure 2 (Shadow is awaken) already happened there that would have to be heavy reboot. Still makes more sense that all thaa theories that peple have that Blaze went into Sol Dimension at the end of Silver Story.

Maybe game just happened in alternative continuity.

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I have so many ways to fix this game

1. - Remove, or add more control to, Mach Speed sections. There were like a jet without a pilot in '06.

2. - Turn Elise's and Sonic's love into more of a 'brother/sister' relationship. In the game these two were... eurgh. :british:

3. - Remove Blaze and create or re use another character. It's pretty obvious they just pulled Blaze out of their butt because they couldn't think of someone to accompany Silver.

4. - Alter power ups so they work correctly. In the game only Sonic's worked,but even then it was only some of them... :D

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Lets look at the complaints of the game

Bad graphics.

Bad textures.

Repeating the same texture over and over again, all put together like bathroom tiles (I thought we left that behind before the 64 stopped production).

Bad voice acting.

Bad script.

Bad plot.

More holes in the plot than a truckload of Swiss cheese (paradoxes).

Random pauses in the dialogue.

Horrendously glitched.

Unfinished game.

Sonic's energy bar doesn't even do anything.

Items Silver picks up with block your vision.

Sonic walks up loops.

Bad mach speed sections where you can't attack and make no sense.

Rehashed Emerald Coast stage and other half-baked Sonic Adventure elements.

Unresponsive controls (I've had to press the jump button about seven times before Sonic did a homing attack).

Constant annoying, pointless dialogue of characters instructing themselves during gameplay.

Sonic's gems are game-breaking.

Sonic is incredible slow.

Omega is the fasted character in the game.

Tails and Amy lose all momentum once they've used their air abilities.

Knuckles' climbing animation, speed and sounds are horribly out of sinc.

Throwing items in first-person view lacks a crosshair.

Town Missions are frivoless, like playing tag, knowing who the police chief is and guessing which number someone was thinking of.

You have to buy abilities that you already had before (and not items, the abilities, themselves, like Light Dash).

Blaze maneuvers poorly.

Amy needs to be practically touching an enemy to attack them.

There is an accurate reenactment of Twilight.

Town Mission people put Blaze in a cage to test your love.

Mephiles baddies are recolors of Iblis ones and only appear in certain Town Missions.

Constant load times break the levels into pieces.

Multiple loading times for every Town Mission, even to make someone congratulate you with two words.

Deathly long loading times (sometimes it takes longer to load than to play the area).

Constant dash panels (why not just make the characters faster).

Sonic's gliding on water makes no sense and if he hits one thing, he dies.

If Sonic steps in a puddle, he dies.

Knuckles never gets to finish a level, unless you exploit glitches in Flame Core.

Shadow somehow has vehicles designed to match him everywhere, even in the past and apocalyptic future.

Sometimes you might run into yourself in gameplay.

Tails has no flight energy bar.

Poorly-designed level maps that you can get lost in.

The Ball Puzzle.

Mephiles goes to all this trouble to kill Sonic when he could have made Elise cry any other easier way.

Silver's sights of Sonic don't match up.

Shadow's shoes are fat.

Shadow's shoes don't let out fire.

Everyone's personalities are way off.

Eggman is completely redesigned and looks very ugly and is without goggles (and he's thinner).

Sonic's finger is thicker than his own arm.

Gibberish text can be found on screens.


Silver medals have no value.

The game is more about Silver, Shadow, Mephiles, Iblis, Elise and Eggman than Sonic.

Elise isn't the queen, even though she's the supreme ruler and is the last of her bloodline.

Some idiot girl got herself stuck on the roof and these helpless guards won't let Sonic into Level 2 until you rescue her.

Using the homing attack on the Egg Cerberus' tail will send you skyrocketing into space and to your death.

In multiplayer, Silver can permanently stop players.

Silver can't seem to land at the beginning of Crisis City in multiplayer.

Characters' designs are changed and look all wonky.

Sonic just stands there, watching Eggman's ship when he should be going after him.

Elise attempts suicide, even though she's not under pressure and she's not being threatened.

There are no proper level intros.

Why do Shadow and Silver help Sonic fight the final boss and not anyone else?

Random romance between Sonic and a princess he just met.

Amy doesn't flip out when Elise kisses Sonic, in fact, she hardly seems to care he died.

Last stage is actually a compilation of bits and pieces of previous stages.

Badly-placed sequences of gameplay dialogue, so characters cut themselves off.

Amy talks loudly when she's supposed to be hiding.

Amy is somehow able to keep Silver from reaching Sonic by standing.

Even if Sonic was an evil menace out to destroy the world, Amy says she would still stick by him.

G.U.N. doesn't get involved, even though you hear from a couple members, so you know they're there.

Silver and Blaze can bounce on water.

Amy's speed has gone down by about 85%.

Sonic is supposed to be rushing to Soleana to save Elise, but Amy and Tails are somehow already there.

Random time-travel moments.

Blaze was said to be in another dimension, now, she's in the future.

Blaze kills herself for no reason.

7-year-old Elise can contain the flames in her sleep, but Silver can't take them.

The Duke seals the flames in his daughter, and not himself, even though he's dying... he could have let Iblis die with him and prevented everything.

Elise was supposed to not cry or else the flames would escape (she didn't cry for the death of her father, but she cried for a hedgehog she just met and almost cried because the background was pretty).

Elise randomly carries bandages around.

Elise is willing to jump off Eggman's pod and risk death but she's not willing to jump out of a train and onto soft grass.

The game box says there are over 10 levels when there are exactly 10.

There are also screenshots of Sonic fighting Eggman's robots in Crisis City, even though they aren't there at all, unless you download them online.

When Sonic bounces off of platforms, you can see him just floating there.

Knuckles and Rouge go way down when the glide.

Why does one of the civilians get his own theme music when he doesn't do anything?

Sonic's theme doesn't fit, as he's not even in his world, but on Earth (You'll hear vulgar language, but the rating box doesn't mention anything).

Silver's theme doesn't fit because it's a remix of Green Hill Zone.

Shadow's theme doesn't fit because it was already used in another game by another artist and it's all we hear in the game from Crush 40.

Elise's theme doesn't fit because it's the ending theme of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

How does Elise mistake Sonic for Silver when she was unconscious at the time Silver was around her?

Unconscious 7-year-old with a firey beast inside her. Shadow decides to place a being of darkness next to her and Silver gives her an ultra-destructive Chaos Emerald.

What ever happened to the Master Emerald?

Where and why did Sonic get that board? And how come it isn't stopping from all that friction on an anti-steep slope, at such slow speeds?

How come Silver can take out fire tornadoes, float around as long as he wants to and rocket-propel himself for miles, going 0-to-300 MPH or so in a cutscene, and yet he can't do that in the gameplay? (And yet Blaze still somehow manages to keep up with him as soon as you start)

Why is Eggman afraid of the Scepter of Darkness? He was never informed about it in any way, nor could he have ever known what was inside it. And why did it short-circuit his robots? And just how did it take Shadow's shadow and create a three-dimensional image for itself from that?

Silver and Shadow accidentally make a portal and Shadow somehow knows where it will take them and everything that happened at that time.

The Soleana Forest has all of about... one tree.

There's random smoke chasing Sonic and Elise in a cutscene when you need to get to Tropical Jungle. When you turn around, it's gone.

Sonic can attack the Egg Genesis the way Silver is supposed to.

Eggman is a complete moron during the Egg Wyvern battle.

After defeating the Egg Wyvern, Eggman will be frozen in a chair with his arms up as he gets tossed in the air. Sometimes, he JUST sits.

How did Shadow know tha- DON'T TOUCH IT!

Why doesn't Shadow's theme get any other versions in the soundtrack, when everyone's else's does?

Why is it that when Silver uses an I-beam to propel himself forward, it hurls him in the opposite direction that it should?

Why is there even a shop that sells superpowers for hedgehogs, anyway?

Why does Sonic give off the Light Speed charge sound in his spindash, when he can't even perform that move?

Why does Sonic float around and turn around in his kick attack?

Light Dash and Bounce Attack being mapped to the same button = Bad idea.

How can run down buildings not be engulfed in lava?

Elise blows out the flame of hope for... what, exactly? The day is saved and everything is right with the world. Why did she just destroy years of research from Soleana's top scientists and lose all memory of the only friend she was somehow able to get?

Since when do emeralds that give you the power to control time and space reach out and grab someone's soul, put it back into their body and heal gaping wounds that go clear through their body?

What made Elise think Sonic wasn't really dead, yet?

How did Silver know that using the Chaos Emeralds would bring Sonic back to life?

Why did Mephiles leave the emeralds in such easy-to-reach locations?

The Final Boss is a faker of something that was already fake to begin with.

Elise gets a vision of Iblis destroying the world, when it was Mephiles' fault.

Elise uses a torch to light another torch, but fire comes out from several yards behind her, instead.

Silver's actions do not match up to Sonic Rivals.

Tails goes through all of Wave Ocean (Sonic's first level) for absolutely no reason at all. There isn't even a cutscene explaining it. We see Eggman calling for Elise, Amy running away, and then we play as Tails in a level we already went through.

Knuckles' punches hit anything that's two inches away from him.

Shadow glows red, but he can't perform Chaos Blast.

A human thinks he can outrun Sonic.

Town Mission people can't talk, only groan. And they waggle around like they have a seizure, sometimes.

"People really didn't like the Adventure Fields in Sonic Adventure, so, you know what we should do? Let's make them even bigger!"

"That tornado's carrying a car!" Gee, Sonic, I didn't know you had eyes on the back of your head.

"The whole city's on fire!" Apparently, that line must be sooooo good, that Sonic just had to say it twice.

Scripted Deaths. As in, sometimes you die because a springboard or a dash ramp sent you to the wrong place.

Amy mistakes Silver for Sonic (...the heck?)

There are these amazing mirrors that teleport you to each of the levels in the game.

Why does the voice of a dead guy you never met give you instructions?

The game supposedly has a real-life physics engine, when they're worse than Sonic Adventure.

Sonic had a bunch of stunts he'd pull after performing a Homing Attack in the demo, but not the final game.

Silver decides to fight Shadow when he's out to get Sonic, who's standing right there.

Blaze thinks a Chaos Emerald can turn thoughts into Power. And believing that to be true, she thinks Silver should "keep it as a lucky charm."

Any reason why Eggman built three Egg Cerberuses and three Egg Genesises?

Why is it called the "Egg Cerberus" when it only has one head? Cerberus was Hades' three-headed dog in Greek mythology. That's where the name came from. This is the only use I've seen of the name for something with only one head.

Why is it called the "Egg Genesis", anyway? There's nothing "Genesis" or "MegaDrive" about it.

Where did the Egg Wyvern even come from? It's just... there.

Trailers say that this is Sonic's first adventure on Earth... so, why is Shadow there?

Three months later, the game is released on the PlayStation 3... and it becomes even more glitched up!

Shadow stares down into Rouge's chest MULTIPLE TIMES!

Knuckles does, too.

Tails being voiced by an actress, I can understand. But Omega!?

Omega's color scheme has changed, and his head is shaped differently. He also has different "hip panels".

Tails has blurry textures on his tails.

Why can you only play as Sonic, Shadow and Silver in multiplayer? You can even see that "artwork poses" of the other characters had already been created, like that of the main hedgehogs when you go to select them.

Why is the multiplayer game marked "Battle" a race?

Why are speed-boost power-ups only in multiplayer?

When a character follows you around, they constantly fall of of ledges. You can hear them letting out death yells. No, I'm giving the actor's too much credit. They just say "whoooa..."

Why can't Silver recharge his gauge when in mid-air?

How come Shadow can plow through robots in his opening cutscene, like in Sonic Unleashed, but not in the gameplay?

Sonic nearly suffocates everyone in his opening cutscene.

Eggman says he's after some secret about the Flames of Disaster and the Chaos Emeralds, when he actually has no intention of obtaining them.

"A city in peril. A princess in trouble. And only one hero can save the future." Or something to that effect. You ever notice that behind the text in that trailer, it shows artwork of Shadow painted blue?

You ever notice those houses in Wave Ocean? (rather redundant name, I must say. And you only go on land. And is that even an ocean? Isn't it a sea?) What are they doing up there? How did anyone get them built up there? And why would anyone want to live somewhere with a two-inch yard? You go out the front door, and you just might fall to your death (You can see them easily in a cutscene just before you start the stage as Blaze).

Sonic tosses Silver his Chaos Emerald for no reason and somehow thinks that saving Elise will prevent the apocalypse.

Why does Mephiles use Chaos Control to get everyone out of the way (doesn't he want to kill everyone)? And bring all the heroes together? And even go to the trouble of pulling Silver back from the Future?

"The Chaos Emerald... has disappeared!" Uhh... you had two Chaos Emeralds, there, Silver.

How did Sonic know there was some switch for Tails to get to close the gate to stop a whale? There really wasn't any point to shutting him in, anyway.

Where did Shadow get that glider from in Crisis City? And why did he leave it behind after the next loading screen?

Incomplete or missing animations.

Sonic thinks it's more important to play tag and other useless stuff than to save the world. He also supports suicide.

Many of the things could have been changed if they played the game once with a critique's eyes.

Many of the proble

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A thread dedicated to '06? To give my completely honest opinion, that game had so many problems, I don't think that anything could have made the game better. Sonic '06 should never have been made! And to think that that game was also going to be ported to the Wii! But because it failed so HARD, we got Secret Rings.

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I don't think that anything could have made the game better

Well that's a surprising compliment to the game... :D

Well... one thing I will say... at least we got awesome Silver from the game

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Let's not forget the music! If SEGA does one thing right, it's always the music. The

is still one of my all time favorite Sonic songs.

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Device, you are completely right. I was bobbing my head the entire time I was playing that awful awful game. I did enjoy the music, my favorite piece in the game being Solaris phase 2. But a few good points (The music and the scene where Shadow kicks Silver) can't fix an ultimately broken game.

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Video games are an important topic to my heart, okay? I think discussions like this are neat, because some of the most engaging conversations about game design come from ones that got it wrong! I kind of want to talk about the first half hour of the game, because it's easier to talk about specific improvements when we narrow our focus a bit!

So my first complaint is how long the game takes to start! There's a long period where you don't get any real gameplay, and the first time you actually do get put in control, you're dropped into a kind of boring area with the core gameplay blocked off by your need to get a kind of arbitrary item. And there is no excuse for this! The opening cutscene features several segments that would be a really really great introduction to Sonic's gameplay! Starting with when he first appears, we get to see Sonic doing cool stuff that the player should be doing. You could even use the first appearance of the robots as a combat tutorial. But the developers sacrificed this for the sake of a cutscene that they could use to advertise the game.

From there, you find yourself in Soleanna with a clear path to continue... Only to find out you can't actually use it. The game immediately destroys the tension the opening had built up. "There goes the Egg Carrier! You have to act fast! But uh, let us tell you about sidequests and shopping first." This isn't helped by how many points there are where the game has to stop and load in quick succession. It's not really necessary to make you walk up to Tails to watch a cutscene, and that's really only used to show the player about talking to people to get information... and even that falls through, as he's not exactly hard to find without them. I don't have much to say about the minigame you're forced to do to continue, it's just more padding before you can move on with the game.

About 15 minutes in, you finally get to experience the core gameplay. The finicky controls and unnatural movement are pretty well known, so I'm not going to talk about it much. Beyond control issues and glitches, there's honestly not much to complain about here! Basically all the problems with this level boil down to those two things. The level design is a bit weird and hard to follow at first, and it still feels kind of weak after the opening, but it's an acceptable first level. It could be used as a stronger introduction to the mechanics, but it feels like they at least tried to achieve that. With a little more polish, this would be a really fun level to get used to the feel of Sonic and Tails' gameplay. I've heard people complain that it's too similar to Emerald Coast, but tbh I don't mind that terribly- Emerald Coast was a pretty good stage.

Then... Then we get a type of segment that I hate. It's no secret that the 3D Sonic games struggle with capturing the feeling of "gotta go fast" that the 2D games usually pull off so well, and MAN is this no exception. The sensitive controls hurt the game more in these running segments than perhaps anywhere else. This first one isn't so bad, but you can probably tell right then that they are going to get much, much worse.

There's a quick cutscene, and then you move on to what, in my opinion would have been a much better place to introduce information gathering! Now you have a goal that follows the progression of the plot nicely, rather then "Well, we have to make him meet up with Tails somehow." Course, they had to go and pad this out longer than necessary as well, by once again making you do a sidequest and get an item. I'd feel a bit better about that if it went by a little faster. I do like the slide mechanic though, it's a good way to let you fight without losing much momentum.

To close out the first half hour, we get a cool cutscene showing off some of Elise's flaws as a character. Yeah. We get a very basic 'damsel in distress' who immediately latches onto Sonic, and just kind of stands around when things happen. This is followed with a boss fight that is fine, if bland and carrying the same control/glitch problems that define the game. I like its design, at least. The camera isn't great when you climb on the boss, but it's not offensively bad either. From there the game pretty much settles into that rhythm.

And despite me being able to complain about it for ages, I do kind of like this game! I think that's part of why I can complain about it easily, haha. Games I really hate are hard for me to talk about, because I don't like taking the time to investigate them. Sonic '06 is a game that I feel could be better- it's not something with no redeeming value by any means!

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I like Sonic 2006 a lot... I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say that though. XD

But anyway, although I am a sucker for romance, Sonic and the princess was just a big no-no.

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It your own personal opinion your cool and yes what sega did with sonic and elise was all source of wrong.

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The game had only one flaw . a FATAL ONE.

it had been rushed for christmas. as such, the game was released in a terrible state.

This was unnaceptable back then, and today, they did it again with rise of lyric.

I am disappointed.

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Rise of Lyric isn't that bad. Why do people keep bashing it?

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