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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been as active on the server for a while for a few personnal reasons.
    But about a week ago I caught a shiny zangoose and freaked out.
    I started to Wonder if any of you had cool shiny stories, so here's where ya post em.
  2. Post on Your Pokemon Team in Off-topic

    By NMS, posted
    We have must have wanted to have a team without useless HM pokemons right? We all usually get them after the Elite 4.

    Just Post the 6 Pokes that you want to have in your team.


    That's my team on Black 2 and I want to have it in every generation game.
  3. Im making this topic for those who want to discuss things about these games. And for tips and any guides. I have myself finished Pokemon Black 2 but it was deleted so now im going to 100 % finish White 2.
    So ask any question you like!
    ]And if anyone is interested in Volt White 2 here it is :
    I downloaded it from here : http://www.romulatio...e-2-v1.1-U.rar/

    If romulation's didn't work download it from here : http://dl.poke-mega....intendo-ds-rom/

  4. Well I my english is not as good but I am bored so I just talk what come to mind. when I was a kid I watch pokemon and play the games and when they introduced Ho-oh I thought he was very cool, later through the episodes they describe him to be a god which made him even more awesome then later on when sinnoh region came out they created another god pokemon named arceus which made me a bit mad
    but then I thought more about it and well they made arceus to represent a god like zeus, ho-oh made to resemble more of imo jesus/God
    so I guess there are 2 gods in pokemon Ho-oh and Arceus what do you guys think? B)