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  1. I am not really a "fan" of the series per-say, but I did play the old games when I was young and always wandered what the background of these characters were. Well here I am years later having just found out about SatAM and thought "This would have been an even better universe to play the game in, there could have been more depth to it really." I thought the characters were pretty neat to have even existed, Bunny, Sally, Rotor, and even Snively were neat characters. It makes me wonder why some other, seemingly random, characters made the cut of the games and future shows, when they weren't nearly as developed as these current characters. So I thought it surely didn't stop at SatAM and I found myself here.
    I peeked around the old comics and came up to 160, which was appealing simply because it's art style felt more consistent and clean, so I skipped a little bit more all the way to 168. I thought that was a good place to start, I read back when they would allude to something that happened previously and I could actually keep up with it fairly well. My favorite thing though is learning about each character to a personal level, from their relationships to the way they act toward their peers at home. Such as Bunny getting married, Sonic's kind of awkward relationship with Sally, and Tails... Well, his relationship's are always in shambles, which is pretty funny. 
    The battles in 168 and beyond seemed to have 'more' reason and rhyme to it, and my favorite battle is when Dr. Eggman LOSES his s**t from having lost so many battles. I love that one, simply because he always just returns, and to see him finally fall back into the umbral parts of his actual insanity was hilarious, I just kept thinking to myself "Damn" and Einstein's definition of insanity. I didn't really like the chain where "Naugus?" was voted as king, it seemed so awkward, its like if Adolf Eatler (something tells me this site wouldn't like the mention of his actual name) just walked into Israel's governing facility and offered them better protection then the USA (Terrible example, but you get the point, I hope.)
    The ending though, broke something that had potential, it took this cool and interesting world, and literally, as in physically, threw away the comic IN the middle of a battle that was about to be resolved... Just for that, I just can't like the comics anymore, I will reread the old ones and skim through the new one's, but the new comics feel like Sonic Boom, too simplified. Now I have NO idea what the back stories of these characters are anymore. I only liked the fact that some part of their brain still has those gone memories, makes me wish they would seek to reverse what Egghead did, so I can return to the conclusion of the previous battle. This just makes it more awkward, because now I feel like the characters are consistently still in that battle in someway, especially since it just broke the entire planet. Now that it's sealed though, I hope they seek the return of their unknown past, but something tells me that the characters are just gonna forget because, if I remember correctly, that memory of them fades, so it's a real shame, they even seemed vary upset to have learned about their past.
    I don't know, this has been my experience so far, what do you think?
  2. I was curious regarding which sonic games YOU think are the best. I'd like three because Sonic is too awesome to have one best game ^^ (Spinoffs are included)

    I'll start~
    >Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    >Sonic Unleashed and
    >Sonic Adventure 2

    Yeah, go on.
  3. Uh, hi! I'm DarkPulseGirl, and as i'm new as of tonight, I thought I'd maybe do a fun little topic :3
    Which Sonic Universe arc so far was your favourite? And why? My favourite so far has been the Secret Freedom Fighters arc, as it dealt with a couple of things with Naugus, Geoffrey, and even Silver and Elias that needed to be dealt with, while being hilarious at the same time. Not to mention, it introduced me to my current fave character, Shard, so yeah :'3 What's your opinion?