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  1. Let's have topic to discuss this. Need any tip? Ask me myself. Even though every Video Game topic I made isn't even visited...So this is the last one.

    I myself play this one but I'm still on the village elders 2 star quests. Now trying to get rid of the second "Main Boss".

    Edit : I beated the hell out of the Khezu. He didn't even had the chance to escape from my newly made Black Katana MK I.

    Edit 2 : I slayed the Blangonga. He wasn't anything special. Just My BK MK I was enough for it. I finally got the things needed for making BK MK II. It's ready.

    Edit 3 : I nearly killed Kushala Daora. It escaped. I'm amazed myself about being able to scare such a Dragon, After all his an Elder Dragon.

    Edit 4 : I again met Kushala, He still had that large scar I gave him last time on his eye. This time I killed him for good. Now I have plenty of daora materials.

    Edit 5 : Had a rematch with Tigrex. Kicked his ass! He was on full offense and no defense so I took him down In no time...With lotsa Injuries. *Looks at the new Quests* HOLY SH*T 50% Of them are fights with Elder Draggys!

    Edit 6 : Finished All Village Elders quests. Going to start Nekhots "SECRET" quests...

    Edit 7 : Reached the last of Nekhots missions. Killed Nargaguca or whatever he is. His sword is quite impressive something that surpasses my FINAL Black Katana.