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  1. So I decided to make more Undertale stuff! You know those short comics which end each sentence with "but you didn't?" (Well almost all of them) So That's what I'm going to do!
    Hey Frisk, remember that time, when you called me a monster and I laughed? I thought you'd run away from me, but you didn't.
    Do you remember when you had to fight Toriel? I thought you'd give up, but you didn't.
    Remember when we met Sans and Papyrus? I thought you'd get fed up with their jokes, but you didn't.
    When you fought Undyne, I was scared that you would lose, but you didn't. You went bravely forward, facing every monster, befriending them all, saving every last one of them. You didn't want to hurt anyone. Because you had DETERMINATION.
    Then.. You suddenly changed. I tried to make you understand this new way wouldn't be any good. I thought you'd listen to me... But you didn't.
    When you killed the monsters we once knew, stole everything they had.. I thought it'd make you realize that what you're doing is wrong. I thought you would change. But you didn't.
    You killed Mettaton, and Sans, and you raised your weapon against me. I thought if I fight you... You would give up, but you didn't.
    I thought that we were friends. That we would always be together. But you didn't. You thought I was a monster. A true monster, but you failed to see what you had become.
    I thought.. If I would let you win.. you would spare me. But you didn't.
    When the world reset again, I didn't see you again. You were gone. I hoped that you would come back.
    But you didn't.
  2. Well I the original reason I posted this topic will be known after I say the game that impacted me the most

    The game that had an impact on me has to do with when I was a little kid. The game was Klonoa~
    This game is under rated by far and never got much attention or was popular at all. Please don't bring up the wii remake either because in my opinion the PS1 version is a lot prettier and well... Honestly I don't like his outfit XD;;
    No spoilers but the game even made me cry too. It's the only one that has achieved that as well and that's saying something.

    That being said... Someone play Starbound with me ;w;
    *Starbound game rotting away cuz no one to play with*
  3. Post on sonic dawn of darkness in Trash

    By shadowsara, posted
    hello to all of you guys.
    first of all i LOVE this site . thanks so much for creating it.
    second here's the best fan made game
    please support and help through if you have any talent
    please help it come true
    thanks for all
  4. I wasn't sure weather or not to put this on off topic or not, but it is about Sonic and his games so...

    Since ive been lurking on the forums here ive been noticing people discussing what they liked and/or didn't like about certain Sonic games.
    Even though some people's comments have given bold points on what they want there is never a specific answer, so I wanted to ask...

    What do you guys want in a Sonic game?
  5. Post on Fez in Platformers

    By Fwiss, posted

    Fez seems like a really fun game to play. It was featured in Indie Game: The Movie, and I really enjoy open-world games, especially with a kind of funny, silent character like Gomez. Generally, puzzle-style games don't float my boat (Braid was scary), but this seems like it will be a very relaxed game which won't tax my planning skills very much. The art also looks very good, especially the 3D 8-bit parts. It kind of reminds me of a lighter version on Cave Story's art. What do you guys think of this game?