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  1. I feel confident to write this thought and opinion without much problems.
    Mainly, I can't help but feel concerned over the future of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series.

    This is a legitimate feeling. as lately, I have noted that the Revamped Archie Sonic series
    has mainly been focused on adaptions of Sonic games (quite literally opening with 'Sonic Unleashed')

    this is understandable. as after "The Incident" that led to the New 52/Flashpoint reboot in the first place.
    Archie had to play things safe, and focus on official Sega properties given the loss of 90% of their original content.

    My main concern is AFTER then run out of existing material to adapt to..what's going to happen next??

    I know they are trying their hardest to salvage the comic series.
    but, is the series really dying off? Is it only a matter of time before they'll HAVE to end the comic?

    I dunno. I'm just thinking out loud, and expressing my worries over the comic's future.
  2. Post on Delays in Trash

    By teamrandom21 , posted
    all right, i know you guys have asked me to be patient, and to a degree I have, but I still want to ask you guys this. Why do you think the comics are begin delayed. Before anyone says it, yes I know that they said it was due to printing, but I feel it's something bigger. also on one of the comic sites the next issues to come have been removed, so yeah, that's not 100% a good sign.

    Mod note: I'm really getting sick of these constant "why the delays?" Can we please stop with them? There are other things to do to occupy time instead of repeatedly ask about the delays

    Explanations were given here
  3. alright, i know this is going to get some people mad at me but because the sonic SCANF community didn't mind my which ships did you want to see list, i'll give you a top 5 ships that i ship from the sonic universe. and because i'm bad at intros let's just get into it.
    number 4 : sonic x amy (in the boom universe)
    sorry amy in the games and comic but boom amy seems a bit more mature and non stalker-ish or obsessed with sonic, i mean sure it's there but she keeps it a secret while game and other forms of amy mind as well hold a sign bigger then a billboard saying "I LOVE SONIC!" or "SONIC SENPAI NOTICE ME!" also boom sonic seems to have the same feelings as well.
    number 3: shadow x amy
    shadow is 50 years old my foot sonic fan base. Shadow doesn't look 50 and let's be honest, the age's in sonic's universe are complicated as all heck. if it wasn't for the characters just outright saying there name or it begin in there bio i wouldn't know what there age would be. And no i don't ship these two because of amy accidentally hugging shadow, i ship it because well, who's to say amy or shadow won't have more encounters in the future. also flynn if you make amy x tails cannon i swear to god I'll-techinical difficulties
    sonic  x blaze number 2 
    i don't mind sonic x sally that much, but something about sonic x blaze just shouts "that would work" for me. Maybe it's some of the shipping hints in the games, or maybe it's because looking back i kind of see blaze and silver as more of a brother and sister relationship, but i wouldn't mind one bit if these two got together. Sorry sally but that dude who headcannoned that you're not into anyone post genesis wave is onto something...not to mention you probably were brain washed by sega...
    sega: holding up men in black memory forgetting device  you never loved sonic the hedgehog f
    number 1: tails x fiona and tails x nicole
    i'm sorry guys but i can't decide. number 1 has to be a tie.
    tails x fiona because i feel bad for fiona fox. her betrail and slapping tails is because she was a train wreak, with a bad past and childhood begin left behind by the freedom fighters. If tails can just understand this, i have a feeling the two are gonna get together, or would have. besides, i see tails as a forgiving guy, and he didn't know about her past.
    nicole and tails because while nicole is an AI, who's to say she can't or won't become real someday? other then that the two are tech sabby and i know i'm not the only one in this fandom who wants to see tails cheer up or talk to nicole when she's feeling left out because she's an AI and not a real begin like all the others. If sega still doesn't want ships to happen i hope flynn can at least do that, and give the fans at least a close enough moment to a ship with the two, that and there isn't much evidence of the two begin anything more then friends, and standing next to each other doesn't count unless there blushing or something...on a final note now with fiona MIA, i definatly want this ship to become cannon in the comics. 
    this is team random21 signing out. tell me which ships you ship and why and what you thought of this list, and if i should do more.
  4. I was looking at Sonic and Tails age on SonicNewsNetwork and Sonic Encyclopedia and it says the current age for Sonic (after the second genisis wave) is still 17 while Tails age has gone from 11 back to 8. Why is that? Is their any proof? I really like Tails and i think he is one of the best characters in the series. I would like to see him evolve in age as well as character. He was soon going to turn 12 and later Sonic would turn 18. I know this isn't a big deal but when i saw Tail's age it really bothered me, I don't know why... Hopefully its just an error. For now i will just ignore and say he is still 11.