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  1. I am sure plenty of people are talking about this subject. but I feel I must be one of them.

    So, anyway. "Sonic Mania", and the mysterious "Project Sonic 2017."

    Firstly. Great to see Sega producing new Sonic games that are more original
    and NOT a cheap tie-in to the Sonic Boom cartoon (Sega's equivalent to a "Videogame based on a Superhero Movie" gimmick.)

    and it certain brings something for everyone to enjoy..

    Sonic Mania appears to be yet another nostalgia trip like 'Sonic 4' was
    with the return to Sega Genesis styled side scroll, from A-to-B, Sprite gaming.

    the trailers alone makes it difficult for me to tell if 'Mania' is a remake of prior classics, or something entirely new
    (they claim it is new, with some old levels being remade. So I guess it's a bit of both.)

    But I think what everyone is really talking about isn't Sonic Mania. but more of Project Sonic 2017.
    the NOT sequel to Sonic Generations, which again has Modern and Classic Sonic teaming up.

    Now, apart from the trailer being "theatrical" (I hesitate to use the word "Epic", so to not seem predictable)
    what people are really talking about was the tagline at the end: "Join the Resistance", which is starting quite the buzz.

    Mainly, people are under the impression that this new game may either be based on
    or at least have elements from the Archie Sonic comic book series in it.

    Wishful thinking, I know. but could this really be fact?

    I mean. I am all for a videogame adaptation of the comic series (which to be honest, has more story and drama than the prior games had)
    but, the question is that: are we (the fans) reading TOO MUCH into this one line of text?

    I mean, the game won't even be due out until 2017.
    and, even then, the release date is sketchy. being given the placeholder of "Holiday 2017"

    (heck, they haven't even chosen a proper title yet!)

    Still..It's a fun thought. be great to have Sally, or Bunnie as a playable character for once.
    but regardless on whether this will be the case, the game looks promising.

    I mean. I am certain it won't be a repeat of Sonic '06.
    (whose only problem was being a rushed title that was released incomplete.)

    I am confident that by Christmas of next year (I am assuming) will give Sega plenty of time to work on the game.
    (at the very least, far longer than they are working on Sonic Mania. which has a Spring 2017 release date.)
  2. I hate to tell you guys this but Sega Of America isn't so pleased with the idea of the freedom fighters in the comics. What SOA wants is the comics to be more like the games because their tired of people wondering where the FF are and wanting to see Sonic and Sally together. 
    With all these lawsuits, Archie really isn't able to defend or fight this, and while Ian Flynn did save them the 1st time around, SOA will be getting their way. As for how I know this, this comes from conversations from my friend who's talked to people at Sega. This is also why I believe Ian has shot himself in the foot by defending them, as Sega may not want to make him write a game now because they think he'll want the FF in it.
  3. I might get in some hot water for this, but I want you guys to check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNhzWLzq2Q0
    I agree with most of what this guy says TBH.
  4. There was a game released on the Sega Dreamcast called Illbleed which was a horror game (or tried to be as I didn't find it very scary at all). On that game there was a demonic version of Sonic the hedgehog called 'ZoDuck the Hellhog' which would later be revealed to just be an animatronic. Does anyone remember this and that Sega published it? I haven't seen any creepypastas about it and only a bit of fan art.

    oh, they censored his name a bit, well it does make sense...
  5. Post on Sonic Smash Bros. in Trash

    By Blaze the Cat, posted
    I decided to create this topic, because I do like to play any Super Smash Bros. games, including Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, but I do like to add more Sonic characters including Blaze the cat to that matter.

  6. Kinda new to making forum topics... but this seemed to be a good one to start with.

    How many of you Sonic fans would love to see SEGA produce a very own film featuring Sonic and the rest of the crew? Do you think it would be the best idea or?

    I'm sure most of you have seen the Sonic fan-film produced not too long-- which was I personally think it was very good for a non-profit film. Other than that, the producer should've took more time on it.

    So, I would love to get this discussion going if any of you like to share your own views on this topic. ^_^