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  1. so earlier today, i watched BW ross (a guy on youtube who talks about wrestling and sonic comics.) and he mentioned that at the end of worlds unite there was a hint at a 3rd one. what do you guys think of this?
    personally, i really don't want anther worlds unite or worlds collide. unless it's like my fan fic crossover with sonic and nights into dreams or freedom planet if archie and sega and the company that made freedom planet can work something out. other then that and maybe sonic boom i'm not really looking for anther big crossover with everyone from who knows where, and i think the same can be said for archie as Ian (the great bumbleking) said the licenses for everything cost money and stuff.
    but what are you're guys thoughts. should anther worlds unite happen, or shouldn't it.
  2. Are we allowed to sell comic collections on this site?

    I have my entire collection up for sale if anyone is interested. Here is the link to the webstore listing:
  3. Am I the only one that thinks the art in the cross over comic are lacking (story's awesome though)? I mean, in the beginning it was pretty good. I liked it.

    But, my opinion, Tracy Yardley's not the best when it comes to Megaman. He makes Rock look blocky and awkward. Jamal did a good and he must have a MAJOR hand cramp. But this is a HUGE crossover! Get Ben Bates, he's amazing when it comes to action scenes.

    Better than having Steven. He's good, but I'm glad someone else finally got a turn.