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  1. The latest comics showing up on the Archie Comics Android app are SU#94 and StH#290. I've looked it up, and there are newer issues, so where are they?
  2. So yeah, Sonic Dash is officially getting a sequel... based on the Sonic Boom series.

    Apparently, it may be getting a soft-launch in Canada soon (similar to Sonic Runners) but it's not officially confirmed yet. Seeing as I still enjoy the first Dash game (it's a fun little distraction every now-and-then, even with the... *sigh* Angry Birds in it now) I think this looks like it could be a fun new game to play on the go. Plus, anything that can get the sour taste of the last Boom games out of my mouth is welcome in my eyes... wait, am I the only one who can still hear an angry mob in the distance?