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  1. Post on Last words in Party Games

    By Geoffrey St John, posted
    A while back I tried to get everyone to be more creative but went about it the wrong way so I decided to create this game to see how creative you can be. While I don't know if it will take off or not I decided to give it a shot.
    The rules are simple. 
    Only one set of last words at a time.
    The primary subject of last words is the Sonic Archie continuity but characters from other games, anime, movies or comics can be used but the place the character is from must be stated.
    If last words are not guessed correctly within two weeks a new set must be chosen by the same member who put up the previous one.
    Guess correctly and either do one yourself or choose another member to do one.
    Now for an example
    "I guess this is it, I tried to protect my people but I failed. I know it is too late to beg for forgiveness but at least I can do good and take him with me. He taught me, fed my hate and manipulated my emotions. But that is the past, this is the hear and now. Long live the Acorns!" (The speaker tackled another person and both tumbled into flames)
    Any Idea who those last words belonged to? The answer is in the spoiler below
    I hope you get the idea and good luck anyone who chooses to participate in this.
    "@[email protected]#&' Hedgehog! After all this time I gotta go out like this!?You gotta be @#$#$' me! I captured Sonic before now and I get bested by a no good Faker!?  Workin' with that moron had more dignity than this! For #[email protected][email protected] sake! If I am bitin' the dust then it is on my terms. I'm checking out, Later #[email protected]$#@!" (Shoots self through the head while body sinks to the bottom of the crash sub which was filling with water)