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  1. Granted, but they ended up being rude to animals.

    I wish the 'Chili-dog Castle' legend was true.

  2. I've been playing Chrono Trigger for SNES lately-- ..This game sure deserves all of my likes for the storyline, the battle system, the characters, the feels, and the average playtime plus the multiple endings- All those in one game sure does succeed to be one of the top old RPG/JRPG games. The experience on this game is sure as great, it's a fun game indeed.

  3. You have no idea how much i agree with this haha-
    Sonic games' stories writing started to be a disappointment for the series since some certain games[pretty sure that they're mentioned] released, Sega seriously needs focus the writing and gameplay more if they want to get the fans' likes again. And they shall also focus on the games' testing as well before releasing it. Pretty sure no one wants another glitchy 06 or Boom games...-- But I'd like to see Ian working on the writing of the games' series, the games might get better a bit if he did. If there was just some good chance for that to happen...

  4. Granted but I googled it, it's actually a duck-like creature with a green thingy. Probably a birdurtle.

    i wish i can be a butterfly

  5. Welp, Here's my thoughts on Sonic The Hedgehog Issue #270:


    Breezie and Neo Metal Sonic? Interesting. I guess they do make a cute shipping pairing, ..Even since they're robots that has been made by Doctor Ivo Robotnik(Eggman) I think. c:


    Bean always kills me from laughing. xD It's like I'm watching a very interesting cartoon now. That dance he did(or jump? I don't know what to call it.) though- So beautiful. Where did he get that apple while he was doing that dance/jump though That Mario reference tho-- Okie! ouo Bleh! XnX


    I moment that moment where Sonic tries to cheer up Tails when he was upset/embrassed because Honey have bumped him, It shows that Sonic do still care about his little buddy. ouo


    In that Knuckles vs. Amy fight.. o-o ....I've nothing to say.. .n.


    Ah, That Sonic vs. Honey fight, It looked epic and interesting. 8D And, Those references during the battle-- Pssh, Those references is the thing that made me like the "Champions" arc more than any other arcs. I guess those references during the battle was: Coca Cola, Sonic Boom, Sonic Man......What is that reference? and Chao in Space--


    Knuckles vs. Fang battle though... Too cartoonish for me--


    And, Knuckles vs. Sonic, mhm.. It looks like it would be seem perfectly epic! And as well, It reminds me of S&K in some way, ah, Good memories. 8D


    Can't wait for the next issue. ouo