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  1. Danny Felixe

    So... I just spent the past hour trying to get a Baltoy... because the only way you can get it is by a Pokemon calling for help in a desert... except it has a low chance of calling a Baltoy compared to calling the same kind of Pokemon . Guess what? Baltoy immediately self destructed as soon as I make the other Pokemon (a dugtrio) faint. I'm dead inside. That is so ridiculously stupid

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    2. Danny Felixe

      That's boring to me

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    3. Seviper the Fang Snake

      Ah yes. The Baltoy's self-destruct almost as annoying as the teleporting Abra.

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    4. Danny Felixe

      Teleporting Abra I could deal with because I can throw a ball immediately at it and hope it gets caught. Baltoy I have to actually get rid of the Pokemon that called it before I can even try. So it has a chance to use a move before I can even do anything

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