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  1. So some people have probably seen I have a new name and pic. Here's the full pic
    Trying to draw more like I used to. Already drawn a couple of my random OCs to practice

    Soooo... the idea is control over machines. Technomancy sort of thing. Because... that is kinda what I do anyway irl xD

    Because I like trying different looks, I may change how my character looks. Thank nanites within his body for that ;)

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  2. Liza, Casino Night Zone
    Liza looked around at the incoming robots

    "There are many of us here and we are doing a good job at holding them off. I expect that's why they're coming for us" she answered. "We're going to get overrun if we don't retreat, however. Even with more help"

    She eyed Rouge while saying that


    Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda
    "Right, let loose the sails! Prepare to cast off!" Marine called out as she climbed on deck of her ship

    Blaze followed her up but made no move to do anything

    Marine looked over

    "That means you! As captain here, I have important captain work! You do everything else!" she exclaimed

    "Oh, of course. I don't mind. I just haven't travelled on these before" Blaze replied

    "You haven't? Hmm... well I suppose I can show you one time... but you have to do it yourself afterwards!" Marine said

    "Of course" Blaze answered

    "It's 'aye aye, captain'!" Marine exclaimed

    Blaz gave a small smile

    "Aye aye, captain" she replied

  3. Pokemon Research Centre - Scabbard Town

    "It's not just ambitious! It's true!" Danny said to Lynda

    Lynda just laughed and continued fawning over Finn

    Danny watched for a moment

    "You clearly don't believe me! But I will prove it!" he insisted

    "Of course!" Lynda said smiling not looking up

  4. Okay... I was not disgusted by the design... which with the fur and separate eyes is not there... but it's close enough that it doesn't distract me

    As for the trailer itself... I mean... the humour is kinda eh to me but I suppose it's a little more for kids. Music makes more sense than Gangsta's Paradise

    Would I see it? Potentially. I was unimpressed by Detective Pikachu's trailer and I really enjoyed that film

  5. Excuse me! But we're supposed to have 3 in a row calling my name. Can't give up at two *tsk tsk*

    How about a certain Seviper now?

  6. Liza and Espio the Chameleon, Casino Night Zone
    Liza looked surprised seeing Tekno however made sure it didn't distract her from the fight

    "Seems like that civilian doesn't need protection" she thought to herself. She eyed Vector briefly now. "Both appear reckless but effective

    With the pod cracked and the owl being helped out, her attention then turned to the badnik hoard closing in

    "Would it not be better to retreat for now? This seems like a large force and we do not know their weakness yet" Liza then called out to those around her, using her kunai to attack any badniks that got too close to the group


    What was a bustling city had seemed to turn into a ghost town. Espio was leaving now too. He had no intention of meeting up with Liza again now. Better she think him dead. He had to find out what had happened here and if this was happening else where. If Liza were here she'd bring him back to the Dragon Kingdom where he wouldn't be of use. It was time to get going


    Marine the Raccoon and Blaze, Downunda
    Blaze and Marine headed to the docks

    "So where are you going?" Marine asked looking the Blaze

    Blaze looked thoughtful for a moment

    "I'm not sure. I-" she began

    "An adventure not knowing where you're going? I do that all the time!" Marine interrupted with a grin

    "Well... I'm sure it is. I know it's important... but I'm not sure where. I recall a big city... I think that's where I'm supposed to go" Blaze said

    "A big city? None of those around here. Gotta go far for something like that!" Marine stated

    "I see..." Blaze thinking

    "Biggest I can think of right now is Mobotropolis. I've not been there! It'll be a fine adventure for captain Marine and her crew!" Marine exclaimed punching her arm in the air

    "Yes... that place does sound familiar. It'll be worth heading there" Blaze stated

  7. You may not guess the person above you.

    *Ahem* Gotta say... it's been a while since I've had to point out a party game rule... twice in a month. This was done to discourage 2 people to go back and forth on each other :P

    Now I'll guess Chaos.