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  1. I beat my most anticipated game of 2020. A remake of my favorite RPG of all time. I beat the Final Fantasy VII Remake. I just beat it. Sitting through the credits now. It was such a ride. Now I have to go for the rest of the trophies. I want to get the platinum for the game.

  2. I've been steadily working away at Final Fantasy VII Remake! Loving every second of it! I just a single teeny little problem with it. It's not something that drags the game down as a whole, just something that I find the original PSX game did better is all.

  3. I have completed Resident Evil 3 Remake. Less than 2 days time. All unlockables, challenges, modes... Everything. Platinum trophy and all. I found the Remake of RE2 to be a better game, though. RE3R was a fun little ride. Not very long, but enjoyable.

  4. We are 18 days aqay from the Sonic movie release  (At least where I live in Canada), and my overall impression of the movie hasn't changed much. From the trailer; which I have seen multiple times, I have lightened up on it. It just cones down to how it sits with audiences at this point. I am curious is who here is going to see ut day 1.

  5. I went ahead and finally got around to beating the hardcore runs of Leon and Claire in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. That marks off yet another platinum trophy in my collection. I am now up to 12 platinums.

  6. Welp, another gane under my belt. I have just beat Bloodstained Ritual of the Night! Fantastic game. Seeing as it's still relatively new, I'm not saying anything about it, but it's great. I can recommend it. But it is a challenge. Fun but fair. 

  7. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night! I got the Switch version as I'm trying to save room on my PS4 for the inevitable Final Fantasy VII Remake when it releases 9001 years from now... But in all seriousness? I'm loving Bloodstained. Right blend of fun and difficult. 

  8. Here we go, off the rails, don't  you know I won't spare the details. That's right I got myself Mario. I'm enjoying it a lot. It feels like Mario 64 but with a fresh idea. It's great so far. 

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  9. As of this post, I have successfully managed to beat The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Did I complete it? Nope! I did beat it. Beat the final boss. Now, I have to complete it.

  10. I picked up a Switch today with Breath of the Wild. I avoided all spoilers. I'm playing it at this point in time. And I'm already in love.

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  11. So now I feel confident in my gaming skills. I have conquered Kingdom Hearts 3 on Critical Mode! First and LAST time I will ever be beating a Critical Mode run of a Kingdom Hearts game. 

  12. So I beat Resident Evil 2 Remake! The official path. Claire A Leon B. Near 20 years, and I finally experienced the story if Resi 2! I have played the original, but never beat it. So the remake gave me the perfect reason to revist the story. Great version if Resi 2! I highly recommend it. My favorite of the classics for sure.

  13. Another new game has been introduced to the collection! I picked up Resident Evil 2 REmake! I can finally get around to experiencing the story seeing as I never beat the original game. 

  14. I like first time endeavors of games. So this is another new one for me, I just got through with Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for the GBA. It was an alrigjt game. I prefer Aria of Sorrow and definitely Symphony of the Night for Metroidvanias, though.

  15. I have returned from my shuffle through Kingdom Hearts 3. I beat it. Totally conquered. Platinum trophy. At 4 in the morning. I AM IN THE 1%! Now if you'd all excuse me, I need to rethink my priorities.

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  16. I got Kingdom Hearts 3 a couple days ago. Now if you all would excuse me, I have to disappear for a while! I'll be back after KH3.

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  17. First of all: Dylan beat me by an hour! Dang it! Second of all: Literally NOBODY is happy about the eye decision. The whole idea of Sonic from a design standpoint worked in the fan film with the Nostalgia Critic, AVGN and Jaleel White. The guy who voiced Sonic in the 90s cartoons. Third of all: If Sonic picks up a gun in the movie, I will walk out of the theater and yell all hail Shadow. Fourth of all: I'm going to see the movie in theaters anyway because I'm now morbidly curious.