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  1. Yeah your right but what about those issue where we get to see into sonic`s future you know when he`s marrying to Sal and have children and what going to happen now since Mina, Juile-su, and all the other important characters are gone due to the lawsuit and Sega mandate.

    Those stories got rendered non-canon a while back.

  2. Just because Ian "can't say anything about a concept or character" doesn't explicably mean "he can't use them."

    ...Clearly he said something about the character so it doesn't even apply to him.

    And I'm just as interspersed with Ian's word.

  3. Shard is...one of the few characters that truly is ambiguous as to whether he can be used. Ian still had plans for him long after Scourge was taken off cards, at least.

  4. At the moment, it seems like all the characters bar SEGA, SatAM and a select few of Ian's characters are barred. And I doubt any of them will return

  5. From what I've been able to gather, one of the ads wasn't appropriate for the target audience (Advertising a mature rated comic) so it's been recalled. Replacements are being printed though so it's only a delay, really.

  6. With Sonic Live gone, it's gotta be either the Sabrina crossover or Naugus Games (SSS#15 version), assuming that this is genuine and not just a joke on his part.

  7. Nah,we already know they're still around given two of them appeared in the pirate arc. If you look at front cover of the third issue for the next SU arc you will see who I think they're referring to


    Chip is addressed separately in the fanmail section though (the Unleashed point right after). The one I'm referring to is the Knuckle and Chaotix answer, as team Hooligan are still a surprise if you haven't seen the solicits, even if two of them have appeared in the post-crossover Universe before. Nothing there stated they were new to the stories.

  8. Wow... Just wow... Amazing! Much better than the others in my opinion usually the finales are the best. Yeah by "her" I think he's talking about Julie su

    Even if Ian hadn't said that the 'her' wasn't a love interest for Knuckles, she wasn't a possibility in the first place.

  9. Ian gave a detailed reason for why SEGA don't want it reprinted. I've quoted it exactly, formatting included, and it's spoilered for size.

    "NO IDEA."

    I'd say it was because SEGA view it as irrelevant. It hasn't been part of the active franchise since the comic ended half a decade ago.

  10. And it's been confirmed that SEGA don't want the Sonic X comic reprinted.

    So at the mo it's rather dead.

  11. Well in the London Games you have this Rhythmic Ribbon or Synchronized Swimming and the rules of the olympic games say, that only women can make this disziplin, but you can se you can choose in Mario & Sonic London male characters too. Now can we talk about adhere to the rules of the olympic games? :D

    Female only excludes 16 characters, pairs having to be 1 male and 1 female excludes no characters, just makes things unbalanced.

    Different circumstances.

  12. It was an easter egg put in by ArchAngelUK who was staff at the time of Sonic Generations' development, which SEGA allowed.

    Then Iizuka said that the characters would have to be reintroduced as new characters if they were to be used again, so these are literally just non-canon references. Cute though.

  13. "E-107 Eta" ?

    Shouldnt that be E-106 Eta or E-107 Theta?

    It's E106 Eta. E107 Theta was originally going to be the robot's name, but it turned out that he'd already mentioned such a thing in the Light Mobius future and he didn't want to allude to concepts from those future storylines. So it was changed.

  14. I don't know when he'll show up or how he will affect the story, but all I know is that it will be awesome! I say we wait to find out what's in store when Knuckles come in to action! (And maybe Mighty will be there too :wub:)

    Mighty won't be there. That's been confirmed.