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    I am so happy to have finally been able to read 264

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    I wonder where the next Chaos emerald is. Based on what they showed with her silhouette, I wonder if the red jewel-looking thing on her forehead gives any foreshadow of the location. One thing's for sure, the wait is going to build up so much tension for me. One other thing with Thunderbolt, I feel as though she is going to be one of the characters that are going to show complete loyalty to Robotnik. I also feel like she is going to be completely insane in regards to what I can make out of her facial expression (wide eyes and maniacle smile).
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    Sorry if this post is closed, but I was curious about the wolf pack since I saw something in the wiki regarding them (also i apologize if this is a little off topic). With Leeta and Lyco, is there a chance that they may still come back? The wiki said they disappeared but wasn't sure if it was true since I couldn't find anything that hinted towards this. I was wondering since they were favorite characters that I connect to (I'm also a twin lol). I hope they come back. I feel as though there aren't that many wolves in the series (from what I remember). Thank you and again sorry if this is closed and if it's a little off topic.
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    Thank you for the help with clarifying this with me. Is there a forum with all the rules on it? I wanted to look over them so I don't break them. Thank you for the help :)
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    Warning Points
    I was wondering if anyone knew what the Warning Points were under your profile pic when you go under 'my profile.' I currently don't have any but was wondering if they were a good thing or a bad thing to have (I feel as though they are bad but wanted to make sure)
    Thank you for the help :)
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    Hey guys,

    You can just call me Void if you'd like. I used to be very much involved in the sonic universe (even going as far as playing practically every old sega genesis game that they came out on). I then started to stray away from the series and started getting into the more 'high graphic' games. I love the high graphic games, but that isn't what makes them good. I enjoy the older games (sonic & knuckles, etc.) for their great gameplay and story. I never read the comics until this past December when i decided it would be a great way to get back into the sonic universe. i also got back into the Sonic SatAm series that i used to watch when i was younger and plan on watching the AoSTH series when finished with the SatAm series.

    I hope to be involved in this site (being it my first actual community that ive joine lol). I am very easygoing and can get along with pretty much everyone. I am attending Millersville University in Lancaster county PA for Geology and am a sophmore currently. I look forward to reading all the comics on this site (when my studies aren't killing me lol) and plan on getting back into the swing of things this summer. I honestly didn't plan on getting an account until the events of this past week or two occured. Even though the event (bandwidth troubles leaving guests with no access) is bad, and I hope everything gets back on track, I'm kinda glad it happened (not in a bad way). I would have never joined this community if it hadn't.

    To end it off (since I can't seem to shut up :3), I should end with saying I will enjoy my stay here and plan to be with this community for many years to come. I read a couple of comics from this community and have fallen in love with it ever since (especially the Sonic the Hedgehog comics from the Archie section, since that one is the one I've focused on the most recently)

    Hope to make some friends on this site soon
    Nice to meet you all :)
    Void Wolf
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