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  1. Pearl98

    My friend is giving me a big surprise, they're buying a Fire Emblem game for me! Only problem is I can't chose which one I want most! I'm really enjoying playing Awakening on another friends 3ds, but Fates and Warriors looks really good... 

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    2. Pearl98

      Ended up with Fates: Birthright! Went to 3 stores, 2 of them only had Warriors and Echoes of Valentia, but the 3rd also had Birthright which was half the price of the other 2, quite happy with the result, I definitely chose Hoshido over Nohr. Sadly it seems Awakening is very hard to get, closest store to here that has it is a while away but hey I'm really enjoying Birthright! 

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    3. Thire

      Congrats! Awakening being the great game it is, explains why no one had it. Reminds me of how Smash bros Brawl was for $40 from the day it came out up til 2014.

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    4. Seviper the Fang Snake

      I've been meaning to try out fire emblem problem is I wouldn't know where to start.

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