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  1. Yay! My favorite type of breed of cats are caracals. They look like lynxes and are so cute! I really need to get a nintendo so I can play Nintencats. Blaze and Nicole are my favorite characters! (Along with Sally) :)

  2. Granted, but as soon as it was fixed, another pirate came along and bombed it to pieces.

    I want a kitten! (the caracal breed to be exact)

  3. I visit this site, BestBuy sometimes, Wikipedia, and my anime website I use to watch my favorite shows. Oh and YouTube occasionally.

  4. I am so glad they came up with new outfits for the old characters in the Archie comics. Sally looks really nice and so does Nicole.

  5. I just recently read one of the comics that had a similar quote to this one. I am planning on reading all of the arcs in Sonic Universe. (Even though I thought I already did.)

  6. Advanced member: write on-topic quality posts, and generally be a cool guy, and I'll promote you. or be Locke

    Moderator: that job is only given out to select people, and we've already got more than enough staff. Besides, cleaning out bad posts isn't that fun, so why'd you want to do that?

    Okay so it just takes time right? Works for me! I'll do my best!

  7. Granted, they are going on a vacation to an everlasting cruise,

    Kitty want fish! *meow*

  8. Oh my gosh what is taking so long for anvils to come into minecraft! I can't wait to set up a trap for whoever tries to sneak into my house. They will never know what hit 'em. :ph34r: