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  1. Nope it is me. I am the winner of mobius. and Winner beats hero!(not really just sayin somethin)

  2. castleminer_z.jpg

    This game is available on Xbox 360 and on PC. It is basically Minecraft with guns and dragons(at least dragons more often) but with more excitement, awesome music, and better graphics. you can find more information about it here. castleminerz.com If you haven't played the game well, just say what you might think of it. Have fun!

  3. Mine is this one. Isn't it wonderful! It's called alexandrite. It's my birthstone! :D alexandrite+(1).jpg

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  4. First of all, cats having nine lives is just a myth from cats being able to jump off high heights. Second of all, I'm winning now! woohoo!

  5. lol :lol: Oh my gosh that is hilarious!!! I still think they would know Sonic the Hedgehog though. He has been out for over 20 years. I am winning and laughing!