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  1. Better not stand to close to the dock. XD


    With all due respect, I'd like to try a rhyme

  2. Radioactive is one song that got stuck in my head for a month. So instead, I got Nyan Cat stuck in my head. What can I say? I love cats and that song is adorable!

  3. The Golden Compass, The 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! movies, Nim's Island, and Ponyo. I still LOVE Ponyo though!

  4. My favorite (aka my worst nightmare) is Sonic.exe and Tails doll. :P Yeah I was a major sonic fan at the time and to see him like was... somewhat traumatizing but after a few months i got over it. :D

  5. Okay for an update on my recent website:







    Rainbow Loom


  6. I am a Pokemon fan but I haven't played in a while because I lost my Pokemon X :( but I'll get it again soon hopefully. I stopped watching the series because I wanna do it in order and I think I'm only on season 6 but i stopped because i started watching other anime series and it kinda got too much so...

  7. I love Amy's new shoes but I have seen a video at Comic-Con I think it was called about Amy getting kidnapped and her female character is being somewhat temperately replaced by the new character Sticks. She seems really cool in my opinion.

  8. Right now I found one to entertain me and that would be Naruto. It's actually based off of a really good ninja story.

  9. Now that I know more about Chrome, it's not as safe as Mozilla is. I suppose it's now THAT outdated. But I'm still a modern girl. B)

  10. I didn't know you use watchcartoononline.com to watch your shows too. I use it ALL THE TIME! I watch all my anime shows on there. Including the entire series of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5d's.

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