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Gonna put these brilliant sayings here. (ノ≧ڡ≦)



"After Darling In Franxx episode 11 fujoshis all over Japan started drawing at lightning speed, pens whipping off their A4 paper as if they were Light Yagami writing names in a deathnote. The friction from the pencils hiting paper generates enough heat energy to power Tokyo for an entire day."


"The witch has to do something while imprisoned, right? The Witch of Envy is actually just a giant fujoshi weeb who destroyed the world when one of her favorite characters died. She wants to find the proper vessel to initiate the shipping again. She may choose Emilia, but her true goal is to make Subaru date Felix.

Her special power is Return by Salt. If a character doesn't date who she wants, she travels back in a time prior in order to change the current reality. She's immortal because her ship never happens"


*Breaking News* "All over the world people are now taking up their pitchforks and torches to burn a previously popular character named Ichigo The CinnamonBun from Darling In Franxx now called Bitchigo for her vile acts of manipulating, seperating, heart breaking, sexual assaults and worst of all beginning a seperation arc"


I Am The Whale Of My Wallet...

Quartz Is My Body And Salt Is My Blood...

I Have Rolled Countless Times...

Unknown To SR Nor To SSR...

I Have Withstood Pain To Roll Many Servants...

            So As I Pray...

Unlimited Gacha Works!


"So Pito wanted to be in SAO but couldn't, so she missed out, and was envious of dying and killing. 

Imagine her as the main character of SAO... A murdering, death embracing chaotic neutral psych in a dungeon crawling death game, with trusty (and ever so slightly deranged) sidekick M by her side...

I see room for a spin off here, and I already have the a perfect name which fits right into the naming convention, and completely avoids confusion:

Gun Gale Online Alternative: Sword Art Online"


"They should just delete all trace of Sword Art Online so that a spin-off of the spin-off of Sword Art Online that which is Sword Art Online Alternative : Gun Gale Online can be made featuring The Batshit Crazy Murderous Pito and her trusty but ever so slighty insane sidekick M in their murderous adventures for satisfying her desires for a death game."


"So just to be absolutely clear as to what happened in Ch134 of Tokyo Ghoul Re :

Kaneki Ken, SSS-rate, Associate Special Class, who fought Arima to his death and countless others, who absolutely thrashed SS-rate ghouls such as Kanae and gave Eto, a Lovecraftian monster, a pretty good beating, was defeated offscreen by Juuzou and.. Hanbee. No "single man against a whole army". Nope. Just Juuzou - who's officially the most boneheaded imbecile ever drawn with a pencil for falling for the whole "Shinohara's care will be impacted" bullshit - and Hanbee, a Rank 1 investigator.

The messiah-figure, the Chosen One, the one Eto and Arima sacrificed themselves to put "on the throne", getting curb-stomped by a Special Class who was shown to nurture severe doubts about the CCG and a D-tier side-character.

To make matters worse, the 0 squad, Arima's pride, got utterly destroyed by that Nier Automata cosplayer known as Hajime, who showed up in like four chapters and is now already a murder machine."




Watch this. It needs more love. inthehopesofasecondseason