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  1. NMS

    I think I will just download A full version of Skyrim with all DLCs in it and in the latests version... =_= What a waste.

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    2. NMS

      X"""D Gotta be a werewolf then. I only used it twice. And one other annoying thing is that I am right now on Alduin's bane quest in my version of skyrim (which is the Darned 1.1 one) XD Alduin has to wait for while since even after getting the game I am going to wander around. XD I made the graybeards wait like a whole month XD

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    3. Dylan

      Yeah. Stick with werewolf

      I didn't go to the greybeards for probably over a year in Skyrim time. Didn't go but then I got bored and decided to go collect shouts

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    4. NMS

      XD Distracked Dyl. XD

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