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  1. NMS

    Hmm. Dark Brotherhood is an assasination guild or something in skyrim? I would like to join them. xD

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    2. NMS

      I already have killed that A-holic "kind" woman who took care of them. First talked with her and chose the first choice and she was like meh. So I gave her a nice Greatsword hit in head. Haha the kids were all happy. XD I'm just am going to check everywhere in Riften them am gonna go back and tell the kid back in Windhelm.

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    3. Skye Prower

      Once you've told him, find a bed anywhere and sleep. Sorted

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    4. NMS

      But seriously before going to riften I went to high hrogbar (Or whatever) and then the told me to go to that Darn far place. =_= Ugh.

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