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  1. Ayo, now everyone's getting youtube community tabs.

    1. yumallah


      Yeah, why tho? It's not like there's anything I have to say to the 24 random people that for some reason decided to subscribe to me, lol.

    2. MajinTails


      There's a dumb remark at the bottom if you haven't posted anything on the Community Tab saying something like "Bye Discussions". Should be 100% known, but the Discussions tab was essentially like a comments section but for the whole channel in general as opposed to a specific video. IIRC, Discussions basically existed for as long as youtube (and were even just called "Comments" at one point) but they stopped providing that to most newly made channels in like 2018 or 2019, maybe even 2017.

      So I guess replacing Discussions? I mean, the Community tab's also basically just social media posts / status updates, so could be that too.

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