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  1. Granted, but instead YOUR avatar is permanently changed to Cheer leader Sonic.

    I wish I had a klondike bar.


  2. Granted, but it literally causes cancer.

    I wish that someone will develop the technology to create a real Data, and nobody can tell him from Brent Spiner.

  3. Granted, but since nobody knows what 'DS3 DLC' means, nothing happens.

    I wish someone would end the eternal ennui that is my existance.

  4. Granted, but since it's FNaF, it sucks. 


    I wish Chimchar St Jerk hadn't wished for the same wish as I wished for.

  5. Granted, but as it has never been wished for, it doesn't get wished for, and the wish is wasted.


    I wish 2 plus 2 equaled 5.


  6. Granted, but I steal your pie!


    I wish for whipped creme to go on this pie.

  7. Granted! But afterwards the atmosphere boils off and there is no more weather.


    I wish rick astley would come back and make new music!

  8. Granted. The sun goes out and eternal night falls. All life on earth freezes.


    I wish the next wish won't be made by shinomi-chan.



  9. Granted, but it has infinite length and every time you turn it on, someone, somewhere in the universe, gets cut in half.

    I wish for a duck that won't try to bite.

  10. Banned because better than that is every night watching anime and drinking hot chocolate.

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  11. Granted, but now it's restricted to North Korea


    I wish I knew who Darth Revan was.

  12. Granted, but it isn't the meat you were thinking of.

    I wish to for pan-multiverse peace.