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  1. Wish granted! But it lasts for a nanosecond.

    I wish justin bieber will live!

  2. Hello there, my name's Frost777 or just Frost if you prefer it. Long time fan of the Sonic franchise, more partial to the Archie Comics though. Glad to meet you all!

    Welcome to the site Frost!

    Greetings to you both, Enerjak and Frost!

    Thank you Thire!

  3. Hello Enerjak.  Welcome to SCANF.

    Thank you Skye

    Welcome to Scanf buddy!

    Thank you Shinomi!

    Welcome to SCANF Enerjak dude!

    Thank you Seviper!

  4. The rules will be simple!

    Do not skip ahead

    Do not use word form of numbers

    Do not double post

    If any of these occurs it will reset back to one!


    Ill start it off!