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  1. Cloudwrath11

    is it just me or can anyone else not access most of the things on the forum website... im tring to post in the realm of introduction but it won't let me T.T

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    2. NeKit

      Should be fixed now

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    3. Skye Prower

      Thanks NeKit. Good work!

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    4. Danny Felixe

      Nice job

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  2. Cloudwrath11

    i like how my teacher just decides to just sit and watch a movie in class and not do any work at all >->

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    2. Danny Felixe

      I know that feeling... one time my teacher cancelled a lesson... then was spotted half an hour into said lesson buying food elsewhere

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    3. Cloudwrath11

      we pretty much just watched the movie and had to be quiet

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    4. arekpowalan

      Remind me of some of my literature classes. Watch a movie, write a report, good time.

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