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  1. actually, our contestant in poster making is sick. and im not ready and ive been chose by majority because im his bestfriend( dont know why they chose me)

    the theme is "Living with Sciene"

    can i ask some suggestions what will I draw

    (the contest is tomorrow)

    pls help me guys, dont know what to really draw because i dont have artistic mind :(

  2. Guys, I need help for our debate, I dont know where to side in because you need to have a reasons or evidences...

    If you want to help me ( please :( .... )

    write your comment like this:

    (evolution or creation) - (evidence)

  3. I noticed that the russian version of sonic scanf has a selectable button "downloads" where u can download games while the english version doesnt have the button, also there is no fanfiction in english version.