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Free Play

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For those RPers who want a little freedom in their RPs. This is a Sandbox RP in which anything can happen and any RPers with the decent amount of skill can join at almost any time. Adventures come and go, but the world will always move on. As one story ends, another will begin.


  1. Mobius

    The world of Anthropomorphic animals, home to the Fastest Hedgehog Sonic, his allies, and his enemies.

  2. Angel Island

    The Mystical Floating Island of the Echidna Race is, in itself, a world of its own. The Island has a varied environment from forests filled with Giant Mushrooms, to a giant desert, to the remains of ancient civilization and frozen caps of ice on its highest mountains. The echidnas used to live here before they were sealed away. While Echidnopolis, their home city, was destroyed, it has been rebuilt with help from the Acorn Kingdom and the United Federation below.

  3. Cyberspace

    The virtually manifested world within the circuitry of the world's computers and internet. AIs such as the Holo-lynx Nicole lives in this realm, which can only be accessed from the outside world by special means. They say that, through cyberspace, people would be able to move to another world entirely.

    WARNING: Access to Virtual Space Dimension is strictly prohibited. Please enter the Password to proceed...

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  4. Earth 200X

    The Planet Earth in the year 200X, populated by Humans and Robots alike and home to the robotic hero Megaman, along with his allies and his enemies.

  5. Sol Zone

    A parallel world to Mobius, consisting mostly of ocean, with islands scattered all over the world. This world is home to Blaze the Cat and her allies, as well as the devious Pirates.

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