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  1. Anter added a post in a topic General Screenshot/Video Thread   

    Here are some screnshots of Sonic Boll, fan game made by Sonic Boll Team, I'm the member of this team.
    Click on the thumbs to look at the full screenshots.

    Also here is the gameplay video:

    But in this video there is a gameplay of old version.
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  2. Anter added a post in a topic Freedom Planet   

    Awesome fan game! I liked it very much. Absolutely new characters is a good idea for this game.
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  3. Anter added a post in a topic Esrael Sonic Editor   

    Very good editor! I always use it when I want to create new hack. Also you can download Esrael Sonic Editor II here.
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  4. Anter added a post in a topic Sonic X   

    It's good anime, I think. Not very cool, but not so boring, as some others. I hope SEGA will create the fourth season, and I hope to see there new some heroes like Silver and Blaze.
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  5. Anter added a post in a topic Sonic Generations   

    I think it's an awesome game for 20th anniversary of Sonic. Good idea, beautiful graphics, super music. I haven't got other words to discribe it. Also I'm going to buy Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations.
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  6. ed_15 added a post in a topic General Screenshot/Video Thread   

    Here is the Videos that I have for the hack I made:

    Green hill zone Act 1 (Custom level)


    it be update later.......
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  7. ed_15 added a topic in Trash   

    Esrael Sonic Editor
    use Esrael sonic editor, but it was actually outdated, so if you want to have a sonic editor, there are link:


    (ESE is extremely outdated, but it fine if you want to use this editor)

    If you want to have a new version, use this:


    If you want the tools in sonic retro, use this link:


    You can use new or previous (that is outdated), that you want to edit your levels, but be sure to use ESE FixCheckSum if it corrupt your rom.

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  8. ed_15 added a post in a topic General Trash   

    I use texture for minecraft, It was cool than the original textures.
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  9. ed_15 added a post in a topic SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?   

    I rather use sonic, because I haven't play that since last year. I rather being sonic fans, but I choose both mario and sonic fans.
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  10. Colbys added a post in a topic Sonic 4: Episode I on Portable Devices?   

    I've been played on my Android 3.2-tablet. What I can say? Look at screenshot of console- and portable-version:


    (sorry for bad image quality)
    And what you can say?
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  11. ed_15 added a topic in Trash   

    General Trash
    Hello Everyone, im edward, and im new, I like to play sonic, but I do like make a TAS of it so I like to have that kind of amount of hack of games. So, yea Where can I find sonic 1 and 2 editors?
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  12. Colbys added a post in a topic Minecraft   

    I can run MineCraft on my PC with these settings:
    Graphics: Fast
    Smooth Lighting: OFF
    Brightness: Bright
    Particles: Minimal
    Render Distance: Normal
    Prfomance: Balansed
    View Bobbing: OFF
    Clouds: OFF
    And I haven't lags!

    If you want know my PC-hardware:
    Core 2 Duo E4500 2.2 GHz
    3GB RAM
    GeForce 8600GT 256VRAM
    That's all
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  13. Fwiss added a topic in Multiverses of Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Sonic 4: Episode I on Portable Devices?
    I haven't played either version of episode I, but I have heard that there are some differences between the mobile and HD versions, such as the Mine Cart level. Since Episode I was recently ported to the Android, I thought it would be nice to have a topic solely for the iOS and Android versions.
    On a side note, has anyone tried it on Android x86 yet?
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  14. Fwiss added a post in a topic Minecraft   

    Well darn, I was considering buying this. It's 512MB, darn. I knew that was a bit old.
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  15. Fwiss added a post in a topic SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?   

    Hmm, I love Sonic basically more than most Nintendo franchises, but I do like a lot of Nintendo franchises, like Kirby, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros. In terms of consoles, I couldn't give an objective POV here. Obviously, SEGA was ahead of their time with the Genesis and Mega Drive. They were 16-bit before Nintendo could have dreamed. The Genesis was made to compete with the NES, and then the SNES came out later, and some argue that the Genesis outcompeted it too. The Saturn was an awkward failure, not much to say there except negativity, though 3D Blast for the Saturn was better IMO, and I'd like to try Sonic Jam out sometime. The Dreamcast was ahead of its time again with Windows CE. No other system had such a heavy OS-based structure (this analysis on this generation excludes the XBOX, which was almost like a Dreamcast in many ways, Microsoft made the OS for both, and they were both good hardware, but the XBOX came out BECAUSE the DC had failed in the mainstream), and homebrew for the DC still continues to this day. The homebrew apps movement basically started with the DC, along with the Gaming-system-having-OS trend. Sadly, its software did not impress many gamers. Of course I'd love to play Sonic Adventure 1 or 2 on the DC, but Shuffle was known as bad, and SEGA basically had Sonic holding up the DC.
    Nintendo on the other hand, while having less powerful hardware, had the support of many developers. So that's my opinion: SEGA dominated in the hardware market, but Nintendo beat them with sotware.
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  16. Fwiss added a post in a topic Minecraft   

    Wow, that's great, Lunar! I think I could run that on my netbook, though do you mind if you report your video card stats, that's my weakest link here. Try GPU-Z. My computer's video card is 16MB, which I've heard is insanely low.
    Nevertheless, my friend played it on his medium-level laptop, and it was a Java implementation, so something as slow as that running on a medium laptop and still running fairly well makes me feel like it'd run except for the video card.
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  17. Fwiss added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    When I first tried drawing Sonic images, I opened up a picture of Chaos on my Mega Collection Plus and drew him using any landmarks I could, and it turned out very well! The original drawing is gone now, but it's a great way to start, kind of a border between tracing and drawing!
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  18. Fwiss added a post in a topic The Cut string   

    I would hate myself. At least, that would be the absolute first thing I do after all the stages of grief. If the person I really loved broke up with me, I would not be angry at her, of course. I might get angry at someone near her, who maybe might not have wanted us together, but for the scope of this topic I'm just going to assume she independently came to the conclusion that she doesn't want to be with me.
    First, just using the kind of person I am as a template and my psychological reactions to similar shocks, I'd say I'd be self-conscious very heavily, at least that's what happened at my last 'breakup' event. After a couple of months, it would depend on the way the breakup happened. If she stated a reason, I would try to fix it a bit too obsessively. It would probably change me for the rest of my life, though that goes without saying.
    Of course, almost luckily human relationships don't work that way. They decline slowly for a short amount of time at least, then comes the breakup, at least giving you time to think. By the time you get to the breakup, the situation has led you to believe that maybe she is not the ideal person to be with after all. Sure, it's suffering, but a breakup immediately during a perfect relationship is not something that would ever come about without notice (bittersweet hooray)!
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  19. Admiral added a topic in Multiverses of Sonic the Hedgehog   

    Sonic Colours
    what do you guys think about this game title?
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  20. Admiral added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    I never tried to draw sonic, maybe i could try and see my results later.
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  21. Admiral added a topic in Off-topic   

    The Cut string
    Have you ever fallen deep in love to where you could spend the rest of your life with that person then all of a sudden that special someone breaks up with you. how would you feel? and why?
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  22. Admiral added a topic in Gaming   

    SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?
    Which console do you prefer playing? even though this is obviously a sega type site.
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  23. Fwiss added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Found it hiding.
    Kinda large image though, so I'm gonna use a spoiler.

    And vladikcomper, your drawing is pretty amazing. That shading makes it look 3D very well, though he does seem short for Modern Sonic.
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  24. Fwiss added a post in a topic Off-Topic Thread   

    Well, I finally finished installing grub4dos on my PC, so now I am dual-boot equipped without having to use a special CD every time.
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  25. Fwiss added a post in a topic Minecraft   

    Anyone know the system requirements for Minecraft? And by that, I mean personal experience on computers. I wonder what it would run on with a couple of setting set to "Normal?"
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